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Camp Happy Landing - 5

Post #1

Part 5
At dinner, all three of the girls were very tired ? Suzie had had a very long trail ride and complained that she was tired and sore. None of the girls indicated that they were awaiting a nighttime visit ? which suited me as I could use a good night's sleep. But as she left the lodge Suzie gave me an eye so I discreetly followed her out.
"I missed you a lot today", she said. "And I don't mean sexually." She was looking me in the eye as she said this.
"I know what you mean", I replied slowly. "All this seems a bit out of control, you know? I won't say it isn't fun, but... I don't know. It just seems like, uh, sex, not love, you know?"
"I know, I won't say it hasn't been fun and that I don't like sex," and she grinned, "but ... I really love making love to you." And she reached up and very tenderly stroked my cheek and kissed me very lightly and tenderly on the lips. "Good night, lover." She turned went up the hill towards her cabin, giving me a smile over her shoulder.
So I went to be early, looking forward to a nice sleep.
I did sleep for several hours, but as it turned out my clock was too screwed up for a simple solution. I came completely wide-awake sometime in the wee hours and couldn't get back to sleep. Too many nights with wee hour ramblings had toasted my sleep schedule. I also found I needed to pee. So I decided to go up and use the facilities. I slipped on a T-shirt and cutoffs and tramped up to the men's showers. I relieved myself and headed back for the boy's dorm.
I considered walking down to the creek for a swim. Maybe Lisa would appear again, but probably not. Besides, the warm temperatures of the previous day had passed and it was quite cool. For a moment, I considered sneaking up to the girl's cabin and sleeping with Suzie, but I dropped the idea. I decided to go back and try to sleep. After the past few days, a bit of sleep seemed like a good idea.
I walked down the path past towards the showers, carefully watching my step and trying to be quiet. I was completely taken by surprise, therefore, when a figure stepped out of the shadows.
"Ohmigod!" I must have jumped a foot.
"Sorry! Didn't mean to startle you." It was Lisa and in a second she was beside me, her hand around my waist. "I've been waiting for you. I'd hoped that you might come down this way. I know that must sound funny and kind of hopeful yet possessive ? Jesus I talk too much! I just wanted to see you and ... fuck, I wanted to be close to you and feel your body again. Damn, I am having such a hard time saying anything! God, it was wonderful making love with you last night and I want to do it again. There, I said it! And it's true!"
Well, I was a little taken a back, as you might imagine. On the other hand, after the last few days, nothing seemed bizarre. And having a beautiful, sexy woman tell you she wants to make love is something no man ignores! Even so, that little voice in the back of my head could be heard. But that ol' roller coaster was still rolling.
"Uh, it was fantastic for me, too, Lisa," I whispered. "And I would love to make love to you too" The phrasing struck me as funny, but neither of us laughed. "But, um, I'm not sure. I mean, I can't exactly take you to my bunk and yours..."
"I know," she said. "Come on, I know just the place." She took my hand and led me back towards the showers. I was a little bemused. Especially when she led me toward the women's showers. She led me to the door and on in. I had been in there only once before, when I had helped one of the parents repair some plumbing. I had been fascinated that time to see what the women's side looked like. The answer was, not much different. No urinals and more shelves, but otherwise the same. The only furniture, like the men's showers, were some 8-foot long benches, about a foot wide and 18 inches high.
Lisa led me in and then turned and wrapped in me in an embrace. Her hands caressed me and her boy felt so ripe and warm against me, I instantly responded. Her tongue speared through my lips and wrapped around my tongue in a frenzy of lust. I managed to regain control for a moment and whispered. "Lisa, is this safe? Jesus, what if someone comes? "
"The only one's coming will be you and I, lover. Nobody comes at 3 or 4 AM. God, I want your cock in me!" And her body made this desire obvious. Her body was eloquent, singing a siren song of wanton sex. My body responded in kind, but I managed one more question.
"But what If someone does come ? besides us?" I was having trouble talking at this point as Lisa was pulling off my shirt and had started on my cutoffs. My cock was hard as an iron bar and begging for her grasp.
"Don't worry, we'll be alone. But if we do hear somebody, duck into the shower, nobody will look there." This seemed kind of crazy, but I was beyond caring. Lisa had my clothes off and I was standing naked in the women's showers, my cock standing up like a throbbing horn as Lisa quickly pulled off her own clothes. There was only one feeble light in the area, a little 40-watt bulb in the entrance, so the faint yellow glow was all there was. But it was enough to show Lisa's incredible body as she dropped her clothes on the floor. The rich, ripe curves of her breasts, the large, stiffly erect nipples, the curve of her belly leading one's eye down into the exciting triangle between her legs.
She turned towards the cubbyholes and produced a couple of towels, which she laid on one of the benches. Then she turned to me again and we embraced, our hands caressing, stroking, our lips kissing, licking. Our skins just craved contact. At times were simply rubbing our skins together and the sensation was making us both moan with desire. Then she pulled me over to the bench and pushed me back on it. I sat down and she sat on top of me, grinding that delicious pussy against my cock. I stroked and caressed her ass and pulled her towards me so I could kiss and lick her breasts. It was not neat and careful lovemaking - we were consumed!
Then she pushed me back so I was lying on the bench and she straddled me. I reached up and cupped her breasts, stroking her nipples as she rolled her head back and moaned loudly. God help us if someone did come! We were making a ruckus! Then she bent forward and I kissed and sucked on her breasts until she was crying out and moaning. Then she slid forward and I reached out and brought her pussy to my lips.
