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Dinah's Shopping List

Post #1

Inside his front door he dispensed with any other greeting but to touch a finger to my lips as if to indicate that nothing need be said. And with that he moved the finger slowly down my chin, across my throat, towards the first button on my blouse. One by one he took them apart, each one meaningfully undone until he could peel back the curtain and reveal my red pushup bra as it framed my breasts. Pretty as a picture. That was how he looked at them, as if he was seeing some grand art. He took his time with everything and ran his hands caressingly up and down the lines of my bra strap, eventually easing the straps over the sides of my shoulders, still not quite revealing my nipples.
It was like he didn't want to miss anything along the way. Like a tourist in New York City for the first time, his eyes moved everywhere. This surely wasn't his first time but it was his first time having me and even though I was his escort for the evening he made me feel like I wanted him too.
As he removed my bra and slid the cups purposefully over my nipples I was getting hotter than hell and he'd soon find that my pussy wouldn't need any priming. I was already plenty wet and ready. The bra dropped to the floor and as he held my breasts he moved his tongue around my hard nipples and I was starting to go crazy.
What the fuck was going on? Thanks to my friend Anna I was a professional now and he made me feel like I was on my first date. I could already see the outline of his stiff cock through the crotch of his pants. Where most guys would be ripping my clothes off he was concerned with all the little things, as if that would make the experience richer.
Then he stopped and said, "Tease me, Dinah." And with that he removed all his clothes and sat on the sofa, leaving me standing in the middle of the room, half dressed and slightly unsure where he wanted to go.
"You're an escort. That right?"
"Yes," I said.
"Well then, you know how to make men want you bad enough that they'd step over one another to get to you. I'm just going to sit here and stroke my cock while you make me want you so much that when I finally take you I'll be half out of my mind. The point is; tease me mercilessly like a stripper but don't let me have it, Dinah. By the time I can't stand it anymore all bets are off and I'll just take you." He clearly liked to dirty talk.
So I went from hot date to mistress. Keeping my breasts covered with my arm I slinked toward him and when I got close enough I slapped him across the face, and not gently at that. He was startled but then a small grin came over his face and he jerked his cock a little faster.
I slapped him again. "Listen little bitch,"'I said defiantly, "I'll bet you'd like to have this pretty pussy but I'm not playing your games tonight." Then I ran my fingers underneath my skirt and and masturbated in front of him. I licked my fingers one by one, touching my lips. Then I turned my back to him and bent over, pulling my panties aside to reveal what he desired.
He jerked his cock even harder. "You want me to fuck you, don't you, you little tease?"
"No," I said, "my tight, juicy pussy is off limits to you. You can look but you can't touch." I ran my hand over the curvature of my fabulous behind and drove him even crazier. "You don't get to bang this prime real estate."
I didn't know how much longer he could hold out but I figured it couldn't be long.
What eventually unleashed the beast was when I had removed my panties to the floor and leaned forward over the back of an armchair and like lightning he was up and in me before I knew what happened. The denial tease had worked and he was pounding away like a madman...things falling off of an end table and escort izmir lamps going over. He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back and at the same time I reached down with one hand and stimulated myself until I came. The one thing I always loved was working my own gratification into the script.
They hired me to make them cum but I realized early on that men loved making me cum. That gave them a measure of achievement. They got to give the hot girl an orgasm and most times the hot girl was out of their league. It was why they hired me to start. They couldn't get it any other way so they went to the pay option.
I would see them staring at my ass in public and there was never a mistake as to where their hormone charged minds were off to. The thought was, 'I'd give anything to fuck you' and then the next morning I have no doubt they fantasized about me again. But for a little cash I made their dreams come true.
Andy, the rough around the edges gentleman fucking his way to glory, having his way with me at the moment, was a rare grocery store pickup. Usually it was by referral only but once in awhile there was someone bold enough to start up a conversation with me and savvy enough to pick up on my potential offerings.
I was there for actual shopping but my assets were enough to make Andy, early fifties and reasonably good looking, want to talk to me.
In the liquor aisle he said, "I like these big bottles. They're a better deal for the buck. I just reminded my son of that, should he be unsure as what to get me for my birthday."
