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The Biggest Dick I Have Ever Seen Ch. 02

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The biggest dick I've ever seen. II
After Brett left the afternoon I gave him a blow job, I didn't think I'd ever hear from him again. But surprisingly a few days later he sent me a text reading he'd like to meet up again. I was overly joyed, almost feeling as giddy as a puppy. Through text, we agreed to meet about a week and a half later on Saturday night at the same bar for some drinks and to shoot some pool.
I couldn't wait! I couldn't stop thinking about him. And not so much him, but that massive cock. I didn't know why I was so infatuated, but there were many nights I went to bed with the intentions of going right to sleep, only to re-live sucking him off, getting hard and stroking myself off. I even went to the porn store and bought a fairly large sized dildo and practiced with it, hoping I could get him inside me, knowing it was never going to happen. But at least, living out a fantasy in my head.
That Saturday night I was running around my house trying to figure out what to wear. I wanted the night to be perfect. Like a newbie on their first date, I tried on a multitude of clothing combinations, different underwear, different looks, trying to pinpoint what I thought looked best and what could easily come off, if the night went as I had planned.
I met Brett at the bar at 7:30 P.M. I was so nervous that I couldn't stop talking. But my over chatty, nervous personality made him smile and laugh. As the evening wore on and my anxiety and nervousness drifted away, we had a great time. I caught him starring at my ass one time, when I was bent over the pool table taking a shot and I thought to myself, I wish you could stick that thing into me. I really liked it when Char would fuck me, but Brett's dick was twice the size of Char's and so much thicker that I knew it wasn't going to happen. Whatever was going to go on with Brett and I would be oral only. And to be honest. I was okay with that.
Since my first experiences, I actually liked sucking dick. I didn't find it "gay or faggy", I enjoyed feeling someone hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth, pleasing them and making them cum. So, if my destiny (for now) was to suck Brett off on occasion, then I was sucking him off.
Although, throughout the night I did wonder what it would be like to be inside him. Or if he had been my first gay experience. Or if Char was hung as big as he was? Would I have gone back to women; or would I have only dated "hung" men? These were curious questions; that I didn't have the answers to. But I was enjoying the fact that I was out and open with myself on who I was, and I was ready to be with a man, even if it was only for oral sex.
It was time to leave!
It was just about 9:30 P.M. when I felt the urge to head home. Even though we hadn't been there long, just long enough to have a few beers, catch a light buzz, play a few games of pool, enjoy each other's company, my thoughts were elsewhere. I wasn't concerned with bar, the beer, pool, or the background music. All my thoughts were of him and that dick. Period.
I wanted that cock and I wanted it now.
Brett followed me home and we parked in front of my house, we walked up the walkway and inside, when those butterflies started again. I knew what was coming and I wanted it, but I got nervous and blurted out, "Hey. You want a beer?"
"Sure." He replied as I dashed into the kitchen.
I grabbed a few beers from the fridge, opened them and met Brett in my front room. We clinked our bottles together as istanbul travesti we sipped our first sip inside my place. How do I approach this ran through my mind? Do I kiss him? Do I just sit down on the couch and pull him toward me and start unbuttoning his pants? Do I guide him to my bedroom and lay him down on the bed and just start seducing him? Do I "head to the bathroom" and come out naked -- trying to pull of the naked man?
I didn't know what to do. I knew why he was here! We knew why we were here! But I have never had such an arrangement for just oral sex on a Friends With Benefits agreement before.
I sat down on the couch after a few more sips of beer I placed mine on top of the coffee table. Brett set his beer down and stepped in closer to me.
"I have been thinking about you a lot since our last time together." Sprang from my mouth.
"Yah. What have you been thinking about?" He asked.
I had no choice but to be honest and open and boldly replied, "Seeing that big dick of yours again. Playing with it, sucking on it. Making you cum."
"Really?" He questioned. "And what did you come up with?" He inquired.
"That I want it. I want to do it again." I sputtered out.
Brett smiled and moved in closer to me. His crotch literally at my face. "We'll than, I guess you better take what you want." Came from his mouth.
