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That Buddy from College Pt. 01

Post #1

Chapter 1
Donnie lowers his stance as Preston dribbles towards him from center quart. Preston can't resist staring at the folds of cloth outlining the shape of Donnie's penis. Even completely flaccid, Donnie's cock is long enough to dangle at the edge of his shorts. It's big, foreskin covered head, peaks out the bottom of the shorts then returns to hiding as Donnie follows Preston's moves.
"No." He says firmly. "We never did that."
"You're lying." Donnie challenges with a laugh.
"Look me in the eyes and say that with a straight face.
Preston stops advancing. Dribbling the ball between his legs, he keeps his eyes fixed on Donnie's hips; half watching to see witch way he moves, and half daydreaming about all the things he's going to do with that penis after he wins this game.
"You watch too many movies." He say's with a grin.
"No one in The Real World should ever try anything stupid, illegal, or possibly dangerous because they thought it looked cool in a work of fiction."
"Besides..." he adds. "...we're not even related. We just happen to look a little bit alike."
"A little!" Donnie belly laughs.
He watches Preston's hips just as intently as Preston watched his. The five years since they had seen each other seemed like the blink of an eye, but Donnie didn't remember his friend having such beautifully rounded hips. Daydreams swirl in his mind about all the positions he's going to watch those hips bending in, when he wins the ankara travesti game.
"Anyway...It sounds to me, like you are refusing to say the word No again." Donnie takes a swipe at the ball, but misses. With a curious he locks eyes wit Preston.
Preston spins his back to his Donnie, shifting to his left as he slowly inches his way closer to the key.
"You should be concentrating on this game."
"Now you're trying to change the subject." Donnie say's, widening his stance and backing slowly enough to maintain the short distance between them.
"I've known you too long. You can't lie to me."
Preston's face flushes pink as he blushes uncontrollably. He switches dribble hands and shifts back to the right, inching his way even closer to the top of the key. Donnie takes another swipe at the ball and misses. Preston continues his backwards advance.
"I just don't want you to get too distracted again."
He closes the gap between them and pushes his back against Donnie's chest.
"You know the next basket wins." He warns Donnie.
"Don't even pretend that you're trying to fake me out and take a jump shot." Donnie laughs.
"You turned around so I can't see how hard you're blushing."
Preston presses his back harder against Donnie's chest, and Donnie plants his feet. More than Double his size, Preston can feel the heavy mass of Donnie's immovable force surrounding him. He takes a long breath, imagining what it will feel ankara travestileri like to have all of that force moving inside him.
"Maybe I just really like what happens when our bodies rub against each other like this."
Preston rolls his hips and presses his ass hard against Donnie's pelvis.
"That's not going to work this time." Donnie asserts.
He presses his hips against Preston's just as hard.
"And Now you're just stalling. You really should just confess...and forfeit the game while you're at it."
"If you somehow manage to block my jump shot for the first time in your life..." Preston say's defiantly, "...then I must be lying."
He rolls his wide hips up and down as he stops dribbling, the soft cheeks of his ass grinding their way along Donnie's cock.
"Now would be the perfect time for you to reach in for the ball." Preston taunts.
"So you can spin to the other direction and land a game winning, three point jumper." Donnie gruffed.
"Make your move." He added sharply.
"Hey. If I'm just lying, and stalling..." Preston giggled. "What are you waiting for?"
Donnie feels his cock fluttering on the verge of erection, as Preston starts grinding and bouncing against his hips more aggressively.
"You also said, THIS wasn't go work." He playfully reminds Donnie.
Donnie's body shivers, and Preston makes his move, bouncing his ass against Donnie's crotch hard enough to inch him backwards. Stunned, travesti ankara Donnie looks down and realizes his cock is fully erect. He can't look away as he watches his friend's plump, soft, round ass sliding away from his swollen throbbing penis. It strains the fabric of his shorts; bobbing up and down as it threatens to burst through the stretching seams. He finally looks up just in time to see Preston release his game winning jump shot.
"I win." Say's Preston, still blushing. "That means you bring for the pizza for movie night."
"You still haven't said no." Donnie reminds him, as they shake hands.
"Stop Daydreaming." Preston playfully advises as Donnie walks away, his huge erection still swelling. "And bring the pizza around eight."
Preston's shorts begin buzzing wildly. He pulls his phone from his pocket and looks at the screen.
"You've got perfect timing." He says.
"Oh yeah... why is that?" A female voice say's back.
"I was just playing ball with a buddy of mine. He kept asking about you."
"Please tell me it's that same sexy 'buddy' you shared a dorm room with in college." She asked, excitedly.
"It is." Preston confirms with a big smile. "We still get together every once in a while."
"Wow." She gasps. "After all these years? So... What did he ask about me?" Excitement builds in her voice.
"Did he finally work up the courage to ask about a threesome?"
"I wish." Preston sighs. "He's such a goof-ball. He asked if you and I ever did that thing we used to do, just to mess with people."
"What did you tell him?" She asks with a laugh.
"I told him no. But I don't think he believes me."
There's a moment of silence.
"So... You wanna try it on him?"
03 Şubat 2023, at 23:27

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