We laughed and kibitzed our way through the checkout and into the parking lot where he got to the point and asked me if I had any spare time to have a cup of coffee.. "You're so incredibly hot I had to ask. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself. It was like being pulled into a Star Wars tractor beam...oh, hi, I'm Andy"
We shook hands, I introduced myself and said, "Well, Andy, I'd say yes, but..."
"But Dinah has a boyfriend?"
"No, not that...let's just say I have bills to pay."
After a quizzical silence, he said, "Ohhhhhh...I get it, sure, well how much are your bills? Maybe I can help."
"Eight hundred."
"Wow...you're not cheap."
"Do I look cheap?"
"No...not at all. I always have an eye for quality. I want you. I live close to here, mind if we use my place?"
"Yes, but absolutely no cameras. I'll follow you."
Shift the scene and now he was fucking the daylights out of me in his living room. He lifted me off the chair back and laid me on my back, grabbed both ankles, spread my legs and went back to work. He just pumped away with that 'I hit the lottery' look. I smiled and encouraged his lust saying things like, "Fuck me, baby", "I love your cock in me", "Suck my tits, it gets me off". It was all right out of the dirty talk playbook and he ate it up. Sweat was rolling off of our bodies and we switched positions and I rode him for a bit. He fixated on my tits while I humped him.
"Stand up, Dinah, and put your hands on the picture window."
I wasn't ready for this one, he lived in a residential area, but his exhibitionist side demanded to be fed so I did as he said and put myself on display. It was a gated community so there was little traffic but the chance of being caught was still there.
The pain of glass rattled as he filled me up over and over. He fucked me for all his money's worth. I could almost hear his brain; 'I've got this expensive escort and I'm going to enjoy every minute of this.'
As he loudly went about his business there suddenly appeared an opposite side of the street neighbor checking his mailbox. We were anything but discreet at this point so, of course, neighbor izmir escort bayan dude stopped to make sense of what he was seeing. I'm not sure how much he could actually see in the daytime with no house lights on but he clearly saw something. For sure he could see my face flush against the glass.
He inched his way across the street until he could see me better and, reading his expression, I could see the moment of total recognition, which also coincided with Andy shooting his load on my face while I knelt before him. Neighbor dude saw all of it because by that time he had brazenly gotten right up to the window.
I couldn't figure out how the neighbor had the balls to walk right up to the window like that but it became clear when Andy opened the front door and invited the neighbor in. There was history here I knew nothing about.
"Dinah, this is my friend Mike. Mike this is Dinah."
I stuck out my hand, totally nude, cum still dripping from my chin. As our bizarre introduction continued Andy said, "If my friend Mike here likes what he sees, I'd be glad to cover expenses if it's okay with you."
Keep in mind that Mike is dumbstruck and transfixed on my body. Other than shaking my hand he hasn't said a word. He has that little boy look of seeing the first bike he really wants. While we're standing there, Andy hands me a towel to tidy up with and stone silent, Mike, looking at both of us, just nods.
"Sure," I said, "I'll take your friend here for a ride." Just to freak Mike out a bit I moved right up to him and took a gentle handful of his balls and said, "Would you like that, Mike?"
Mike just nodded again and I began undressing him. When I lowered his boxer briefs, the last article of clothing, it was my turn to get surprised as Mike's oversized probe popped out, already half way to ready mode. Kneeling down, I grabbed his cock and suggested that he be "careful with this thing. Somebody could get hurt."
Andy giggled over that one but Mike remained mute with his eyes rolling back into his head as I blew him. I took as much of him as I could stuff in my mouth but there were limits. Andy seemed to be making his directorial debut as he suggested that Mike gag me with that monster snake and Mike followed script by forcing my head down on his cock. I could barely get a breath but took it that way for longer than I would have liked. My eyes were watering and saliva dripped from my lips.
Glancing up, Mike looked possessed.
When Mike released me it was only at Andy's direction. "Let her up for air, Mike. Then you can fuck the hell out of her little cunt. She'll give you a sweet ride."
Director Andy moved the characters around. "Sit on the sofa, Mike, and let her mount you. You'll get a good fuck and also a mouthful of those perfect tits."