I looked up at him standing over me. He smiled as I licked my lips and cautiously raised my hands to his pants. I unbuckled his belt, spreading it wide open. I unbuttoned and unzipped his zipper, seeing the cute little maroon-colored boxers underneath. I pulled the pants flaps open and downwards pulling them slightly off of his hips. Brett reached down and slid his pants down further, until they fell around his ankles. He lifted his legs in opposite, finally managing to get the pants off. I just sat expressionless starring at his boxers, knowing his big cock -- the cock I have been dying to play with for more than a week -- was nestled deep inside them.
I pulled the front of Brett's boxers down sliding them all the way to his feet. As I looked up, there was his gigantic dick, hanging mostly flaccid with all of its glory right in front of me. My stomach was spinning, my eyes were affixed to it as my hand reached out to grab a hold of the shaft.
"It's so fucking big." Sprang from my mouth, as I started to pull it upwards towards my face, just holding it by the shaft.
"You like?" Brett asked.
"Yes, I do like." I replied.
I slid his partially erect cock into my mouth, feeling the warm, dry skin, hit my wet tongue. I slid back and forth slowly felling him getting harder and harder as it got wetter and wetter with my saliva. When he was fully erect and sticking up in the air, I had to adjust myself to the edge of the couch cushion and sit more upright to get the angle I needed to keep sucking his cock.
"Yah Danny, just like that." Sprang from his mouth.
My hands rubbing up and down the back sides of his legs, cupping and squeezing his ass cheeks as my head just moved back and forth taking him as far down into my throat as I could. His hips gently thrusting back and forth as he groaned slowly and deeply. In my mind I was screaming, "Fuck my mouth with your big cock daddy." But I couldn't even begin to speak, just moaned through my nose as I was blowing him. I was enthralled by his cock and I was sucking it minute after minute, when I realized just how much I was loving havening his big cock istanbul travestileri in my mouth. How much I was loving the feeling of it sliding in and out. The feeling of his big boner, that I created, protruding deep into my throat.
I unbuttoned and unzipped my pants and rammed my left hand deep inside them. I was rock hard and ready to be sucked. I was stroking myself slowly, enhancing the moment, as the only sounds that filled the room was Brett's soft moaning and giant slurpy, slopy sucking sounds of my giving him head. His hand rested on the top of my head as I continued sliding back and forth. I was so excited, so overcome and so horny, I couldn't take it anymore and I needed to be played with.
I stood up and started taking my pants and underwear down and Brett's hand reached for my hard cock. His hand wrapped around my shaft as I lightly moaned in pleasure. As we came face to face, Brett leaned in and kissed me, which took me by surprise. Our tongues swirled around each other's mouths as we stood there kissing, giving each other hand jobs.
Brett began kneeling down and I was so excited that I got even hared than I was before. He came face to face with my cock and slid it deep inside his mouth. I gasped in pleasure as he started sliding back and forth along my shaft. My heart thumping out of my chest as began pleasuring me. The feeling of his hot wet mouth sliding back and forth on me was overly stimulating.
"Ooh Brett, that feels amazing." Slipped from my lips.
I know by text he wrote, "he'd return the favor," but for some reason, I never expect it. The room got eerily quiet, with the only sound were of his and my light moans and groans. It was as if the world stopped spinning. I was so hard and so turned on that I couldn't even put together a coherent sentence. Here I was standing in my front room getting a blow job, while the guy with the biggest dick I have ever seen was on his knees giving it to me. I wanted to fuck him. Oh lord; did I want to. Moreover, I wanted him to fuck me. I wanted to feel what it was like to have every inch of that thick hearty cock buried deep inside me.
"You're good at this Brett." Spewed from my mouth. As I watched his head slide back and forth along my shaft, sucking me harder and deeper, with each passing moment.
After he sucked me for a few minutes, bringing closer and closer to orgasm; "I want you're cock!" Spewed from my mouth as his head slid back and forth.
