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Coach Has A Secret Continued

Post #1

I awoke with sense of fulfillment and the odor of masculinity, semen, sweat and ass. I was still horny and hard as a rock.
Coach was asleep, a light snore was being made by his body. I looked upon him and satisfied of my conquest. He was handsome, not a model but a man. His short Auburn haircut and light silver coming through on his chest hair and facial stubble turned me on. He was a mature, caring disciplinarian of a man. Something I needed I guess looking back as my father wasn't around much.
I slipped out of the bed in the darkness as quiet as possible. Made my way into the restroom and shut the door. Pissing did not lower my flag pole in the least. I washed my cock, balls and ass with a washcloth. Rinsed my face with water and found some mouthwash to gargle. I noticed a jar of Vaseline on the counter and my mind began to run.
I lubed up my asshole. Placed a large dollop at my entrance and pushed it inside. I returned to the bed and began stroking my new lover. His cock was already semi hard, full. Probably five inches in that state and thick. He had a large vein that ran it's length. He began growing quickly at my touch. It wasn't long he was fully erect. I moved my other hand to him. I had brought a good amount of Vaseline in that hand and began working it down his cock from the head. He let out a sigh and a long yawn followed by a soft moan. He began stroking my back with his fingers and asked me what I had in mind.
I looked at him and never said a word. My hand gripping him and working his ankara travesti shaft.
I stared deep into his eyes as I threw my left leg over his body and straddled his waist. I leaned forward and moved my face in front of his. He raised up slightly and our lips met. His hands moved to each side of my head as his tongue met mine.
I reached for his cock with my right hand and found it. I gripped it tight as I used it to search for my asshole. Once his cockhead touched my hole, my whole being wanted all of him inside me. I backed onto his cock, teasing him and probing my ass with his big meaty head.
He grabbed my ass cheeks with both hands spreading my anus wide. I shifted my weight and sat up on his cock pressing my ass over him. I had some momentary pain as his head popped in me then I slowly slid down his shaft.
Even with the lube It felt as if I had a power pole drove into me. I placed my hands on his chest and slowly rocked against his cock. I started to wonder if anything could ever feel better than having this beautiful cock deep inside me. Coach pulled me to him. We kissed again and he pulled me in closer. He wrapped his arms around me in a full bear hug. He raised his hips and began pumping his hips driving his cock in and out of me. I adjusted my legs moving my knees up towards his ribs. This gave him full access to fuck me. He pounded me until his abdomen needed a rest. I slid off him and grabbed his hand. I led him to the sofa chair in the corner. I motioned for him to sit. I turned my back ankara travestileri to him and lowered my asshole to his cock. He guided that big dick to its home and I took him again. I held onto the arm rests and dropped my ass on him over and over like it was the last cock on earth. After awhile my thighs were burning and he didn't seem close to cumming yet. I stood up and walked over to the bed. I laid on my back and pulled my legs up exposing my well punished hole. He went to the restroom and brought a handful of lube with him. He covered my hole with it then lined up his cock. He plunged into me. My knees over his elbows pressing into my chest. He bucked against me like a virgin with no sense of time. I told him to fuck me as hard as he wanted. It felt as if he would break through my abdomen. The constant pressure and rubbing on my prostate caused a flood from the end of my cock.
At some point I thought I was going to lose consciousness. The sloppy noises coming from his cock going in and out of me amused me. I felt like I was his. It was erotic to feel owned by him and his cock.
I'd have done anything he wanted in that moment. I gave all of me to him.
His stamina was amazing. He had to have been on top of me a good half hour after I had rode him another half hour.
He raised up a bit, grabbed my ankles and extended my legs out. He was pumping hard and fast. He grunted and proclaimed he was almost there. I pushed myself to him and pulled his shoulders down. I wanted him to be as close to me and travesti ankara as deep in me as he could as he came. This slowed his pace but his guck became more disciplined, firmer, harder and purposeful. Our chests were inseparable as he rammed me with firm short strokes.
As we kissed he moaned deeply and shoved himself into me to the hilt. He rocked back and forth as he coated my anus with an ocean of cum. He collapsed on me covering me with himself and a large amount of sweat. His breathing heavy as I ran my fingers through his hair. I'd never felt this satisfied or loved by another human. He looked at me close for what seemed like an eternity and we began kissing again.
We had worked up an appetite so he suggested we shower then make some breakfast. I followed him into his shower. We were fooling each other as the hot water soothed our bodies. I was soaping his cock and admiring it when a stream as strong as a river ripped out of his cock. His piss shooting me in my chest. It was surprising but turned me on more than I can ever explain. When he finished he asked me to do the same. He got on his knees and I pissed on him. His face, head, chest. I coated him in my piss. I immediately began growing hard. He reached for my cock and brought his mouth to it. He sucked me so good. I was on the verge of cumming in no time and he picked up his pace with his grip. He took my whole orgasm down his throat then stood up and kissed me with some of my cum still in his mouth.
We washed each other then dried each other. We made eggs, bacon and toast together, all while naked. We had coffee and ate then cuddled on his coach watching a western on tv. We both drifted off to nap together. I don't think I've ever felt that content again ever in my life.
03 Şubat 2023, at 23:28

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