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Shawn and Tyler Ch. 01

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Chapter 1 - It's Hard To Find Someone, Sometimes
Shawn was disgusted with his life. He was out with the guys last night, and again, he woke with another random guy from a cop shop a town over.
Brad walked over and asked if he would like to fuck. What was Shawn going to say, 'No'? They found a way to leave and ended up at Shawn's fucking one another.
In the wee hours of the morning, Brad was lying half on him and had his hand between Shawn's legs, right on his cock. Shawn tried to keep from getting hard, so he could roll away, but his body betrayed him, and Brad noticed.
"Shit, man, you want to fuck again before work? Because I'm game." Brad said as he stroked Shawn's cock, as a moan escaped.
Brad reached over to the nightstand for a condom and lube, putting it on Shawn. "Damn, are you in a hurry or what?" Shawn asked. He wasn't complaining, but he didn't want Brad thinking he wanted to fuck just to get him to leave.
"Actually, my wife will wonder where I was all night."
"You're not going to get all soft on me? Cause I'm married?"
Shawn was pissed, but it wasn't the first time he had come home with a married man. "No, get on your knees."
"I still get to fuck you once more, right?"
"Yeah, Brad, you do." Like Shawn would say no now. He doesn't know how Brad can keep from cumming and maintain his erection. But he doesn't care because he seems to know what he is doing, it feels great, and it causes Shawn to get hard again. "Actually, do you want to fuck me first?"
"If I fuck you, I won't want you to fuck me."
"That will be okay. I'll get off." Shawn was thinking, kill two birds with one fuck, then he will get Brad out of here quicker.
Brad quickly grabbed a condom, lubed up Shawn's ass, and didn't wait to shove his cock in. It didn't bother Shawn. He knew Brad didn't care too much about the guys he fucks because of how he treated him last night.
Shawn was glad he went into the bathroom when they first walked in last night and pre-lubed himself. Because he ended up biting down on his pillow, Brad barely stuck a few fingers in before he was off to fucking. But it wasn't the first and won't be the last time a guy was rough with him. Shawn just knows he will never treat anyone that way.
It didn't take Brad long to cum and Shawn was amazed. Brad fucked him for about two minutes, and he was cumming, not even long enough for Shawn to get a good rub. Brad wasn't hitting Shawn's prostate at all this time. The couple of times they fuck during the night, Brad was right on, but not this time.
Brad didn't even notice that Shawn didn't come, he walked straight to the bathroom, and Shawn heard the shower start. Shawn just shook his head. He didn't even want to cum anymore.
Shawn just wanted Brad out of his house. He grabbed Brad's clothes and sat them on the bed, then pulled out a clean uniform, t-shirt, socks, and underwear for himself and headed to the other bathroom to get ready. He didn't even want to wait for him, and when he came out, Brad was gone.
Work that day was long, but Shawn was getting used to the twelve and sometimes sixteen-hour days. With the right amount of coffee, he could make it through anything. This time it was three days and then one day off, but then four, and then he could sleep for two. He was looking forward to the two off in a row. Shawn had only one day off between two, three, or four days for a while now, so two days off in a row was a dream.
Even though Shawn worked many hours, he was getting more sexually frustrated than tired as the week went on. He stopped at Jeff's to see if he could get some well-needed tension release. He and Jeff started to get hot and heavy. Shawn was rubbing Jeff's cock and was pushing Jeff down to his crotch when Jeff answered his fucking phone. It was his mother. Shawn just walked out.
Feeling even more disgusted with himself, Shawn didn't drive home. He needed to talk. He needed his best friend. So Shawn drove across town and pulled into their driveway but didn't get out of the car. His music was loud enough for his wife to hear. He could see her standing in the kitchen. He just waited.
"Dean, I think he wants to talk to you." Dawn walked into the family room from the kitchen, where she had been talking to one of her coworkers.
"Huh, who, Tyler?" Dean looked at Dawn, confused.
"No, not Tyler. Shawn, he's outside. I can hear his music. He's in the driveway and not coming in for a reason."
Dean stood, opened the front door, and sure enough, Shawn sat in his car listening to his music. Dean walked over, opened the passenger door, sat down, and only then did Shawn turn down the music.
"Am I talking to my best friend or my sister?"
"Damn it, Shawn, it's me you're talking to. Yeah, eventually it will get back to your sister, you know that, but I try to keep it from her as long as possible." Dean grumbled.
"Yeah, I know. I'm just tired, Dean. I'm tired of being alone."
