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Night at the Bears Cave

Post #1

Tonight was a night unlike most nights. I scrolled through the endless sea of faces when my phone pinged, I had received a message.
"Big bear" the headline read. I scrolled down to the description where he had written
"verbal top" accompanied by a devil face emoji. He was 6ft tall 260lbs not my usual type but hmm. He was bold, he got straight to the point as we began our chat. Telling me how we wanted to
"pull me apart like warm bread" I felt a pulse in between my legs, my body craved that sort of treatment. He Pressed on offering to call me a ride over to his cave. Again the pulsing rattled me.
"Fuck, alright" I said to myself as I got up to get ready. I mostly liked to top and I hadn't had my ass handled in a while. The ride came and after a short drive I was there, he let me in and we made our way into his apartment. We sat for a while and as our chit chat continued I felt my body coming to its own, at a break in the conversation I found the opportunity to Bring myself to my knees before him. He smiled amused at the sight of my face begging to be used.
"Get up" he said as he lifted me by my arm,
"Take off your clothes for me" without another word I began striping down for him,Down to My Jock strap. He grabbed me by my waist Turing me around to take a good look at my ass.
"That's cute." He laughed "but take it off I want my sub naked." I did as he ordered.
"Now on your knees." As I did he pulled out his fat cock and I crawled over to it. He stopped me as I reached for it.
"Hands on your lap I didn't give you permission to do anything yet." He looked down at me jerking his dick around in front of me slowly.
"I want you to take a good look at my dick." I did as he instructed taking in the sight that was his big cock. With every moment that passed I wanted it more and more.
"Open your mouth and stick that tongue out for me" I did as I was told and he began slipping it into my mouth, he inched in untill it filled my mouth. I took him in further and further trying my best not to disappoint. He laid back seeming to enjoy having me be his toy. He was in no hurry he continued there telling me what a good boy I was as his thick meat stuffed my face. He took ocasional sips of his beer as I began driping saliva down his shaft, assuming my place as his willing slut.
He stoped me to wet his fingers in my mouth before returning me to service and bringing istanbul travesti his fingers down to my ass. Sliping them inside me I could feel the thickness of his hand.
"Yeah that's daddy's hole now" he slipped another finger in as my body shook. Yea It was, my body would do whatever he asked. He stood up having by face stuffed further on to his cock, face fucking me as my eyes looked up into his.
"Get up on the sofa." Like a kitten i leaped to the sound of his words. He smacked my ass around a bit before spreading it apart and begging to devour me. He ate at my ass as moans broke free from my lips and he pulled me in closer as my body shook in dismay. He licked me all up letting me drip a little as he poured his beer over my ass and licked me up some more. How could I escape, this sort of pleasure had me bound, craving to be used more and more. He ate away at me stopping only briefly to slip his thick fingers inside me, my hole begged for more.
"Come on Im taking you outside." He grabbed me by my waist picking me up from the sofa and leading me out to the porch. My body quaked, besieged by the terror of someone possibly seeing me out here. I stood naked out on a 4th story porch, covering what I could with my hands. He sat on his chair looked me up and down.
"Get on your knees." I obeyed my masters commands, dropping to my knees I embraced my new role as his property. I took his thick cock in my mouth and there on the porch completely naked I serviced him desperately. "Good boy" he would sigh as he pushed me down on him, forcing my eyes to water as he stuffed my throat.
"You like that don't you?" He laughed
"Yeah you do you love daddy's big cock." He stoped me for a moment saliva dripping down my chin he made me look up at him as he smacked his cock across my face.
"Say yes daddy."
"Yes daddy" I echoed
He smacked his cock harder, making my cheeks flush pink.
"Beg me to fuck your pretty little pussy boy."
I hesitated my lips trying to retain some dignity.
"Please..." I mumbled.
"If you really want daddy's cock in you you're Gona have to convince me." He slapped it down on my lips,
"Please daddy fuck me." I let out just a bit louder.
"Convince me or daddy will leave you out here begging all night." His tone was more serious.
My back arched tense from the desire building up inside me.
"Please daddy! istanbul travestileri Pound my sweet pussy! Use me for your pleasure!" My mouth let out the words my cock dripping wet.