"Oh, God yes! O yes! Put your tongue there! O fuck yes!" I could feel her trembling with excitement as I lapped at her pussy, which she began rocking back and forth across my tongue. I could tell that she was about to come, when she slid down off my face and dragged her wet pussy deliciously down across my stomach and slid right down and onto my cock in one smooth movement.
"Oh, God!" I groaned aloud. Then she was rocking and rolling on me. Her feet were on the floor on both sides of the low bench. My feet were also on both sides, with my back and ass on the bench. Lisa was using her position with her feet on the floor to move her pussy on my cock in ways I hardly believed possible. God it felt so good! She would drive it down and grind against me with my cock-head bumping on the back of her vagina, then pull back until the cock-head was just feathering across her slit and clit, then she would gently move her hips in a slow oval with my cock head just touching her clit. Then she would repeat it again.
Fast, then slow, the fast again, then she was driving herself fast and hard on my cock and then we were both coming in great waves, my cock spasming and rocketing inside here. Oh, god, it was incredible! Finally, we lay spent, both us warm and damp with sweat despite the cool air. We lay there what seemed like a long time. I gently stroked her back, running my fingers along the warm smooth hollow along her spine.
Eventually, she began to move her hips rhythmically again and, to my surprise, I felt myself begin to become hard again. God, she stirred me! It was just at that moment that we heard the scrunch of a footstep. She rose up off me in an instant and then swung her leg off me. My cock slid out of her with a warm slick sound and slapped against my abdomen.
"Quick!" she whispered. "Get into the shower and turn it on!"
I ran to do so and saw out the corner of my eye that she was gathering the towels we had been lying on. I quickly turned the taps on, nut sure which was hot and which was cold. In any case, they both spewed cold water. It was incredible. I could feel my cock start to shrink immediately. I shrank back into the corner of the showers.
There were 4 showerheads, two on each side, with a little wing-wall on each side to keep the water in. So to see in the showers from the main room, one had to take a couple of steps and turn the corner. Still, I was just barely hidden and the water was damn cold. I shrank back in the corner as far as I could go, but I was still being splashed. At this point, Lisa arrived and gasped when she stepped into the water. She backed out as though stung and reached in and twisted the knobs, trying to get it warmer.
At this point, whoever was coming entered the other room. We heard her over the shower, but just barely. I guess whoever it was used the toilet as we didn't hear anything for a minute. Of course, my overheated brain was thinking this mystery woman was sneaking along the wall, trying to surprise us, but apparently it wasn't so.
Suddenly, we heard a voice from the other room, "Lis ? is that you in there?"
It was Lisa's sister, Mrs. Schiller! I had noted that Lisa and her sister called each other by diminutives of their real names: "Lis" (pronounced "lease") and "Kar" (rhyming with care).
"Yeah, Kar, it's me. I couldn't sleep, so I decided to come down and have a shower since I could count on getting some hot water." By this time the water had gotten hot and Lisa was standing in the warm stream as it spilled over her shoulders. She was facing towards the opening in the showers, while I still scrunched into the corner.
The light from the other room was dim, but there was enough light to see Lisa's incredibly sexy silhouette, with the water pouring over her naked body and wisps of steam rising up around us. I was leaning against the wall, which was very cold, and being splashed by the water, which was hot. The contrast was strangely exciting. And with a naked Lisa in the steam right in front of me, my cock began to revive, despite the presence of her sister.
"Yeah," her sister said, who was apparently a few feet away around the corner, in the main room. Just far enough away not to get splashed. "I hear you. I'm finding it hard to sleep as well. I tell you, I am so horny I can hardly stand it!" I goggled a bit, hearing this, as I was not used to hearing the parents talk this way. But then as I had just been making love with one of the adults, it didn't surprise me all that much. Still, hearing her talk that way was still surprising.
"I know," responded Lisa. "I get pretty horny, too".
"God, what I would give for a good fuck!" exclaimed Mrs. Schiller. "I am so tired of getting myself off!"
Well, this bent to the conversation was pretty incredible to me and was having the effect of getting me more excited. I just couldn't keep my hands off Lisa. I reached out and gently ran my hand down along her spine, trailing my fingers down along the cleavage of her ass cheeks and gently cupping her sweet ass in my hand for a moment. She enjoyed this and I felt her thrust her ass into my hand. So I repeated the process, but used both hands the second time, gently kneading her firm, wet ass with my fingers. She wiggled her ass in my hands, obviously enjoying it.
At the same time, she was saying to her sister, "Oh, yeah, there are few things better than feeling a good man's hands on your body!" She glanced over her shoulder with a grin at me as she said this. She also glanced down and saw my stiff boner and smiled some more. With her left hand she reached out and grasped my hot, wet cock and gently stroked it.
"For sure", her sister was saying. "I'd love to feel a man making love to me right now." The trend of this conversation was rather funny as Lisa's sister was talking in general terms and Lisa was talking about me. I reached over and grabbed a bar of soap from the soap holder and began to rub the soap over Lisa's back, stroking and caressing her back and ass with my hands.
"I know what you mean," said Lisa, as she moved closer to me, allowing me to get better access to her body. I ran my soapy hand up along her hips and over her left breast, gently stroking the nipple with my soapy fingers. The sensation was wonderful. "There are few things better than the feel of a good man's cock in your hand or between your legs."
"Or between your lips!" said her sister, making me almost gasp again.
"Oh, yeah, there too," agreed Lisa. I had rubbed the soap over my cock too so that she was now stroking my soapy cock. I resumed spreading the soap all over her back and ass and was having a wonderful time running my fingers and hands everywhere.