I couldn't figure it out, Mike just did it and I followed suit. For this, Andy walked over and shut the drapes. Apparently, the show was in-house now. My hips drove down on Mike and he laid there, mouth open, in heaven, as I went to work. I looked up and saw that Andy was standing directly behind the couch slowly masturbating as he watched us. He was getting aroused all over again.
"Go reverse cowgirl on him, Dinah." As I spun and turned my back on Mike, Andy walked over, stood in front of me, and pushed his cock in my mouth. "C'mon, Dinah, suck it good. I'm back for seconds. Ummm, love that tongue, those lips."
I wanted to tell Andy that his time was already up and I only agreed to fuck Mike for the remainder of the hour but held off thinking that Andy was covering everything and I could get future gigs from this guy. He was under my spell...he'd want more and more. I was also, for the time being, under his control.
"Yes, izmir escortlar yes, yes, girl," he said, "take it to the hilt. Uhhhhhh."
It was like a real life version of one of those porn video games where the user directs the action and gets whatever scenario he wants.
"Stand up, Dinah. (I dismounted Mike). Now on your knees on the sofa and let us have at that fucking killer ass."
I did so, resting my arms on the sofa back. Now both Mike and Andy were feeling me up. Both of them ate me out from the rear until, having had his oral fill, Andy said, "Mike, fuck that fine ass." As Mike banged my bottom, Andy was like a cheerleader, getting them both fired up.
I watched Andy go down the hall and return with a lube in his hand. I knew what that meant.
"Fuck her, Mike, fuck her hard...oh ya, Mike, give her all eight inches." Mike poured it on when the encouragement ramped up. "Is that not the best pussy you ever had? Ram her, Mike."
"Okay, Buddy, let me in there for a second..." Mike did as told and Andy began to apply the lube to my asshole. "Comin' in the back door, Dinah," and he penetrated my ass, slowly at first but gaining speed. "Mike! Go around and have her keep you hard," and Mike dutifully came to the back of the sofa and stuck his dick out for my attention. I sucked him off while Andy went anal. This was going on for what I was certain was longer than the allotted two hours but I planned on collecting big time. I said virtually nothing through all of this because I didn't have to..
"Mmmmmmmm, Dinah, oh fuck," and then he abruptly pulled out, went and got a kitchen chair and sat right in front of me. "Mike, go finish yourself in that pussy that Dinah was nice enough to let us use."
Mike got his huge cock back in me and now Andy, dick in hand, was asking me questions:
"Do you like selling it?"
Punctuated by the jarring fuck Mike was dishing out I said, "Yes, I love it."
"You do know what you're doing, right? You're making every man in the zip code want to fuck you."
"Of course. That look..."
"That's how I felt seeing you in the grocery store today. I just fantasized about getting into your panties and, shit, here we are. You are so fucking hot."
"That's what I'm told."
"What's your favorite position?"
"Probably the one I'm in right now..." and as I said that Mike released his jizz up my back.
"Now finish me off, Dinah. I want one more go at that luscious pussy."
He mounted me and as he did I looked back and said, "Choke me while you're doing it. I like that too."
This put a charge into him and he wrapped both hands around my throat and pumped until he yanked me around to take his cum. "Uhhhhhhhhhh, fuck, that was unbelievable...you're unbelievable...shit."
I got up and went to the bathroom to clean myself up and reapply my make-up. When I returned, Mike, the mystery man was gone and Andy held up a fanned out pile of hundred dollar bills, twenty-four to be exact. "This should cover the tab."
"Thanks," I said and handed him my card that read nothing but 'Dinah' and a cell number. "Text me if you're so horny you don't know what to do."
He chuckled and said, "What, you mean a half hour after you're gone?"
"Here's something to remember me by," and I grabbed his ass and French kissed him. Then I walked to the door.
"Fuck, Dinah, I could have you every night and it would still never be enough. I'll text soon, very soon."
As I opened the door to leave I wondered what happened to the neighbor but decided to unravel that tale another time. In the car, the frozen food I'd gotten at the store wasn't in particularly good shape but I had lots more purchasing power than when I started.
Two days later, he texted me and I fucked him at a downtown hotel. The guy who I met in a grocery store became a major regular and had the funds to back it up. His obsession was endless...but more about him later.
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