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After the Party

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Although I am at university my family home is only two hours drive away, even less by train, so I do get home some weekends. Therefore when my old school friend, Sophie, held her engagement party in the old home town it was natural that I phoned my mum and arranged to go home to sleep in my old room after the party. If mum had not forgotten about that phone call or if she had at least told my dad about it none of what follows would have happened.

The party broke up around 2am and I took a taxi home letting myself in with my own key. I had taken a bit to drink although I was not seriously smashed but I was exhausted and it just seemed too much like hard work to climb the stairs so I went into the lounge and collapsed onto the sofa. The party had been fancy dress so I fell asleep on the sofa still in the school uniform which had been my party costume.

Something woke me a few hours later and I looked up to see a dark shape in the kitchen doorway. I heard my dad's voice saying my name in a slightly groggy, puzzled way. I managed to say "Hi" and he asked me what I was doing there.

I told him about the party and about my phone call to mum which was all news to him and he said that my Gran was ill and Mum was staying with her for a few days. By now he had switched on a table lamp so we had a sort of muted glow by which to see each other and I could not help noticing the bulge in his pyjama trousers. Daddy had been unable to sleep so had come down to the kitchen for a drink and, thinking himself alone in the house, had not bothered with a dressing gown. It was a warm night and his pyjama top was open revealing his lovely hairy chest. Now that we had some light he could see that his daughter was clad in a crumpled short navy skirt, white kneesocks and a badly creased white blouse. This was having an effect on that bulge in his trousers and he had no way of hiding the fact.

I moved lazily from the sofa and put my arms around his neck. I have a theory about dads escorts in london and daughters; nature automatically makes young girls rehearse their skills in trapping a mate and, when you are small, the only man in your life is Daddy so we all flirt outrageously with our dads. Every girl has experienced that moment when you are squirming on his lap and you feel a hard lump under your bottom so there is a lot more than meets the eye to all this innocent daddy hugging even if we do not really understand what we are doing.

As I leaned into him of course I could feel the rock hard lump and I purred that he seemed pleased to see me. This situation was on the edge and the simplest thing could push it one way or the other. I guess Daddy was a bit vulnerable in that Mum was away, he was still half asleep and he had suddenly been faced with almost every man's fantasy -- a half drunken schoolgirl even though I was 19 at the time.

He said that I didn't need to camp out on the sofa and he asked if I remembered when I used to creep into his bed sometimes just for a cuddle. I don't actually remember the fine detail of what happened next or who said what but I do remember the two of us going into Mum and Dad's bedroom where the duvet had been thrown back to reveal the crumpled sheets. It just seemed natural for me to unzip my skirt and let it fall so that I could step out of it and leave it on the carpet. He was in the bed now and watching me by the light which came into the room from the hall light which we had left on.

There is something in me which cannot resist an audience so I stood there bold as brass in my white cotton knickers and unbuttoned my blouse then shook it off so that it fell to the floor leaving me in a small virgin white bra then I climbed into his bed and he pulled the covers over us both and put his arm around my shoulder. I don't know what demon made me do it but I made a little mewing sound. It was exactly the sound which I had heard my mum make Escort in dubai through the wall joining my room to theirs although I have never told her that I heard her mew like a kitten. Of course I had realised that this was their private way of triggering a session of making love. What other possible reason could there be for a woman to make that sound?

His arm tightened around me pulling my body right into his.

"Come here Kitten."

Daddy has called me Kitten for as long as I can remember and for the first time the thought struck me that something very complicated was going on. Think about it -- his wife mews like a kitten to turn him on and he calls his daughter Kitten. You work it out.

We were in a lovely cosy hug and his arm had casually strayed to the clasp of my bra where it paused as he asked me a question.

"Are you sure about this Kitten?"

I made a sound which was not exactly a word but it conveyed the meaning "Yes" and I felt my daddy unfasten my bra. I eased my arms out of it and pressed my small boobs against his chest hair as we kissed. I could feel that his member had slipped out of the slit in the front of his jarmies and I eased one hand under the covers to slip my pants down. He reached one naked arm over to the bedside drawer and produced a packet of condoms (so that was where they kept them). A boy of my own age would have then had an awkward moment of fumbling to get the thing onto his organ but my dad somehow did it easily. I rolled on top of him so we were skin to skin and both enjoying the intimacy.

He very gently rolled us over so that now he was on top with his weight pressing me into the bed and his organ was between my open legs. I brought my legs up so that he could feel the inside of my supple thighs stroking his body and he very gently entered my damp, willing body. Daddy was the most skilful lover I have ever known; every move was considerate and loving and seemed designed to enhance my pleasure. Dubai Escorts It was like riding a thoroughbred horse over lovely open moorland and feeling the rhythmic rising and falling. No girl was ever so satisfied or as well loved as he eased me to a fantastic climax in his arms and the room echoed to our mutual sighs.

When I awoke the sunlight was coming through the crack in the curtains and I had that feeling that life is perfect and everything is just as it should be. We were still in each other's arms and we very gently explored each other's bodies with oh so gentle stroking. We did not make love again that morning, there was no need but we spent a long time whispering about what the future held.

At this point I need to explain about my flat. When I moved to university Daddy decided that if we rented a flat for me that would be three years rent just down the drain but if he bought a flat he would still have an asset when I finished college. So you see I live as a kept woman in a flat owned by my daddy. When I first moved to Portsmouth there was lots of innocent joking between myself, Daddy and Mummy about how I would "pay my rent" and whether Daddy would come around and make me pay what I owed.

As we lay there in bed that Saturday morning we talked about me paying my rent. Daddy is a regional executive of a bank so he travels all over Southern England and sometimes he does have business in Portsmouth. He is a powerful man in the bank and my creative mind embroidered that a little to make him a big time criminal whom I would have to satisfy or else he would have me strangled and sent to swim with the fishes or else put into one of his brothels.

So that was how our plan was hatched. Every so often Daddy has to have a meeting in the bank's Portsmouth office and he stays in a five star hotel as befits his grade. When that happens I receive a phone call from my Daddy.

"It's time to pay your rent Miss. Be at room 1101 of the Majestic Hotel for 8 tonight. Don't be late."

Of course I never am late. I have learned a lot of things since I lived at home as Daddy's little girl and I like to think that my tongue and my lips and a few other parts of me give him as much pleasure as he gives me.
06 Ağustos 2022, at 07:57

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