"Well, there isn't that much scope at this place", her sister escort complained. "The men are all well- married and most of them not that attractive anyway. Now, that boy on the boat the other day, though. The one the girls were teasing. Do you really think he is balling the girls on the sly?"
"Well, you know how teenage girls are ? so horny. And he seems, er, um, seemed, pretty randy to me. And the way those girls were fondling him is pretty suggestive!"
"You're probably right", Mrs. Schiller agreed. "I wouldn't mind trying him myself ? he's a good looking young man and he has a real nice cock, from the looks of it!"
"You're right about that", Lisa agreed, with a grin over shoulder at me. Well, this conversation was getting me pretty excited - not to mention caressing as soapy naked sexy woman in a hot shower. I continued caressing and stroking Lisa all over. I slipped my soapy hand down between her ass cheeks and stroked the inside of her thighs.
Lisa gasped a little, but put one hand up on the door of the showers and leaned forward, allowing me more access. I moved a little closer and reached between her legs to run my fingers through her pussy. Despite all the warm water and soap, I could feel the slick, hot warmth of her pussy on my fingers. I ran my fingers all the way up through her pussy and up along the crack of her ass, teasing her anus a little on the way. She sagged a little as I did this, so I cupped her right ass cheek with my right hand as I did it again. I could see her stifle a moan.
"Well, I think I'll go back and try to sleep", Lisa's sister said.
"Good night, Kar. I'll be up in a bit." We heard, faintly, her sister's footsteps as she left. But to be honest, I was paying that much attention and I don't think Lisa was either. Lisa was pumping her soapy hand up and down on my cock as I was stroking her pussy and ass. I stroked down again and inserted one then two fingers in her pussy and begin gently finger-fucking her. She was rocking her hips back and forth on my fingers. My thumb was along her soapy ass and I began stroking it up and down along the crack of her ass, feeling it slide over her anus. She let go of my cock and leaned against the doorway, one hand on each side of the doorframe. Then I slipped my fingers farther into her pussy and heard her moan again as I slipped my slippery, soapy thumb into her ass.
I began slowly fucking with my whole hand like that while caressing her ass with my other hand. After about a minute she began rocking and thrusting madly against my hand as she had another orgasm. As she began to subside, I removed my hand and slipped my hands to her hips as I stepped behind her. I bent my knees and brought my stiff, wet cock up underneath her crotch. Like sexual magic, it slid right into her pussy and Lisa and I both groaned in unison.
"Oh, fuck, oh fuck", I managed to get out. Lisa didn't say anything, but began thrusting her ass back and down as I began thrusting forward, grinding our wet steamy bodies together. She was pushing off the doorframe while I was standing on the rough concrete floor. I was thrusting with all my strength, my whole being centered on my cock inside of her. She was much smaller than I so with each thrust I was practically lifting her off the floor. But she loved it.
"Oh, yes, oh, yes, fuck me, oh god".
The sensations were beyond belief. The steam, our soapy bodies, the slurping smacking sounds of our hot, steamy flesh. Were both grunting like animals and moaning. My cock felt like it was about 2 feet long and hot. I thought I might split her with the force of my thrust, but she just kept thrusting back pushing off the door and moaning. Then I could feel my balls tightening and my cock-head swelling and then I began to come. I could feel my cum spurting into her. But I kept thrusting as I felt her pussy clamping around my cock with amazing force and this caused me to come again and again. Eventually, we stopped, gasping, panting, barely able to stand. Lisa was now holding onto the doorway to keep herself standing. I reached forward and wrapped my arms around her, holding her.
We slowly stepped back into the shower and huddled together under the water. But by now the hot water was running out and the water was rapidly cooling. This brought us back to our senses and we quickly got out, dried each others and put our clothes on. I don't know about Lisa, but my fingers were trembling and I had difficulty buttoning my cutoffs. Lisa kissed me tenderly then I ducked out of the showers and around to the men's. From there I made my way back down to the boy's dorm and collapsed on my bunk without taking my clothes off. So much for a good night's sleep!
The next morning the sun was streaming in by the time I woke up. I stretched and got up and trundled over to the lodge. Once again, I was too late for breakfast, but was able to snag a glass of milk and a sandwich. Nobody seemed around ? or at least there was no sign of Lisa or the girls. To be honest, that was OK as I was getting a little tired of all the attention and could use some slack time. I put on my suit and ambled down to the creek. There weren't many people around and I just lazed around. I played with the kids for a while and then just dozed in one of the tubes.
Eventually, I heard the cowbell ringing announcing lunch so I walked up the lodge. Donna and Millie weren't there, but Suzie was and she and I sat together for lunch. We had a really nice companionable time. I was so comfortable with her. As I said earlier, she was always my favorite and now that we had been so intimate we seemed even closer. Across the room I saw Lisa and she smiled at me briefly then turned to talk to her sister. Her sister looked at me too and I wondered what they might be saying. I recalled what her Mrs. Schiller had said last night. I shook my head again in wonder both what I had heard and what I had done.
After lunch Suzie and I walked down the creek a little ways, talking, holding hands.
"I missed you last night," she said.
"I thought about coming up there, but I thought we needed a little quiet. This past week has been so crazy!"
"Yeah, I know. I was totally zonked out all night. I didn't wake up at all. How's you sleep?"
"Well, not as well as I had hoped." I replied slowly. As I hesitated she looked at me enquiringly, with one eyebrow lifted, the way she always did. I smiled sheepishly and after a moment, I began to tell her. I told her about the raft and the previous night. Her eyes grew big and she laughed in disbelief.
