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Fun in the Garage Ch. 02

Post #1

As Winter came, fun in the garage with my friend really dropped off. I understood why. Why risk frostbite you know. I got it. That didn't make the evenings any less frustrating though.
All I could think of was walking into that garage and kneeling. I'd wrap my lips around his shaft and feel it slide over my tongue and into my mouth. Then of course there was always my creamy reward; that hot sticky cum that I'd swallow.
Not being able to do that was making me crazy. The craving was there and only one thing would satisfy it. I managed though. All the memories of the fun we had up to that point were enough to get me through.
I got off one night and found him online. Immediately we started chatting and before I knew it one of my favorite fantasies had popped out.
"I was thinking the other day about how much my ex wife would have loved this."
"Oh really?" He was a man of few words on messenger.
"Actually, yes. She had two fantasies that she always wanted to see me live out. And naturally I had one with her too."
"What were they?"
"She always wanted to see me suck a guy off. And her big one was being on the bottom of a sandwich. She wanted to get fucked by another guy while I fucked his ass. Never happened though."
There was a long pause and then he sent back, "That's really hot. You've got me horny now."
That was always good. "Want that taken care of? I'm in the mood to swallow right now."
"I'd love to, but the wife is awake."
I figured as much. It was early still, and they both seemed to be late night people just like me. Inspiration struck then, so I messaged him with an idea.
"Look, my truck is running and nice and warm. I'm betting you could get out to go get something at the gas station. Am I right?"
The local gas station was really the only thing open then. It was 24 hour, so naturally at night that's where everyone went. We weren't going there though.
"I could. What do you have in mind though?"
"That school just down the road from your place. There's a parking lot on the north side, and it's not only hidden from sight but it's nice and dark. Meet me there and you can see how good the seat heaters in my car are."
There was another pause and then I saw the words I wanted to see that night.
"I'll be there in 5."
"I'm heading there now. Just get in the passenger side when you get here."
"Got it."
I sat there with my lights out and the car running. I finally saw him pull in next to me and shut off his lights. He got out and climbed into the passenger side right away.
"Hey." He looked around and smiled. "Good choice of a spot. I wouldn't have thought of this."
"Luckily I did." He laughed and found the lever that made his seat recline. When he laid back I could see the bulge in the front of his sweats. That's when he turned to me. His curiosity was obviously getting the better of him.
"Did your ex really want to see you do everything you told me?"
"Oh yeah. It would always come up while we were fucking. It made her so hot she'd cum all over my cock every time it did."
I reached out and started stroking his cock through his sweats then. "That's really hot you know. Do you think she'd do both of us?"
"I can't tell you. Let's just say that the physical side of our relationship is hit and miss anymore. Mostly miss though. I've got an idea that might increase our chances though."
"What's the idea?"
I reached into my pocket and pulled out my phone. "You could always video me sucking your cock. I'm betting that would get her going enough that she'd do both of us together."
I could see the uncertainty on his face, so I quickly went on.
"It won't show any of you that could be identified. All it's going to show is me sucking you off and swallowing. What do you think of that?"
He considered it, and as he did I pulled his sweats down, revealing his hard shaft. He definitely liked the idea. I could see that much. Finally he said, "You're istanbul travesti right. As long as I don't say anything, I could be anyone." He gave me a smile and said, "Let's do it."
I handed him my phone and he opened the camera. He started the video then, shooting my hand gently stroking his hard shaft. I looked around quickly to make sure we were still alone, then I leaned over the console in the middle between the seats.
I looked up at the camera focused on me and said, "My ex wife always wanted to see me do this." Then I leaned over a bit more concentrating on his cock.
My tongue wrapped around the head, then my lips parted and I slowly slid down his length. I knew the video wouldn't be the best, but there was enough light that you could at least see what was going on.
I took it slow that night, savoring every inch of his shaft as it plunged between my lips. A few minutes later I felt his cock swell in my mouth and I immediately swallowed his entire length.
He shot that load with my lips wrapped around the base of his cock. Inspiration struck again, and instead of gulping it down like I usually do I caught it all in my mouth.
I looked up at the camera focused on me and opened my mouth so it could get the picture of all that cum coating my tongue. After a moment or two my mouth closed and I swallowed it all down.
"All gone."
He shut off the camera and looked down at me. "That was really hot. What are you going to do with this video though?"
