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Sexcapades of the Exoplanetary Ch. 02

Post #1

Chapter 2: Phallusius Rising
The following is the second installment of an intended trilogy of fiction. It features the trials and tribulations of same-sex fucking and sucking obsessed aliens in a galaxy far, far away. The author vows to maintain these works in the lowest socially redeemable vane as possible to effectively relay these works.
Every character portrayed here is over 18.
In "Chapter 1: Race Baiting Factions of 'Lesbitopia'," we were schooled in the doings of that all-female planet. After a long 'HYST-ery' of conflict between the differing muff-diving enclaves, a strained peace was accorded between them. Their unifying concern was the thwarting of the impulsive aggression from the neighboring asteroid of all-male 'Phallusius.' However, and strangely enough, the women inhabitants could not avoid casting a conflicted gaze upon 'the rock,' an oblong-shaped orb alternately glowing and dimming like a throbbing cock. They were happy with their exclusive curvy female lot, yet at the same time, mesmerized by their attraction to the androgynous vision in the sky. They were repulsed at their own weeping pussies when they stared too long, even more so in the company of their kin.
Having only male inhabitants, 'Phallusius' was anything but quiescent. There, incessant brawling, sodomy, fellatio, bukkake, and who knows what else, prevailed. The four factions of 'Lesbitopia' would be far too complicated a feudal society for the single-minded men to sustain. Thus, there were no more than two disparate camps: 'Phagolin' and 'K'wearboi.' Both occupy only the sun lit portions of their tubular cosmic orb. To say they are nomadic would be an understatement. Race was not a defining characteristic of the groups, and both groups had an even proportion of each: black, white, green, yellow and purple.
'Phagosights' (a.k.a., 'Phags', P's, and such) residing in 'Phagolin,' were the more aggressive, and egregious, of the two camps. They would wage war upon 'K'wearboi' (a.k.a., 'K' wear' s, K'.) on a near hourly basis, after they tired from their own lustful in-fighting. Being natural-born cowards, they would only pillage the 'K'wearboi' in large packs, most often many of them against only one or two K's. A 10:1 ratio or more was not unheard of. They enjoyed corralling small bands of 'K's' and make them suck their cocks, bend over for ass pillaging and even to force them to fuck each other. Subtlety was not their forte.
'K'wearboi' developed a diametrically different society than that of the 'Phags'. Brotherhood, respect and paired couplings were practiced faithfully, much to the chagrin of the P's. Their existence was most peaceable, and guided by love for their fellow hotties. What did rarely occur here was physical altercation. Every twink was amenable and demonstrated so through copious group hugs. The 'Phags' were so jealous of them for this that they treated them even more harshly than themselves, which was a feat in itself. This phased not the K's, as they relished their role as submissives.
Despite their obvious differences, a strange form of symbiosis had developed between the schism of 'phag-tions.' And, they shared two self-defeating characteristics: being driven by fragile egos, and retarded development of their emotional maturity. It was no wonder that 'Lesbitopians' had so easily repelled their attacks. The men just couldn't handle any verbal rejection, and instead of mending their ways and adopting inclusivity, they chose to cling to their childish defeatist tendencies. That had cost the men to lose every panty raid ever waged upon the 'Lez's'. Thus ensued the predictable sulk with their tails between their legs and retreat before even starting.
Here, we are inside 'Phagolin,' early in the day, and already the humping and licking of assholes, and the sucking and hand pumping of insistent cocks, nearly incessant. Within a tent in mid-camp there resides a pair of 'Phagosights', an unusually small grouping. They are engaged in a somewhat playful wrestle for control of their shared dwelling, again.
The mock fight is between a venerable slim-wasted mature black 'Phag' and an average height paunchy young Asian bear with a prominent uncut cock. The yellow warrior commits a fatal maneuver in rushing full tilt at his more experienced elder. 'Uncle Remus' then stoops and restrains his charging opponent by locking his bent left arm through 'Chinky-boy's' undercarriage, and latching onto his hairy balls and long shaft. Unc Rem's right arm is wrapped around his foolish foe's neck. This purchase yields to the short muscular blackie the advantage to lift his yellow-skinned opponent off the ground and flip him face up onto his sleeping mat.
Having triumphantly established topping honors, 'Man-In-Black' says, "Take that, Butt-Boy. Gonna make you my bitch with my fat dick."
Without any hesitation the dark menace squats over the Pan-Asian and squashes his butt split nose-deep over his inferior. He then wiggles his ass side-to-side istanbul travesti against his face to exact further humiliation. After half a minute of muffled protest, 'Black Mombasa' relents and 'Charlie Chan' is granted breath once again. This is regarded as a true mercy, as most times the inferior passes out while the top then revives him by vigorously stroking the bottom's cock to full stiffness.