She took both my hands in hers. "My God, no wonder you've looked so tired! The 24 hour a day Lothario! I thought you were trying to save yourself for me!"
"I am, Suzie, I am! I just, I don't know. This is out of control, or at least it seems out of MY control. It's too much." I took her in my arms and hugged her.
"I know, it's hard when women, especially adults, start manipulating you. But you've got take the control back. I think I love you and I don't want to share you, not anymore. The past week has been fun ? incredible, actually. But enough is enough."
We kissed tenderly and I held her close to me, listening to the beat of her heart, smelling her hair, listening to her breathing, the wind in the trees - everything. Then we both heard her mother calling. We slowly walked back towards the lodge and Suzie's mother came and dragged her away on some errand ? hunting for antiques or some such. I saw Lisa walking down towards the creek with her nephew. Disappointed that Suzie was gone, I went back to the boy's dorm and lay down. The boy's dorm was different from the cabins ? it was much larger and rectangular, maybe 40 feet long and narrow, with a long row of double bunks.
I had staked out one double bunk at the far end and forced everyone else to stay at the other end. It was the closest I could get to privacy. I even hung and old sleeping bag over the next double bunk down from me to form a wall. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing. I dozed for a bit, then woke up feeling a little groggy and decided I needed a swim to wake me up. So I found a towel and started down towards the creek. To get there, I had to walk by the lodge, which appeared completely deserted.
However, when I walked by I heard a voice call my name. I turned and saw Lisa's sister, Mrs. Schiller.
"Oh, do you think you could do me a favor?" she asked.
"Uh, sure, how can I help?" I asked reasonably. Even after the past week or so of madness, I had to appreciate what she looked like. She was wearing a white bikini ? a little daring for the camp that showed off her very nice figure.
"The light has burned out in our cabin and it's mounted so high in the rafters that neither Lis nor I can reach it. We tried standing on the bed, but we still can't reach it. Ed, the dishwasher guy, said he would do it, but I can't find him. I wondered if you could carry one of the lodge chairs up and change the bulb for us?"
I looked down and noticed that she was holding a light bulb in her hand. "Um, sure, I could do that."
"Great! Why don't you get a chair and we'll get it done. I see that we're both headed for the creek. Let's get it done before the weather gets any worse."
As she said this, I glanced up. It was getting very cloudy, with some of the clouds having very dark bottoms. And from time to time there was a swirl of cold air. Thunderstorms on the way, I thought. I turned and went into the lodge and grabbed one of the straight chairs and came back out. Mrs. Schiller turned and led the way up towards their cabin. As we walked up the hill I admired her back view. The top of her bikini consisted of only two strings, one around her back and one around her neck holding the top up.
The bottoms were cut rather daringly high on the hips and the result was that while her ass wasn't really exposed, it left you in no doubt as to its shape and fine curvature. As she walked, the sides of her ass cheeks dimpled slightly. I shook my head and tried to put the image of her naked ass out of my mind. But then I heard in my mind 'I'm so horny' and 'I'd love to feel a man making love to me'.
I shook my head again as we reached the cabin. If I didn't stop thinking about it I would develop a serious boner, which would be very embarrassing. More importantly, I was trying to get off this roller coaster, not make it go faster! We reached the cabin just as a couple of strong gusts of wind swept by, stirring the dust. I could hear a door banging somewhere nearby.
"Whoa! It is getting windy!" exclaimed Mrs. Schiller. "Let me get the door for you." She stepped forward and opened the door, reaching in to hold it open. I wondered why she just didn't go in and hold it rather than being stretched out in that awkward position. Mind you, it wasn't a problem for me, especially as this caused her to bend over and thrust out her bosom. And she had a very fine bosom, too. I noticed that her nipples were faintly visible, pressing through the fabric of her top.
I stepped by her, but the doorway was narrow and it was hard to maneuver the heavy kitchen chair through the opening. I banged the chair against one side of the frame and this caused me to stagger slightly, which caused my arm to brush against Mrs. Schiller's tits as I went by. I felt the fabric of her top, the firm resilient double-bump of her tits and a warm brush of skin. The whole effect was rather exciting somehow, especially as there were now mutters of thunder in the distance.
When I got in, Mrs. Schiller came in behind me, once again brushing by me, and I felt her firm tits rub across my back. I began to wonder if this was all as inadvertent as it first seemed and remembered Suzie's warning about manipulation. Damn! Life had been simpler a week ago. There were two beds in the room, each with a sleeping bag. In addition there was a low, broad cot about a foot high for Mrs. Schiller's son. I placed the chair in the middle of the room and looked up at the light. It WAS very high up in the rafters, probably 9 feet off the floor.
I turned to go around to the other side of the chair, between the boy's cot and the chair so I could get up and get the old bulb out. I sort of assumed that Mrs. Schiller would go the other way around, but instead she went the same way, so that I ended up with the backs of my calves against the low cot as she edged by me. She seemed to catch her foot on the rough planking as she went by and stumbled back against me.
As I was against the cot, I ended up falling backwards and sitting down on the cot. Mrs. Schiller kept falling too and ended up sitting in my lap. I had naturally put my hands but as she fell towards me and found myself with one hand on her hip and the other on her stomach, right up against her breast. Her skin felt warm, almost hot, as did her bottom, which was right on top of my crotch. Since I was wearing my Speedo and she was in her bikini, there were only two thin layers of cloth between us and I would swear I could feel my cock nestled in the crack of her ass.