"Yeah that's more like it" he rose to his feet picking me up and putting up against the railing.
"Put your hands there and arch that back." Once again I assumed his position and prepared myself.
"Now.." he said as his hand came down on my shoulder.
"Don't be to loud unless you want the neighbors to see you up here taking it like a slut." His other hand rested on my other shoulder and with one deep thrust he was in me. He felt truly as big as he looked, his cock digging inside me spreading my ass.
"Fuck ain't that hole nice and wet" he said as my muted moans rumbled softly. He didn't speed up, he didn't pound away at me. He simply inched his way into me slowly forcing me to pay close attention to the way it felt. I trembled in his hands as he made it down balls deep, he laughed hearing me whimper in pleasure. He kept on stuffing me until ny legs could no longer hold me, I succumbed dropping to my hands and knees as he made his way in and out of me.
His hands pushed my my face to the ground and lifted my ass up to take more of his punishment.
" this sweet little pussy belongs to me now." He continued.
"Yes daddy." I replied instinctively my body tingling in the night breeze.
After what seemed like an hours of him using me, he paused. Pulling out he rose to his feet and took a look at me, I laid there ass up face to the floor, my hole trembling before him.
"Get up, this night isn't over yet." I stumbled to my feet allowing my master to take me where he wanted. He lead me inside into the bathroom setting me down on my knees as he turned on the water. He got in commanding me to do the same. His hands running across my naked body he squeezed and spanked away as I stood there before him. Him groping me made me hot, the feeling of having my body used like an object drove me to the brink of insanity.
"Who's ass is this?" He tormented as he took a hard squeeze of my ass.
"Yours daddy." I replied in my trance like state.
"Good boy, and what can I do to it?"
"Whatever you please daddy." He had me in front of him, my back to him he reached around and grabbed my throat slamming my body back against his.
"That's right, anything I please." His cock travesti istanbul pressed against me he laughed as he teased me.
"I'm Gona let you have it now, so let go of any shame you might have left." tightening the grip around my neck.
"I'm Gona treat you like the filthy slut you so desperately want to be."
Without another word he pushed his thick cock into me, this time with no delay. He began pounding away at me with brute force.
"Fuckkk" I yelped as he dug in deep, his hands grabbing my waist pulling me back in after every thrust. My body clapped against his with an echoing sound, his cock sliding in and out of me.
"Yeah! Oh fuck yeah daddy!" I couldn't stop myself overcome with lust. He took hold of my arms and used them both to pull my body back onto his cock.
"Give me that pussy!" He said into my ear.
"It's yours daddy!" I pleaded as he continued fucking my ass apart. He had me there bouncing off him until my body had become addicted. He stoped knowing I needed more. I bit hard on my lip immediately pushing my body onto him, as he'd expected I began fucking myself with his cock.
"Ahhh ahhh yeah!" My moans poured out of me as I fell into a frenzy. Faster and faster I crashed against him taking his cock deeper into me.
"Fuck daddy! I'm your filthy little whore! Please use me!" I was unhinged my eyes began to roll back and I felt my own cock dripping.
"Please daddy use my pussy!" I'm sure the neighbors could hear but it didn't matter my body was his. He took charge again after several more screams, throwing my face against the wall he hammered deep into me. "Fuck yeah good little slut." His cock began pulsing inside me, growing ever so slightly and spreading me further
"Now let's make you a cum slut" as he said the words his cock grew even more and I could feel as if I would burst.
"Ahhhh" it went black, all I could hear was the sound of him pounding me and he flooded my insides with his hot spunk I myself came all over. He filled me till it dripped down his balls and kept stuffing me even after. The bear had taken what was his I was powerless.
"Good little slut." He chuckled as he pulled out letting me cower to the floor. I laid there the water running over me, breathing heavy. I thought it was over but daddy had that look in his eye.
"I'm going to piss on you now boy."
"Wha-" I tried to speak but I was unable.
"You can try and stop it but you know it's what you crave." He gave me a moment and my body flinched just a little, but to no avail he was right I wanted it." I laid there as he let his warm stream down all over me what a slut I had become.
To be continued.
03 Şubat 2023, at 22:57

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