"Fuck you, black man and yo shrimpy stub of a dick!," the black victor then quickly engulfs the loser's full cock head in a single swallow, "Oh! Oooh ...," pants slanty-eyes with pleasure as he's being inhaled, "fuckin' suck it Afro bitch! Eat my cock head and make it feel good. Ummm that's a good darky sucker. Uh huh, lick my balls ... and my Asian asshole. Go real deep with that long tongue ... oh yeah, like that."
"You like me licking yo' dick head?," says the sucker, "maybe you like hand-job and finga' yo ass. Fitty dolla' make you holla,' chinky man."
Black 'Phag' adjusts his grip upon the yellow man's shaft, exposing just the tip to his tongue. He rolls his tongue all around the yellow head once, twice, before concentrating his efforts below the flared ridge of his mushroom cap. Yellow can barely breathe out his rising lust as the dark man works his magic, but is able to retaliate by grabbing a hold on his rival's dick. The pair pull their puds towards themselves and meet on their sides in mutual swaddle for '69'-ing.' Loud and lewd sucking sounds carry to surrounding tents, waking the neighboring somnambulant in a horny haze. In many other tents the occupants follow suit, but in skirmishes of well more than two.
Grunts issued inside the surrounding teepees travel far. The burgeoning sexual decadence spreads like sweaty hairy ass cheeks being pulled wide apart. The sound effects are as effective a morning revelry as any blasting bugle or rooster. Cocks begin to rise like the dawn of the binary suns that ignite their gyrating 'planet.'
Over on the other side of the tracks 'K' wear' boi' also begins to awaken. As you might surmise, it's a much calmer, affectionate and gradual progression. In a gesture of submission kneels a Caucasian man offering up his snowy ass to the other two residents of the homo wigwam. The mixed 'Green' and purple couple sharing the same tent eye the object of sacrifice with great anticipation. They hum their appreciation at witnessing the white cock-empty ass turned upwards, his hard rod and balls sagging below.
The two invitees lift themselves from slumber and saunter expectantly towards their cavernous prize. 'Greeny' kneels behind the alabaster ass whore to admire his generous buns and winking star. Mr. 'Green' Jeans can't help but slide his left hand down the proffered 'ben-dover' butt crack, then licks a slow trail from hole to taint. He caresses the goose-bumped nut sack with his fingers.
' goes straight up to the pleading bottom and applies soft kisses up and down both cheeks. The submissive cracker bottom purrs at the wet and dry sensations. 'Greeny' takes his cue to gently rub his mercifully modest dick vertically along the yielding crack. It seeks out the slick slot shaped slit with determination. Once found, 'Green' inserts first the head, then the remainder of the shaft in a single push. Dual gasps morph into sighs of pleasure.</p>Whitey the Ass-Whore exclaims, "Ahhh... cock feels so good. Please take it out and put back in so I feel my anal ring get stretched. Oh yeah, let me have it, baby. Show me what you can do with that thang."
'Greenie' complies again and quickly push-pulls his cock hard within and without 'White's' hungry tunnel. 'Greenie's' length affords the selfless 'Whitey' full enjoyment of it sliding along his ring and walls, "Hit my p-spot, makes me cum. Jam your fat cock head faster," sayeth the full cock-drunk sleeve.
'Purple', sporting shocking blonde hair, seizes the opportunity to slip his fat weapon into 'Whitey's' agape mouth, "you can suck my cock while getting royally fucked, can't you?"
W envelops the mad purple shaft whole. He reaches his left hand around back to squeeze a 'Purp' cheek and finger-poke his asshole, to which 'Purps' points his face to the sky blissfully. 'Whitey BULG-er' stabilizes his position by grasping 'Purp's' other cheek while further dividing his schism. He inserts a second finger. Only then does he painfully squeeze 'Purp's' globes red. While 'Purp' coos, he's reveling in the dark pink velvety wet and warm gullet vacuuming his manhood. W's mouth tilts onto his right clavicle so he may engulf 'Purp's' entire ball sac.
'Purps' disengages his nuts from the entrapping oral orifice with a plop, "Shit, that's amazing, but I need some ass."
'Slut-for-Cock-in-My-Culo-Blanco' retorts, "Mi culo está ocupado, mi amigo. But, there's an empty hole behind me."
G is holding on to 'Whitie's' love handles and commences to pump his plump hips back and forth, further driving his love baton towards mutual ecstasy, G feigns pouting, "Here it is waiting for istanbul travestileri you Purps, and it's feeling neglected."