"Oh! I am sorry!" she exclaimed, struggling to get up. Since the cot was so low, this actually did require some effort and the result izmit escort bayan was that she effectively wiggled her ass in my crotch and then pushed off me with her ass. Also, since her bikini was cut rather high on the hips, there was a fair amount of contact between the bare skin of her hips and my thighs as she did this. The net effect of all this was to cause a certain amount of arousal, despite my best intentions. I willed my cock to stay down, but as I got up I noticed that it was already slightly erect. But only a little and I hoped it would go unnoticed. I quickly got on the chair and turned my back so that I was facing away from Mrs. Schiller as I reached up to unscrew the dead bulb.
However, somewhat to my dismay, Mrs. Schiller came around and stood in front of the chair facing me. As I was on the chair and she was not too tall, this placed us such that my crotch was just below her face. I tried to ignore this and reached up for the bulb. The bulb was very high and I had to practically stand on tiptoes to reach it. This caused me to stretch, pulling my Speedo tight and I could feel it stretched over my cock.
At this point, as I strained to get the bulb unscrewed ? it was tight ? the chair rocked on the uneven plank floor. Mrs. Schiller instantly put out a hand to steady me. She placed her left hand on the back of my thigh, just below the curve of my butt in my Speedo. In fact, as I strained upwards, the Speedo got pulled up and her hand ended up on the lower part of my ass. Her hand felt warm and firm. At this point there were some rolls of thunder in the distance and another gust of cold wind swept through the cabin.
I glanced down at Mrs. Schiller who was looking up at me. "Don't worry!" she said. "I've got you!"
"Uh, I think I'll be all right". I replied. Actually, I was trying to think of a way to ask her not to hold me like that as it was having a further effect on my cock, which was getting stiffer all the time. Stop! I willed it, but I knew I wasn't doing any good. Looking down at Mrs. Schiller, I could see my hard-on pressing against the Speedo. God, how could she not notice?
I also noticed though that Mrs. Schiller's eyes were bright as though she was excited and her nipples were now clearly visible against the fabric of the top. She must be getting excited too, I thought and remembered what she had said about me the night before. This did nothing to reduce the size of my hard-on, which was now straining sideways in my suit, struggling to get more upright. I turned back to the bulb and tried to get it unscrewed again. Unfortunately, the bulb came apart, the glass part coming out of the metal socket so that I ended up holding the glass bulb section in my hand.
"Damn!" I said. "It broke! Here." I bent hand handed her the bulb. I noticed that she was looking at my crotch, a slightly dreamy smile on her face. She looked up at me and reached for the bulb and took it.
"Could you make sure the switch is off? " I asked. "I've got to unscrew the metal socket and don't want to get electrocuted."
She turned and went to the switch and I heard her snap it up and then down. To do this she had to let go of my leg and I breathed a sigh. Then she turned back and said "All off."
"Great" I replied and turned back to the socket. To undo the socket, I really had to stretch and get my fingers on it and gently turn it. This made me stretch even further and my cock, which hadn't subsided at all, was now really straining the Speedo. Then I felt my cock slip in the suit and slide into an upright position. I didn't dare look down, but it felt like the tip of my cock was poking out the top of my suit! I felt Mrs. Schiller put her hand back on the back of my thigh, first in the same place it had been.
Then as I stretched and struggled with the damn socket, I felt her hand slide up even farther, so that it felt like her fingers were now underneath my suit. As I struggled, now on tiptoes, all my leg muscles stretched, I felt her other hand placed on the front of my right thigh. I could feel her warm fingers, just grazing my balls! I swear she even began to gently move her fingers, though that might have been my imagination.
I finally managed to get the socket loose and slowly unscrewed it. The whole time I was looking at the bulb, but feeling my straining cock in my suit and Mrs. Schiller's warm hands on my ass and thigh. By now her left hand felt like it was completely under my suit with her palm cupping my ass, the fingers gently moving. The fingers of her other hand were definitely on my balls. The sensations were overpowering! I took the socket and bent down to hand it to her. As I did this, I noticed that she had unfastened the top's string around her neck and the two ends where hanging down from the top, trailing down towards her waist.
Without the strings holding the top up, it was sagging down, away from her breasts, leaving them more than half exposed. On both breasts, I could see that her nipples were very erect, seeming to be the only thing keeping the top up. I could even see the tops of her areolas, a sweet, dark pink against the white flesh of her untanned breasts. This sight made me pause with the socket still in my hand, so she smiled up at me and reached up and took it out of my hand. The stretching upward lifted her right breast even more and the whole nipple now exposed, dark pink, stiffly erect, excited and exciting.
She dropped the socket on one of the beds and reached over and picked up the new bulb and stretched up again to hand it to me, this time with her left hand. Again, the movement opened her top more and now both breasts were exposed, naked, aroused. She put her right hand back on my thigh, her fingers resting lightly on my balls. Her index finger traced a small circle on one of my balls. I tore my eyes away and reached up to screw the bulb in. I felt Mrs. Schiller's left hand on my ass again, this time definitely sliding it beneath my suit and cupping and stroking my ass I stretched upwards and screwed in the bulb.
But I also felt her run her fingers over my balls in an explicit caress and a soft groan came involuntarily from my mouth. Then I felt her fingers trace along my cock through the Speedo, all the way to the waistband, where she gently rubbed the head of my exposed cock. It took all I could do to finish screwing the bulb in.
When I looked down, Mrs. Schiller was looking up at me, her eyes bright, smiling. Her hand was still on my cock, gently stroking the tip. She had apparently unfastened the other tie of her top for it now lay on the floor and she was naked to the waist, her breasts full and round, the nipples and erect and protruding, startling against the white skin of her breasts.