"Then do something about it." Dean looked at him with the 'what the ankara travesti hell was he supposed to do about it' look.
Shawn laughed, "Yeah, Dean, like I haven't tried. I have fuck buddies. You know I don't have a boyfriend. At least not since Mark."
"Stop having fuck buddies and look for long-term." Again, Dean thought that was the obvious answer.
"Nobody wants to have a relationship."
"Where are you looking?" Dean asked.
"Where do I have? I don't do the bar scene. That leaves the job."
"Which is police, fire, and rescue?" Dean responded.
"Yup, so temporary fucks. I'm ready for something more, and honestly, I don't know how to find it." Shawn dropped his head back on his headrest and blew out a breath. "It has been so long since Mark."
Dean hated what he was thinking, but it may take bringing his wife in on this. Shawn only knew Mark because of Dawn and Dean.
The breakup happened because Mark got a job out of state, not because they didn't love one another anymore. Shawn and Mark decided they didn't love one another enough to stay or move for each other. Dean was glad they broke up, and Shawn stayed. He didn't want Shawn leaving.
"Let me see what I can find for you. I know there are a few guys at my work," Dean stated, lacking the heart to tell him the guys at his work weren't that great.
"Yeah, but I wish I could say I have time. It frustrates the fuck out of me. I want a relationship, but I'm working so much overtime right now, I don't have time for one." Shawn put his arms over the dash and dropped his head on the steering wheel.
"So, a catch-22," Dean responded, thinking maybe it would get him out of having to help find someone.
"Yeah, that's what it is. Anyways, let me get home. I'm working doubles for the next four days."
Dean looked at him. "Where are you coming from?"
"Don't ask."
"Ah, did little Shawn not get sucked tonight?" Dean laughed.
"Get out of my car." Shawn laughed.
Dean patted and squeezed Shawn's leg. "Something will come along." Shawn just looked at him.
Dean got out, and Shawn pulled away. Dean walked back into the house, where Dawn and Tyler sat in the living room. She had turned off the game that he'd been watching. "Well, what did he want?" Dawn asked.
"Just to talk," Dean responded. He was about to leave the room when Dawn called him back.
"Why can't you just tell me anything you two discuss." Tyler just looked between Dawn and Dean.
"Because sometimes it's private." Dean looked at Tyler and back at Dawn. He thinks she got the clue.
When Dean was in bed that night, he decided to tell her what Shawn had come over about. "You know what, I think I have the perfect person for Shawn, and he's available."
"And who is that?"
Dawn didn't know if she should tell Dean but decided why not. She had to still figure out a way to introduce them. "Tyler."
"The kid that was here tonight?" Dean laughed.
"He's not a kid." Dawn slapped Dean. "He's twenty-five or so."
"Only ten years younger than Shawn, that's all." Dean chuckled. "He didn't at all seem gay." Tyler flamed a little.
"Will you just trust me, please, and you're an ass, Dean. Tyler is Shawn's type, and you know it." Then Dawn looked at her husband. "And the other is done?"
Dean looked at Dawn. "For right now, and yeah, I know Tyler's his type, but couldn't he be a little older? Twenty-five is young."
"Dean, it's got to be over. Shawn can't be screwing over one of my coworkers." Dawn looked at her husband. "Tyler is good. He's smart and has a good head on his shoulders. More than I can say about some of the guys he has been fucking."
"Yeah, it's over. Shawn doesn't want it anymore," Dean responded. "He wants a relationship, a long-term one."
"Okay, good. Weren't you going to have the guys over in a few weeks to watch the game?" Dawn thought of a way to get the two in the same room. Now getting Shawn to talk to Tyler will be an exciting scheme.
"Yeah, what are you thinking?" Dean didn't want Dawn conducting matchmaking at one of his guys' nights.
"Are you inviting Shawn that night?"
"You know I always do. I just haven't called him yet, because I don't want him to forget, so I wait until it's closer to the day. And you know your brother, it all depends on who comes if he does or not." Which bugs Dean because Shawn needs to get over the things said about gay men in front of him.
"Well, if I invite him, he'll come," Dawn replied.
"I don't like you playing matchmaker at my guys' night," Dean responded.
"Tough." She rolled over and kissed him. "Does that make up for it?" Then she laid back on her side of the bed.
"No." Dean laughed, rolled over, and kissed her. "But I know what you could do to compensate for it."
Dawn laughed. She knew he would want a blowjob, she reached down and caressed his cock and balls, and Dean moaned.