'Purple-Passion' shuffles on his knees behind 'G-man', then runs his palm along his back to guide him to pivot forward. He leans towards the smooth and shiny orbs and splits them wide apart to orally contact the sweat-stained dark portal. Further he digs his curled tongue into the precious booty gape.
G turns partly around to say to 'Purrrp,' "you eat my hole so good, get it nice and slick and ready for your dick."
'Purps' lifts his head away from the now spit-slathered crinkled star, "that looks good enough for me to push my cock into," he then lubes it with more saliva till it drips down G's split buns and beads his undersides.
After spit-lubing his tool, 'Purp' gently guides himself into G until his bald pelvis meets 'P's' bushy tush. The two assaulted assholes are lovingly gripping fast onto their respective invading stiff-as-steel staffs. 'Morning wood' sure comes in handy at times like these!
'Green' humps while masturbating 'White-Stuff'. He places his left palm is flat against the anal addict's furry pubic zone to hold him steady. G bending forward provides better purchase onto 'White's' appendage while also giving 'Purple' better access to 'Old Yeller's' hole. A resulting trilogy of joyous expletives erupts.
"Split my naughty ass, Purps, your cock makes me wanna cum in Whitie's butt. Do you like my ass, Purps, does it make your cock wanna cum, too?," whispers G as he eggs his impaler to tunnel into his depths with ever-increasing tempo.
'Purple' says, "Yeah, I'm gonna dump cum in dat azz of yours so hard you'll spear Whitie's lungs."
'White-Boi' pipes in, "Umm hmm, I'd really like that. 'Greenish', jerk me faster, I'm close."
This coordinated fuck train picks up speed as collective pleasures build. Honky cums first, with a shiver. 'Colonel Mustard' is next. He sprays his seed deep within the caverns of 'Whitie's bowels'. The tickling sensation of chartreuse cum precipitates an additional squirt or two from the owner of the lead arse. The 'Purple-Nurple' ardently slams into 'Green' Machine's generous bottom.
A waterfall of cum violently projects into the 'Yellow-Boi's' man-hole. After the three catch their breaths the tops softly squeeze their respective butt slut's ball sacs for final milking. Dribs and drabs of cum-drops trickle out of each sated dick head. All three form a cooing triangle of deflating man meat, alternately kissing those on either side.
The contrast between the two 'phag-tion's' fucking styles is now clearly evident to you, dear reader. But y'ain't seen nothin' until the details of the ensuing squalid border war is revealed next. As mentioned, the 'Phagosights' are always on the offensive. But, today, in a totally 'unpreDICKtable' coup, the 'K' wear' boi's take the part of aggressors and preeminently swoop into the rival domain. Caught off-guard for the first time ever, the 'Phago-licious' are caught like proverbial deer in headlights. Their bewilderment does not linger, however, as anger quickly replaces it.
"Fuck the shit outa these bastards", the quasi leader of the 'Phags' exclaims. The 'Phagosight' militia follow the directive.
The physical superior 'P's' attempt to turn the tables, but the clever 'K's' are prepared for any retaliatory measures. When a 'P' attempts to manhandle a 'K' wear', the latter has another jump them from behind, and both subdue their singled out thwarted tormentor. The far more rational 'K's' are not so much interested in exacting sexual revenge as they are rather in inducing permanent peace. Perhaps if they can best their warring brothers, just this once, they will have to finally listen to reason and relent their enmity upon their enemy. Such is their perpetual yearn.
No 'Phagosight knows the meaning of the word surrender, thus the feisty captive's attempt at escape. His fruitless MAN-euvers are effortlessly repelled. The book-ending tag team of 'Purp-Perp' and 'Dark-Knight' form a spit roast upon their yellow victim who they've positioned face up on the floor. 'Prisoner P', realizing his futility, subsides his elopement, then licks all around the reddened tip of the blackened K-man straddled over his face. He cups the ebony ball sac while deep throating his captor upside down.
"Uh huh, lavish my brown stub. Feels good when you switch between licking and sucking. Lemme get under you."
'Black-K' takes the initiative to slide under the incarcerated 'P's' back. He then slizers his lizard into 'P's' cushion behind. 'P's' suffered worse, so this is more like enjoyment for him than punishment. 'Green,' kneeling at 'P's' feet, leans forward over his torso and pulls 'P's' legs back to his shoulders. 'P's' back is now laying across 'B-K's' tum. His cock has already been lodged into 'P's' hole, which is now on full display for the self-stroking 'Green-K'.
'G-K' waddles up to his subject and takes a long lick from his 'B-K' brother's travesti istanbul under-shaft to that of the upturned poor, poor, pitiful P's. He next sucks and pokes his tongue on the bottom of 'P's' balls.