"That is a beautiful cock you have there, young man"
"Uh, Mrs. Schiller" I began.
"Oh, don't call me that, when I have my hand on your cock, I think you can call me Karen, don't you?"
"Um, Mrs., uh, Karen, do you..."
"Oh, you have such a gorgeous cock and you know how much I love sucking cock. Oh, yes, Lis told me about the shower! We share everything you see. Damn, if I'd known I would have come into the shower right then! But now, with you right in front of me, with this large, willing, handsome cock right in front of me, well, I just can't help myself. And it doesn't seem like you are unwilling either, does it?"
There wasn't much I could say to that and she took that as an assent. She reached up then and grasped the edges of my Speedo and slowly pulled it down, all the way to my feet. She pulled it from under my feet and I ended up standing on the chair, totally naked, with a large throbbing hard-on waving in her face. Before she straightened up, Karen slipped off her bottoms as well, leaving her completely naked as well. I looked down at Karen, my huge hard-on right in her face, her breasts already heaving with excitement, her tanned, flat stomach and the enticing tuft of brown hair between her thighs.
She reached up and gently caressed my cock, which was by now so hard it was trembling, a small rivulet of pre-cum sliding down the tip. She bent forward and delicately licked the pre-cum with the tip of her tongue. I groaned as she continued to play around the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue. Gently probing the slit in my cock head, then running the tip of her tongue all around the base of the cap, then gently lapping the very tender area just below the head of the cap. Oh it was too much! I reached out to her, caressing her head, running my fingers through her hair as she began to suck on my cock in earnest.
She began sucking first on the head, then more and more until she was sucking the entire length into her mouth. Her lips wrapped around the base, her tongue lapping my scrotum, then drawing her head back until she had only the head between her lips, her tongue flicking across the top of my cock-head with her tongue, then all the way down again. And when she sucked it in, she really sucked! The pressure of the suction of her mouth was incredible.
At the same time she was stroking my balls and ass. She used her hand to push my legs farther apart so I was standing spread-legged on the chair, my balls swinging, my cock in her mouth and her fingers stroking the back of my balls and up along the crack of my ass. She pulled her lips off my cock for a moment and nuzzled and nibbled and licked her way up and down the shaft. My whole cock was now shiny and dripping with pre-cum and saliva.
She stroked the tip of my cock with her fingers, squeezing and stroking until her fingers were wet and slippery as well. She nuzzled my balls, sucking one and then the other into her mouth and sucking on them. My god, it was incredible! I was swaying back and forth on the chair moaning with pleasure. She kissed and sucked her way back up the shaft and engulfed the head again, working her fingers around and over my wet, slippery balls, stroking and squeezing them, then she began deep-throating me again, faster now, her lips sliding up and down. I looked down at the incredible sight of my cock sliding in and out of her mouth. The feeling was too much. I felt her squeezing and stroking my ass, running her slick fingers along my ass as her mouth continued to suck my cock faster and faster. Then I felt my balls tightening and I knew I was going to come.
"Uh, oh, oh, god, I'm gonna..." was all I could get out.
And Karen sucked even harder and her fingers slid along my ass and I felt her finger slide into my ass and she began fucking my ass as she sucked and I began to cum like a volcano!
"O Jesus Fuck!" I shouted as the sperm spewed out of my cock and down her throat. And she just sucked harder bobbing her head up and down, milking my cock for all it was worth.
"Oh, god, oh god" I moaned. I could hear her moaning too, though it was muffled by my cock, which was still throbbing and convulsing in her mouth. She kept on sucking and licking and sucking until I was finally completely spent. She slowly pulled her finger out of my ass as my cock slid out of her mouth and she looked up at me, a grin on her face, a little cum at the corner of her mouth. I still had my hand in her hair, which was damp now with sweat, curled into ringlets.
"Oh, that was good", she said. "I love sucking cock! But it makes me thirsty!" She turned and picked up a canteen from the dresser and took several long swallows. She offered it to me and I stepped unsteadily down off the chair and took a drink too. Then I reached out and embraced her. As I did so, we heard more thunder, closer now, and the first drumbeat of rain on the roof of the cabin. We stood that way for a minute, then she began to gently move against me. I realized it was my turn. I doubted I could do anything as incredible as she had but at least she could 'feel a good man between her legs'.
But as it developed, Karen was either impatient or wanted control, or both. She gently pushed me backwards until my legs were against one of the beds and I sat down on one of the beds and she climbed into my lap straddling me. She pushed me down on the bed then bent over kissed me, her tongue hot, slick and demanding. She was now really revved up and began rubbing her breasts back and forth across my chest, her pussy moving in slow circles on my cock. My over- worked cock once more rose to the occasion. Her movements were so good, so smooth it was very exciting.
But at the same time, there was a little part of me that felt that I was being used. She wanted a good fuck ? and how could I refuse? ? but she wasn't making love to me, she was just using my cock. So we fucked and it was a really good fuck, don't get me wrong! She rode me like there was no tomorrow and came twice before I came again.
When we were done, lying there gasping and panting in the closeness of the cabin with rain pelting on the roof, she said "God that was wonderful! Thank you very much! You are a godsend to a horny woman! I'm sorry in a way. I know that this was not finest thing I've ever done, but I really needed it and you were kind enough to help me. You are going to make some girl very happy some day."
"Uh, thanks, Karen."
"You're very izmit sınırsız escort sweet dear, but I think you'd better take your chair and go soon or there could be repercussions we don't want to deal with."