Brett pulled my cock from his mouth and just slid his body onto the couch, sitting down, as I spun around to face him. His cock standing straight up, like a flag pole. He spread his legs as I got down onto my knees, in the same position, I had been just weeks before.
I placed his hard cock back into my mouth, pulled it in as tight as I could and started sliding back and forth.
"Yah, That's right Danny." He spoke. "Suck it hard."
I was so excited and so willing, that I would have tried to swallow it all, if he would have demanded.
I spent the better part of 10 minutes down on my knees bobbing back and forth. My back was hurting from being hunched over, my lips numb, my cock still hard enough to pound nails in, while my mouth overly wet was drooling all over the shaft of his cock.
"Danny, I'm getting close," He moaned out as I just kept sucking and slobbering on his long thick shaft.
I pulled his dick from my mouth and blurted out, "Cum on my face!"
Brett stood up, as I adjusted my height and angle. travesti istanbul I was on my knees, torso upright, lapping, licking, stroking and sucking his big cock. Brett grabbed me by the back of my head and started thrusting his hips back and forth, ramming his cock, deep down my throat. I was gagging and chocking, gasping for air, but I wasn't going to give up. I wasn't a quitter. In my mind I was scramming out loud, "Face fuck me. Fucking face fuck me."
Brett's hips started thrusting faster and faster as he pushed his cock further and further into my mouth while his moans and groans increase.
"Oh fuck! Here it comes," Sprang from his lips.
He pulled his cock from my mouth, grabbed his shaft and started stroking himself right at my eye level. I sat patiently awaiting my surprise, mouth open, eyes affixed. With a deep groaning grunt, Brett started squirting his cum all over my face. The opening letting his hot white sexy cum shoot out. I felt it hit my nose, the tip of my eye, along my cheek, some even went on my hair. I was in awe. Before he finished, I rammed his cock back into my mouth and slid back and forth taking the last bit of his explosion down my throat. I could taste how hot and sticky he was, while I felt the ooze running down my face.
I started stroking myself while I was still holding his cock in my mouth listening to him breathe heavily, grunt and shake. It only took me about 30 seconds to make myself cum. I pulled Brett's cock from my mouth, leaned back, sitting on top of my legs jacking off, as I felt my explosion happen. I caught my cum with my right hand, as my left hand kept sliding back and forth along my hardened cock.
I pulled all the cum I had caught in my hand and brought it up to my lips. I swallowed it down with one big gulp, taking it all down. Then wiping what I could capture of his from my face and pulling it into my mouth. I smiled knowing I had swallowed some of his cum down and most of mine.
My cock was still thrusting and wanting to spurt more as I sat on my legs, catching my breath looking up at Brett with his big cock, still mostly hard, figuratively calling my name. I wanted to suck it more. I wanted to go into my room, get my dildo out, fuck my ass with it, until I was wide open and bend over and let him violate my ass until he came again. But I knew that dick wasn't going to fit.
Brett and I hung around my house for about another hour, bottomless, just chatting and having a few more beers. I wanted to blow him again, and if he would have asked, insinuated or demanded I would have. But I think I did a pretty good job initially and had gotten him off well. As he left, we stood at my doorway and we softly kissed goodnight. I wanted to ask him to date on a more frequent basis and start a relationship, but I knew that wasn't what he was into.
I went to bed that night doing some soul searching. And after lengthy thought, I decided I would rather be with men than woman and finally accepted "more" of where I was sexually. I did meet up with Brett a few more times and sucked his cock every time we were together. But eventually our fantasies for one another had drifted away and I'm sure he found the next person to take that monster cock orally or anally, as I drifted towards a different focus with sexuality and experimentation.
I did a bit of thinking and realized one of the biggest fantasies I never got to accomplish was two men at once. So, I set my sights on achieving that, with several on-line apps and dating sites.
I thought to myself, if I am going to live the gay lifestyle, then I want the whole gay fantasy enchilada filled. And that's where Nicky and Robbie come in...
Look for that story and my time with Char in future tales.
The end.
03 Şubat 2023, at 22:36

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