It had been a few weeks, and Shawn was sitting in his patrol car drinking coffee ankara travestileri like he always does. His sister Dawn says he drinks too much. But since his department is on forced overtime because they have been shorthanded, he needs it. They have been waiting for the new recruits to graduate from the police academy, hoping some will want to keep working in their district.
Shawn watched cars go by. He generally won't pull someone over unless they are going over the speed limit by more than ten miles. A light got his attention in the passenger seat, and he looked over. Shawn typically doesn't answer his phone while on duty. But since all the overtime, he thinks, how else would anyone get a hold of him if he didn't answer.
"Hey, Sis, what's up?"
"Shawn, what are you doing tomorrow?" Dawn asked.
"Working. What else would I be doing?" Shawn was always giving her a hard time. She forgot that he was on overtime, but he didn't remind her either.
"Tomorrow night, at seven? We are having a get-together and watching the game." She asked.
"Yeah, I can make it. I'll be just getting off work." He'll be getting off a twelve-hour shift, but he'll just stop and get some coffee on the way. He didn't bother telling her he would be exhausted. He knows she called because she wanted him there.
"Great, I can't wait to see you tomorrow. So, don't forget."
"I'm sure you'll call if I did," Shawn said in a monotone voice and laughed.
"Shawn, you're an ass, you know that, right?" She wished sometimes Shawn wouldn't tease her so much.
"Only to you. Love ya, Sis, gotta go." Shawn hung up. He clocked a car going sixty in a forty.
When he got off work that night, he was tired. He had worked sixteen hours, and all he wanted to do was crawl into bed. Walking out of work at eleven, he thanked God he only lived fifteen minutes from work. He didn't do anything than go to the bathroom when he walked in. Shawn didn't even turn a light on. He had to be back at work at seven the next morning. At least he knew he had the following two days off. He could sleep the first day, take care of his house and personal things, and start his extended time all over again.
The following day he worked lightly like all the officers. They all were overworked and tired. They knew the more tickets they wrote, if they couldn't make it to court, it wasn't worth writing them in the first place. So, they all knew how many they could write during a month, and the courts assigned them 'ticket' days so they could make it to them. At least, the court understood that their department was understaffed at the present moment or that the city really wanted the revenue.
When Shawn left work at seven that evening, the first thing he did was pull through a coffee shop and order two large black coffees. He knew he would be fine once he had gotten to Dean and Dawn's house, which was in the opposite direction of Shawn's house and the station. But Shawn needed to make sure he made it there first. It was only a twenty-five-minute drive, and he had the first coffee gone when he pulled up to the house.
"Where's your brother?" Dean looked at his wife. "He was supposed to be here thirty minutes ago." Dean was sure Shawn had forgotten.
"Knowing Shawn, he stopped for coffee. He just got off work, so give him a bit to get here." Dawn stated as Shawn walked in the front door carrying a large coffee and looking extremely tired.
"Damn, man, you better not fall asleep during the game," Dean shouted at Shawn.
"Fuck you, I can take my ass home." Shawn looked at Dean and all his company and was about to turn around, but Dawn quickly grabbed his arm.
"Please stay." She was hoping to hook him up with Tyler. It's the first time she will have them together. Dawn was going to make sure they talked and hopefully exchanged numbers. She was praying she could push Shawn over in the corner to speak with him.
"Did he have to invite the most homophobic asshole out there?" Shawn whispered to Dawn.
"Bob isn't that bad." Dawn tried to soften Shawn a little.
"The first time he says something to me, I'm either going to corner him or leave. Just letting you know."
"Well, I don't see the big cop running away, so please don't be too hard on him." Dawn looked at Shawn. He was smiling. "Shawn, what are you thinking about doing to him?"
"Nothing." Shawn laughed, walked into the living room, and dropped in one of the chairs. He looked around the room, saw a few people he had never seen before, caught the eye of Rose, and she ran over, jumping into his lap.
"Uncle Shawn, why don't you come over anymore?" Rose asked and hugged him.
"Just been busy, Kiddo. I promise I'll start making time for you."
"You better." Rose continued to sit on his lap until she heard her phone ringing, and she jumped up to get it.
"When did she grow up?" Shawn looked over at Dean.
"I don't know. I asked the same thing the other day, but man, why haven't you been around?"
"Forced overtime. I told you travesti ankara this the other day. Until the new recruits graduate and want to hire on, we're screwed."
"Oh yeah, I forgot."
Dawn was over in the corner talking with Tyler. He had watched every move Shawn had made since walking into the house. He knew he was there to meet Shawn, and seeing him in person, pictures didn't do him justice. "Well, what do you think?" Dawn asked.
