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The Couple Next Door

Post #1

Jon's (38 yrs) hairy nuts gleamed with sweat as they smacked my chin, drool and spit coating the massive cock they hung from. I could feel every inch of his dick filling my throat, and it was as if it almost reached my stomach, it was so long. He pulled it out, and smacked me on the face with it, letting its heft rest on my face. It was easily 18 inches long, and 5 inches thick.
"Feel that, white boy? That's a what real man's dick looks like. You better get used to it, because you're gonna be sucking on this every day from now on. Ain't that right, Alex?"
Alex (40 yrs) is his husband, and they've been together for 20 years. They only got married after the Supreme Court legalized it.
"That's right. We appreciate you offering yourself to us."
I (18 yrs) smiled at them from under the behemoth resting on my face.
"Thank you, sirs. It feels so good being on my knees. I want to be your little cumdump. I want to be your human toilet. I'm white. Toilets are white. Proceed accordingly."
They wasted no time tossing me onto their marital bed, and tore off my pants. My pasty ass gleamed in the dim room light.
Jon lined up his black bitchbreaker with my virgin asshole, and, after applying a generous amount of lube, conquered me.
I hissed in pain, but it quickly turned to moans as he began fucking me, his dark, hairy chest looming above. Jon grabbed my ankles and bent my legs backwards, taking advantage of my impressive flexibility.
Alex, in the mean time, smacked me in the face with his dick, which, while not istanbul travesti as big as his husband's, was still a shining example of black masculinity, being 12 inches long and 4 inches thick. Precum oozed out of his piss hole, dripping onto my outstretched tongue. I savored its delicious taste, and opened my mouth.
He turned around, spreading his ass cheeks, giving me a great view of his hairy asshole, and proceeded to sit on my face, smothering me with his sweaty, smelly hole. I happily licked and kissed his shithole, pleased with the ability to worship black ass. I tongued him as his husband fucked me, my intestines quickly opening up to accept their black invader. Alex turned around and stuffed his dark cock down my throat, filling my nose with his the scent of his hairy sack. It was pretty obvious he's never shaved or trimmed it in his life.
Jon and Alex rutted me, using my body for their pleasure, never once touching my worthiness, white dick, which splattered my chest with cum as their conquest of my white privilege forced several orgasms from me. They cared nothing for my pleasure, and used me as their personal slut.
When they came, they came hard, pumping my boypussy and mouthpussy full of cum, bloating my stomach and intestines with it. A small tide of jizz oozed from my destroyed asshole when Jon pulled out, and Alex made sure to clean his cock with my tongue, before smacking me with it, for good measure.
Exhausted and worn out, I got up and kneeled before them on the floor. Jon handed me a polished leather istanbul travestileri collar, with an engraved dog tog hanging from it, decorated with a lone black spade.
"Repeat the oath, boy."
"I, Justin, hereby acknowledge all black men as superior to whites. I forfeit my name, my identity, and my freedom, and accept my status as the property of black men everywhere. You are my owners."
As I uttered those words, I held their black cocks and nuts aloft in my hands, above my head, an admission of my racial inferiority, and acceptance as their sex slave. Alex tore up my social security card and birth certificate, and tossed them in the trash.
To cement my status as their new property, they took me into the shower, having me wash their hairy, muscular forms with my bare hands. I lathered up my palms with the bar of soap, and scrubbed their backs, chests, and legs clean, before cleaning their armpits. I worked my fingers through their pit hair, and made sure to be thorough. I then lathered my palms again, and cleaned their meaty rods next, masturbating them both at the same. I gently fondled their nut sacks, and after lathering my hands a third time, wiped their assholes clean, before rinsing and cleaning my hands.
When that was finished, they took turns smothering my face with their asses, letting me clean their shitters a second time, using my tongue. I then took their cocks in my mouth and hands, sucking them off as the hot water drenched my head. They came a second time, painting my teen face an even pastier travesti istanbul white. Alex made sure to aim the shower nozzle from my face, letting their baby batter rest and dry on my face. They then aimed their nigger pissers at me, and unleashed a massive torrent of piss at me, their yellow fluids covering my chest, legs, and cock in a foul, steaming coating. They aimed the nozzle back at me, but again made sure not to clean my face, letting the jizz dry on face, and clump in hair, marking me as their cum dumpster. They then bent me over in the shower, and ravaged my asshole and mouth, my stomach and intestines bulging with all the cum they have now twice filled me with. When they were finished, instead of pulling out, they pissed in my throat and asshole, filling me with even more fluids, and I could almost feel the twin rivers meeting in my stomach, and it distended to the point I looked a few months pregnant.
I loved it. I loved every part of it. I loved the depravity of it. I loved how racist they were, as they repeatedly hurled slurs and derogatory comments at me the whole time. Black Supremacy turns me on so much, and having such vitriol directed at me and white people in general while they filled me with piss gave the best orgasm of my life. I would have screamed my orgasm to the heavens and the Black God that ruled there if Alex's massive cock hadn't blocked it. When they pulled out, I coughed and sputtered, and looked them in the eyes.
"Blacks are my masters, and I love all of you. Black Lives Matter more than mine, and I hope I you receive the justice, dignity and respect you deserve.
I love you. Please fuck me as much as possible.
I love you."
Thanks for reading my first story, and please forgive any mistakes I have made. Leave any comments and suggestions you might have.
03 Şubat 2023, at 22:56

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