The bottomed 'P' basks in the dual attention, "Yeah, I like that - my fucked asshole and a boy-vaccuum on my Johnson!"
'Green-K' picks his head up and lines up his 'Johnson' with the pre-impaled asshole of the restrained.
"Shit, this is different," exclaims the restrained 'Phagosight', "Ah ... yeah. My asshole's never been stretched like this before. I like it, Fuck me you two! HARD!"
With that go-ahead the twin 'K'wear's' slide against each other like a two-cylinder engine. Cock head on cock head rubbing each other stimulates them even stiffer. They're both getting closer in this double anal DP. The murmuring 'Phagosight' jerks his own Johnny to a spewing geyser. 'P-K' has superseded the masturbating 'P's' hand by superimposing his own over it and using it like a saddle horn for added penetration. This sets the P-K's off simultaneously. Their dual jets pass the impossibly dilated white anus. The three collapse in an exhausted dog pile, the copious drying streaks of cum serving as glue between the bodies.
Within the crowd of remaining effeminates and daddy-bears stands the head 'K' wear' belting out, "can we all just get along? Let's think about ending this constant scuffle, PLEASE! How many retrogrades has it been since we've last plundered pussy, ass, mouths or tits on Lesbitopia?"
While nearly the entirety of 'K' wear' boi' shake their heads in affirmation, the dim-witted 'Phagosights' are still processing the proposal.
That is, until an exceedingly rare two cell-brained 'P' replies, "uhhh... too long?"
"Correcto-mundo, responds my dear Phagosite brother-in-arms with the extra sized cock. Is it so that brain power is commensurate with penile proportions?," all but the stupefied 'Phags' chuckle.
All the 'P's' are profoundly beguiled by the incomprehensible 'K' wear' on vocabulary. Gradually, (but more out of averting the appearance of ignorance than with understanding) the 'Phags' shake their heads positively.
"Alrighty then! Let us jointly prepare for pussy plundering. It will be good to rest our wear' y man-ginas and wreck those of the 'Lesbo's' for a change."
That simple pun was also not understood by the intellectually challenged P's, but they hollered their cheers anyway, if not to just shut the pansy 'K' wear' -sluts up before they get overly stupid proud of themselves. Many a 'Phag' was ready to cork the 'K' wear' holes with their massive pricks if they did make the mistake of speaking any further. The 'K's' realized this possibility and preemptively vacated in a hurried manner. They feigned a compulsion to ready the rainbow-blazed phallic-shaped 'Phallation Phalcon' rocket ship for departure.
This foolish gesture duped the 'P' multitude who knew that they themselves were only a catastrophe when it came to applying mechanical skill. At least they acknowledged it, and stood to one side to facilitate the exit of the industrious, albeit puzzling, 'K' wear' s. Several 'P's' vocally declared letting the 'K's' fuck their own butt holes as a show of good will, but then again, it might have just been their own rouse for them to entertain their latent 'subby' fantasies.
If nothing, the 'Phagosights' were dutiful to their promises. They divided their cheeks wide to expose their pink hairy assholes and duck-walked side-by-side into their adobe abodes, looking back to ensure that their intention was received. This was indeed a rare invitation extended to the 'K' wear' s. Without hesitation the 'K's' took their stations to face the sacrificial a-holes. The anticipation of phallic-penetrated asses and dancing tongues made for long strands of drool dangling from their lips, suspending downwards like a spider's thread.
We peek into one such abode and see one 'P' spread-eagle on the ground and another jutting his ass high in the air while on all fours. Two pairs 'K's' follow them and pinch each other to assure themselves that this was a genuine reality. Two 'K's' approach their offering on the right. The shorter 'K' assumes the face end and slaps his thick 'semi-chubbed' cock around the out-stretched lips of the 'Phagasight' in doggy. The other 'Daddy-K' kneels behind to widen the gap between the 'P's' globes and rim lavishly around his anus. Rear-K puts his left thumb in 'P's' asshole and begins a passionate backwards blowjob. The sucking 'K' then drops 'P's' cock and spit-lubes his entire right hand, then bunches his fingers to enter the generously-assed P. Once inside, 'Rear-K' forms a fist and twists inside the ever widening cave entrance, making sure to purposely graze his knuckles across 'P's' hypersensitive prostate.
This makes the 'P' stuck in place shimmy with surprise, and hum loudly around the cock swirling in his mouth. 'K' wear' at the rear methodically works his right fist deeper within the prized jeweled star. He relentlessly rubs the anal ring to a squeak. The invading arm is rotated and slowly pumped repeatedly, much to the delight of 'subby-P'. The lead 'K' has a hand behind 'P's' head to push his face flush to his Brillo Pad pubes. Frontal-K tilts his head straight up in nirvana.
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