"Dawn, he is a dream. Are you sure he'll be interested in me?"
"Yes, you're his type, believe me," Dawn responded. She knew her brother's type, he might fuck anything, but when he's in a relationship, he likes guys like Tyler.
Shawn looked at the snack table and saw Dawn talking to a guy. Short, Shawn was guessing because he was standing next to his sister that he was five-six. He had light brown hair that you can tell he used to bleach. The ends are blonde but uneven, so he is letting go of that part of his youth. One more haircut, and you would never know he had bleached his hair, so Shawn is sure he is going to have a new cut soon.
From this distance, Shawn couldn't tell what color his eyes were, but the way he kept looking over at him intrigued him. He has a feeling that Dawn has both of them here for the reason of meeting one another.
Tyler looked back over at Shawn. Shawn had stood up and walked towards them. They were standing at the snack table. Tyler looked up at him. He figured Shawn to be at least six-foot-tall, with two hundred pounds of muscle. When he got to his face, oh his eyes, he melted. They were blue. Shawn smiled, and Tyler could see how tired he was.
"I will leave you two to talk," Dawn whispered to Tyler and walked away.
"I heard that." Shawn smiled at her as she slapped him on the arm when she walked past him. "Hi, Shawn, and you are?" Shawn was thinking, 'Mmm, they are green eyes.'
"Tyler." Tyler smiled up at Shawn, they both could hear Dean grumbling in the corner, but Dawn quickly shut him down.
Dean hated that Dawn was trying to set up Shawn on his football night. He knew it was the only reason Tyler was there, and he still didn't think Tyler was a good fit. Dawn sat down on his lap. "Shut up."
"Why tonight?" Dean asked.
"When would I be able to get them together?"
"The four of us could have had lunch."
"Yeah, but this way, they can talk and not be the center of attention."
"Then why couldn't we have sent them on a blind date?"
"Dean, shut up and let them talk. Your precious game is not getting interrupted." Dawn looked at her husband and shook her head. No one noticed Shawn talking to Tyler next to the snack table.
Shawn had changed at the station before leaving, so he wore jeans and a t-shirt. Tyler was looking at Shawn because he was built. The t-shirt was tight across his chest. He had muscles, but he didn't lift weights to define them. He just kept in shape.
Tyler knew, but he asked just to be polite about what Shawn did for a living, and Shawn responded and asked what Tyler did. "I work at the university with your sister, but I'm just staff. I work in one of the offices."
"The staff is important too, not just the faculty," Shawn stated. "Try running anything without them?"
"Well, not many people take your point of view, but thank you." Tyler smiled. Shawn and Tyler talked a while longer, and there was a touchdown made, and the guys would get loud, and Shawn would look at the TV occasionally. "Why don't you go and watch the game? We can talk another time."
Tyler went to take his phone out to ask for Shawn's number. Shawn took the phone from him and called his phone with it, and handed it back to Tyler before he could ask. "I'll call you soon."
"Okay." Tyler smiled.
They sat down to finish watching the game. Shawn and Tyler spoke a few minutes before Tyler left, but Shawn left it with, he would call. When Shawn sat in the living room before leaving. Dawn was all smiles. Dean could care less. "So?"
"What?" Shawn looked at Dawn.
"What did you think of Tyler?"
"He's a guy. What am I supposed to think?" Dean was trying to hide a smile. He knew Shawn would give his sister a hard time. "Anyways, I'm tired, so before I fall asleep, I'm heading home."
"But Shawn, please."
"Dawn, it's too soon to tell. Let me at least go out with him once?"
"Okay." Dawn looked disappointed. She could tell that Tyler took an interest in Shawn.
It was well after midnight when Shawn made it home. He crawled into bed and did think about Tyler for a minute but fell asleep before it could go anywhere. He didn't wake until almost noon, and when he did, he found Dean sitting at the foot of the bed. "Are you going to go out with him?"
"I don't know. We exchanged numbers. I told him I would call soon. I just don't know when. Hell, I don't know when I get a chance to shit half the time."
"You look half dead. Do you need anything?" Dean asked.
"Just sleep and take a piss." They both laughed. That is all Shawn did. Pissed, stopped in the kitchen long enough to down a glass of water, grabbed a cookie, and went back to bed. Dean followed him back to the bedroom, talked to him for a few more minutes, and watched him fall asleep. Dean left. He couldn't believe how overworked Shawn was.
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