"You mean am I going to post it online?" He nodded. "No, but I'm going to use it to try and talk the ex into a threesome. How's that sound?"
He handed me my phone and smiled. "That sounds perfect. Let me know what she says."
I'd told the ex I'd be stopping by the next day, so he was going to hear from me soon.
He had to leave, so I headed out myself heading home to watch my porn debut. It was pretty hot really, and you could see the cum pooled in my mouth before I swallowed. That was exactly what I wanted. Now all I had to do was wait.
The next day finally came and I got spiffed up and headed over to see my ex. She's a short woman with dark hair and one outstanding feature. She's got DD tits that amaze me to this day.
When she answered the door, I got her usual attitude. She's very aloof usually. I guess it's her way of keeping a distance between us since we're divorced.
I walked in and sat down as usual and we started to chat. One of her lines has always been, "So how's your love life?" It always makes me laugh, but she asks every time. This time though was going to be different.
She asked and I smiled. "Getting better. I fulfilled one of your old fantasies the other day and I even got it on video."
I held up my phone to let her know right where the video was and she raised an eyebrow. "Really?"
I nodded my reply.
"Let me see it. Run it for me."
That was exactly what I'd wanted to hear. It was exactly what I was hoping for at the time. I pretended to think and told her, "I will dear. But you've got to be naked when I do."
She snorted and said, "Yeah, right. That's not going to happen."
I just shrugged and put the phone back in my jacket pocket. We kept talking at that point and I noticed something that she'd told me about years before. Her legs were crossed, and she was kicking one leg rhythmically. That made me smile. Years before she told me about women getting off that way when they were horny. So I just sat there chatting with her and watching that leg move.
Finally she stood up and that meant one thing usually. She was done talking to me and it was time to head out. I stood up then, checking out her braless tits as I did. Her nipples were nice and hard and brought back some wonderful memories for me right then. As I turned toward the door though, she shook her head.
"You're not getting away yet. Come with me."
I followed that swaying ass right up the stairs and to her bedroom. Once we got there I smiled to myself. istanbul travestileri This was going to be interesting to say the least.
The ex had fallen into the habit of wearing scrubs around the house. She stopped once she got there and turned to me.
"Just what do you have in mind Chris?"
"Well dear, if you actually get naked I plan to fuck you until you scream while you watch my little video."
I could see her considering it still, so I simply waited. Finally she reached down and grabbed the bottom of her shirt. With one smooth move, she tugged it up and over her head and tossed it to one side.
There were those tits that I'd spent so much of my life watching and playing with. "I don't suppose this is enough?"
"Nope. Buck naked dear. Everything has to come off." I pulled my own shirt off, and started on my jeans. As I worked on them, I watched her pull off the bottoms she had on.
The ex stood in front of me totally naked. "Now let's see this video."
I kicked my pants off and reached for my coat. Pulling the phone out, I opened the gallery and selected the video for her. I sat down next to her on the bed and handed her the phone so she could see it all.
While she stared at the screen, my hand was wandering over those huge tits just inches away from me. I heard her gasp softly as she she me go down on the screen. My right hand slipped to the inside of one thigh then, and her legs willingly parted. As she stared transfixed at the screen, I got to play with a wonderfully hot wet pussy.
The video ended and she said one word. "Again."
I smiled and put it on loop for her. "Why don't you lay down and get comfortable dear?"
She knew exactly what that meant. She laid back with a smile on her face, gazing at the screen. I climbed between her legs then, and as I went down on the screen I slowly slid my hard cock right into her.
I watched those big tits shake as I fucked her while she watched me sucking off my friend. My ex was easy to get off. I used to joke with her and tell her a strong wind was enough to do it for her. I wasn't that far off really, and I saw her cum a couple of times with my shaft buried deep inside her.
She finally laid down my phone and reached down to grab my ass as my cock filled her.
"God I'd love to see that in real life!"
I kept moving slowly as I replied. "I think you could dear. He works in town here."
She shook again under me, her eyes closed tight. "Do you want me to message him and ask? That means you'll probably have to fuck him too you know."
She managed to gasp out, "I'm good with that." I could just picture it. Sucking him right in front of her, and then watching him plunge into that soaking wet pussy I was currently enjoying. So I slowed down and pulled out of her, laying down on the bed to message him.
I caught a lucky break. He was online right then, and the distance showed me he was in town. "Hey. How'd you like to come over to my ex's place and have a threesome?"