So I kissed her goodbye, put on my suit, picked up the chair and walked out in the rain. The storm was very near now, the lightning and thunder very frequent, the rain coming harder and harder, large cold droplets hitting my skin. It felt funny walking along in the thunderstorm, carrying a chair, and wearing only a swimsuit. It felt like some sort of weird surrealist image, 'Young Man with Chair in Thunderstorm'. The past week had been crazy, but I felt like this storm was the climax, that somehow, things were going to return to normal now, if they could, after all this!
So I just walked and walked around in the woods, carrying my chair, the rain plastering my hair, running down my body, washing over me. The thunder booming, the flashes and sound almost simultaneous, the rain pouring down. I just kept walking. I eventually I reached the lodge without being struck. Was that a sign? I wasn't sure, but I felt like I had passed through a door.
I returned the chair and went down to the creek and swam a bit, then floated in a tube, watching the clouds race across the sky, flashing and rolling, the rain pelting down. The creek was deserted because most people didn't like the rain, but I loved it. After a hour or so, a figure came down the path. It was Suzie! My face split into a huge grin at the sight of her and she grinned back. She got a tube and paddled out to where I floated.
She bumped into my tube with hers. "Hey lover, how're you doing?"
"Great, now that you're here", I replied. "I needed someone to enjoy this with. I'm glad you're here." She reached out a hand and I took it and we floated around in the tubes, holding hands, talking, watching the rain and wind ripple the surface of the creek. I eventually told her about Karen and walking in the thunderstorm. She listened with intense attention, her eyes on mine, no judgement, every fiber of her being focussed on my tale.
"Oh, God, love," she said, taking my hand. "We women have really run you through the mill! But you have to take a lot of the responsibility too. It's your cock and you need to decide what you want to do with it and where you want to put it."
"I know", I responded somberly. "I know what I want to do now. I love you, Suzie, nobody else. All this craziness is over. It was fun and I'll never forget, but you're the one, nobody else."
Her smile was like the sun through the rain. She leapt over and onto my tube, which didn't turn out quite as romantic as we imagined, as the tube would barely float with both of us on board. So we floated, just barely able to keep from tipping, Suzie sitting in my lap, as we quietly talked and kissed.
Eventually, the storm passed and a golden light filled the sky and turned the woods into green and gold. It was magnificent! As darkness approached we heard the cowbell and made our way up the hill to dinner, our arms around each other's waist all the way. If someone saw us and gossiped, the hell with them!
At dinner, Suzie and I sat with Donna and Millie. They both sensed that something had changed. Nothing explicit was said, but we exchanged a number of looks and there was a general sense of change. Later we played cards together and had a good time, but the underlying aura of sex and wanton abandon was gone. When Donna and Millie said they had had enough and were heading to bed, there were none of the knowing glances, the 'we'll see you later' sort of thing.
In fact, I ended up on the porch after Donna had said goodnight to her parents and she stopped by my chair. She bent down and kissed me on the cheek. "Goodnight, stud. It's been a hell of a good time. You are an amazing guy. The girl who gets you will be one lucky babe! And I'd lay a bet that I already know who that'll be! Take care, I'll always remember this week!" And she was gone, striding with her long beautiful legs up the hill. A little later, Suzie stopped by too. She took my hand and pulled me around the corner of the lodge.
"Goodnight, lover." she said, softly and stood on her tiptoes to kiss me softly. I put my arms around her and kissed her deeply, our tongues touching gently, felling that sweet body against me. Then she pulled away and said very softly, "See you later." And she went on up the hill too.
A little sad but much more relaxed than at anytime in the past week, I went back into the lodge and played some bridge with my parents and the other adults before calling it a night. It felt a little weird to go to bed by myself in my own bed. But I WAS tired and soon after I took off all my clothes and crawled into my sleeping bag, I was sound asleep.
But I had wonderful dreams. At one point I was flying over a forest, looking down at al the lakes and streams. I was flying like Superman, just cruising along, my arms outstretched like some endless swan dive. Then I flew down and landed in a wooded copse, very dim and shadowy. In the middle of the copse was a large bed with a white silk canopy. I was very tired from flying, so I climbed into the bed and rested. I slept and when I awoke a beautiful maiden came and disrobed beside the bed. He body was smooth, curved and lovely. Her hair was golden. Her breasts were firm and high, with rosebud pink nipples.
Her hips were slim but womanly, the thighs firm and silky, wisps of golden fleece just visible between them. She climbed into bed with me and we kissed tenderly. Her skin was like warm silk, her body strong, ripe and soft, all at the same time. Our skins felt like one. I had the most amazing experience ? I was feeling both my own sensations and hers, as though I were in both places.
She climbed astride me and I reached up to fondle and kiss her breasts. I could feel her nipples between my fingers and, at the same time, feel the sensations she felt, her nipple sending waves of pleasure through her breast. She reached down stroked my cock, which came erect in her grasp and we both sighed. Again, I could feel the warm, wonderful feel of her fingers on my cock, but also the satisfaction in her fingers encircling my cock.
Then she slowly slid her hips forward and gently rubbed her pussy against my cock and we both again sighed with pleasure. She slowly moved her hips, her pussy sliding along the length of my cock until the head was rubbing against her clit. And I could feel how good it felt to have my cock caress her clit. I could feel the great waves of warmth spreading out from her clit! Then she slid slowly down again, the lips of her pussy warm and slick around my shaft until I could feel the warm moist caress of her pussy against my balls. Then she did it again, ever so slow and sensuous. My hands caressed her sweet, silky ass and the backs of her thighs. She sighed and kissed me again and her pussy slid up again along the hard shaft of my cock.