"I'd love to but I'm at work."
I used my camera to take a shot of her laying there naked with her legs spread wide. "Are you sure you can't make an excuse to get away for a while?"
He was silent for a moment or two. Then I got the message I was hoping for. "Told the boss I'm taking an early lunch. What's the address?"
I gave it to him and smiled down at the ex. "He's on his way."
She smiled and rolled to one side then. "Good. How many times did we try this when we were married?"
"Well, there was Sean and then those three girls I brought home after you said you were bi but not practicing. So four failed attempts is what I remember."
She nodded and actually looked sincere as she said, "I'm sorry about those. I set the parameters and you followed them. And I still turned you down."
I shrugged. "It happens dear. But hey, at least we get to have fun today, right?"
She smiled and the doorbell rang. The ex jumped off the bed and grabbed her robe, travesti istanbul slipping into it. "I'll let him in."
She disappeared, showing up again a couple of minutes later with my friend in tow. As soon as she got into the bedroom again she dropped her robe and turned to face him. I saw his eyes widen and heard a soft, "Damn!" Then he turned to me.
"You're overdressed bud. Join the party."
He was out of his clothes in a flash and the ex let him lay down in the middle of the bed. As soon as she climbed on, her hand went to his shaft and started stroking it.
I watched her lick her lips and I knew what was coming. Sure enough she leaned over and sucked him right into that hot little mouth. I watched as she bobbed up and down on his cock, then positioned myself a little closer for a better view.
The ex gave great head, and he was in for a treat. After a few minutes though, she let him escape her mouth and smiled at me while she pointed his cock my way.
I swallowed his length and heard her gasp softly. Glancing up from my position, I saw his hands wandering all over her body. We had something in common. We both loved busty women.
I wanted to see more though, so eventually I let him slip from my mouth too. I pulled myself up to a kneeling position and knelt by his head. I could see the ex's eyes widen as he leaned over and happily sucked me right in.
She finally leaned over and I felt her lips on my body, kissing their way down to join him sucking me. He let my shaft out of his mouth and watched as she sucked me in too. They traded off duties there for a while until finally the ex wanted more.
I knew what she wanted, and personally I'd wanted that myself the entire time we were married. So I scooted up to the head of the bed and laid back with my legs spread wide.
The ex slid in between my legs, kneeling there. I could feel those huge tits on my thighs as she leaned forward and sucked me in. My friend was watching as she did that. Then he looked down at me.
I smiled and told him, "Go right ahead and fuck her. She wanted strange cock back when we were married. Better late than never I guess."
He knelt behind her and slid right in. I felt her jump slightly and then heard, "Oh yeah, fuck me!"
He did just that as her mouth wrapped around my shaft again. I loved playing with her in the daytime. I could see those lips wrapped around me, slowly sliding up and down my length.
The ex was spit roasted, a position she always wanted to try. I knew due to time constraints we weren't going to get to get other fantasy that day, and this was enough for now. Watching him enjoy that hot pussy was a blast though.
I surrendered myself to her hot mouth and all too soon I filled it with cum. I pumped a huge load in and watched her gulp it down as he moved faster and faster behind her.
Finally his body stiffened and I knew he was coming in that hot pussy. The ex jerked in orgasm again, shaking as he filled her up.
When he pulled out of her I watched as my ex turned to him giving him a hot kiss. I could see her tongue slip into his mouth and knew he was tasting my cum on it. Finally he grabbed his clothes, dressed and headed out and back to work.
The ex laid back down next to be me, and my fingers naturally went to her cum filled pussy. They slid in and out a few times, getting good and wet with both of their juices. Finally I pulled them out and sucked them clean in front of her. I repeated the process, this time feeding it to her.
Eventually I had to ask. "So what did you think?"
"It was great. I would have loved to have seen you fuck him, but maybe another day, right?"
I nodded. "Now you know how I feel. I always wanted to see you with your face buried in pussy."
We both knew then that the fun was over for the day. The ex grabbed her robe, wrapping herself in it as I dressed slowly. She led me to the door and kissed me there.
"You know, if you want to do this again I'd be up for it." I could see her smile as she told me that.
"I think that's going to happen. But remember, I'm going to be looking for women for you too."
"I hope you do." She shut the door then, and I headed back to my car imagining the fun we were going to have both apart and together.
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