She gently moved her hips so that my cock nuzzled at the entry of her sweet pussy then ever so slowly began to slide within. Bit by bit, my manhood went farther in, eliciting sighs from both of us at every movement. Again, I could feel my cock going in and also feel my cock entering into her as though it were my pussy being filled! Then I was fully inside her and my arms were around her and we kissed a soft, passionate kiss. I looked into her face, saw the blue eyes looking deep into mine and realized that the young woman was Suzie.
Our lips parted and I looked into her eyes and said "Oh, Suzie, I love you so. Never leave me!"
To my surprise, she raised her hand in alarm and covered my mouth, as though my speech would break the spell. "What's wrong?" I tried to say, but her hand still covered my mouth. Then the scene began to darken. No! I wanted to shout! Don't go! Don't wake from this dream! But I slowly came awake anyway.
I opened my eyes and was surprised to find myself lying on my bed. I was even more surprised to find a hand over my mouth, just as in the dream! And when my eyes focussed, I saw a face not three inches from my own. It was dark in the dorm, but I was looking into the eyes of a beautiful young girl. It was Suzie! And I realized that I was lying naked on top of my unfolded sleeping bag, and that Suzie was lying on top of me, equally naked, her thighs astride me, my cock buried in her pussy!
She bent her head forward and whispered in my ear. "Shhh. Don't talk. I love you and I couldn't sleep alone. So I came down here. Everyone's asleep. It's OK"
Ohmigod, I thought. It felt wonderful, but this was crazy! There were four boys sleeping not more than 25 feet away, with nothing in between but some bunks and a hanging sleeping bag. Then Suzie gently rolled her hips and I felt my concerns melting away. She felt so good. She smelled so good! It felt SO right! I slid my hands up and onto her ass, gently caressing them as she continued to gently move. Then she slid her knees up until she was kneeling astride me and began slowly moving her pelvis in a fantastically erotic way. I sighed deeply and accepted the inevitable.
I reached out and cupped her breasts, gently thumbing the nipples and she sighed and put her head on my chest, continuing to thrust, more and more deeply, but ever so gently so we didn't make any noise. Then I felt her breathing become deeper and more ragged and I felt myself becoming harder and harder until I felt her pussy squeezing my cock with great pulses and my cock was thrusting and shooting within her. We continued to gently stroke for a minute as her pussy pulsed around my gently throbbing cock.
Then we lay still together. I could hear her heart beating, very loudly it seemed to my ear, our skins faintly damp. The cool of the room finally prompted her to roll off so I could pull the sleeping bag over us.
"Suzie", I whispered in her ear. "I love you"
"I love you, too", she whispered back.
"But it's risky for you to sneak in like this. What if your parents or my parents found us?"
"Who cares?" she asked. "I love you and I don't care what they think. And I figured, that if I was here holding you, your body against mine, your cock in my pussy, you couldn't wander about and be seduced by all these horny women in camp!" We both shook with silent laughter and I kissed her again.
"I love you, Suzie. Always"
The weak waning moon was shining through the window beside me and bringing a silver sparkle to her eyes. "Always", she agreed and we kissed again.
Then we snuggled together and fell slowly asleep. We woke shortly before dawn and made love again, quietly, then she got up and put on her robe and crept off towards the women's showers.
And so it went for the rest of the camp holiday. If anyone noticed they didn't say anything. Donna and Millie knew of course, and Karen and Lisa probably guessed, but none of them would ever say anything. There were only a four nights left in the camp and every night Suzie would come to my bed after midnight and we would spend the night together. We would make love, quietly, tenderly. One night we went down to the creek and skinny dipped in the creek and made love on the beach. I felt like the luckiest man in the world!
The final day came and we all parted. There were the usual big partings, shaking hands, hugs, and good-byes. Rather to most people's surprise, Donna and Millie both gave me big hugs and uninhibited kisses. "Let them wonder" whispered Donna to me. Even more to their surprise, Karen and Lisa both gave me a big hug and kiss too, both of them grinning mischievously. Then Suzie came and kissed me goodbye, a long, passionate, open-mouthed kiss that stopped every single conversation around us. When we parted, we still held hands for a moment, everyone watching, nobody saying anything. Everyone looked at us, but we didn't say anything but smile broadly. Donna, Millie, Lisa and Karen were grinning like fools and applauding.
Suzie turned back to me. "I'll see you soon", she said to me, not a question.
"Wild horses couldn't keep me away." I replied.
Then under her parent's bemused gaze, she climbed into their car and they drove off. On the way home my parents wanted to know what that was all about. Was she my girlfriend now? You could say that, I replied, knowing it was much, much more. Well, that's nice, they replied, she's a really nice girl. Yes she is, I replied, smiling to myself, yes she certainly is.

Well, it was a dream-time, not to be repeated. I of course did see Suzie again and we became inseparable even though we lived in different towns. The next year Donna and Millie went to college, so they didn't come to camp and the Schiller sisters dropped out of the group so I didn't see them again either. Suzie and I only went once more, the following year. She had to share a cabin with younger girls, including her sister. I was in a cabin with the cook's assistant and a younger kid. So we had to take our loving where we could. But the Head of the Nile was still there as were other opportunities and we made the best of it!
Suzie and I are married now and we have a boy and a girl of our own. But we still enjoy making love and do it whenever and wherever we can. We see Donna and Millie once or twice a year and always grin when we meet because we will never forget what we shared that summer!
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