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My best night out in Dunstable

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My best night out in Dunstablewe were in a night club and spent the night sending sly seductive glances at each other across the dance floor, time after time we danced close to each other ,each time closer and more daring!who was this girl i thought! i coudnt help but stare at her short skirt and lovely legs how i wished to get close enough to touch her,the night grew old and i took the chance i had to take it the tension was buiding to much i slowly walked up behind you hoping to surprise you with a faint touch, as i get close you spot me in a mirror , i stop i wait then i get what i was looking for a sly glance over your shoulder gives me the green light.i move close enough to smell your sweet perfume i blow gently on your next , you arch backwards with closed eyes. The tension is unbearable your friends smile at you and we both smile back but what they cant see in the darkness is my bottle of beer in my hand sliding up your skirt against you ass , you dont move an inch, you ve been waiting for this all night long,i take a chance i dance closer and slide the bottle further up your skirt , i feel resistance !! ive reached your panties, i kiss your neck and nibble on your ear all the time trying to get past the elastic off your underware, i finally succeed and begin to slowly tease your pussy lips with the bottle top, it slides effortlessly along your crevase. you position your ass checks right center of my body knowing whats there, you find it so easily!my hard cock is bursting out of my trousers i can hardly stand with the pressure. you move your hand around and slowly stroke my dick. you can feel it pulse throught the fabric. what next what now what will we do , what can we do ? its to much we kiss like reunited long lost lovers , we are surrounded by hundreds çanakkale escort but we are alone in each others arms.you whisper that you have to use the toilets so i smile and give you a lustfull wink. i couldnt move my legs they are numb with excitment, i needed to act on this passion i slipped off the floor and waited for you . as you leave the toilets you feel a hand on your hips and the feel of a kiss on your neck, you swing around ready to hit out , i stop your hand and drag you in my arms into the disused bathroom. i spin you around not wasting a second i kneel down and begin to kiss you ass cheeks. i blow on your pretty pink panties i can see through them already the wet patch clearly visible, your soaking wet and your pussy is begging for attention, i cant wait any more i pull you panties across and bury my tongue into you warm soaking wet pussy, the sweet taste tingles my taste buds the scent fills my nostiles.you let out a cry of pure pleasure, a cry for more as you push you ass backwards into my waiting face. i need more i crave more i rip off your panties and spread your ass cheeks wide , firstly 1 finger then 2 slide effortlessly into your dipping hole, i continue to lick your juices and finger your hole, but you want more, you whisper "suck my clit" "suck my clit" i do and you almost buckle with pleasure your getting fingered and licked but you want more. i replace my tongue with my other hand leaving my tongue to explore you more. its then i find your forbidden fruit, i move my tongue up to your ass hole and slowly rim it , will i do it ? will you let me do it? you give me the answer as you look around and whisper please please oh please lick my ass!!how can i resist fulfilling my darkest desires i bury my tongue ısparta escort deep into the fountain of pleasure. you shed a tear of pure pleasure - the smell of lust fills my lungs. i cant get enough you cant get enough . i want you inside me is your cry i need your hard cock . please fuck me please. i stand back and you reach out sliding you hand expertly down my trousers the pool of precum awaits your hand and lubes my cock up nicely. i undo my trousers and before they hit the ground you have my cock out. you take me into your mouth like a hungry lioness you look up at me as if waiting for approval. i close my eyes and lean back against the door and let out a long moan, ive never been sucked like this before so lustfully so perfectly so hungrily. i want it to last forever but the b**st inside needs feeding i pick you up and spin you around i want that pussy that pussy wants my cock i give in and slam it hard and fast into you ., i grab your hair and hold it as if to tame the wild a****l in you , you bounce back wanting more so I reach around and put my fingers in your mouth too lube them up but you get the aroma of your pussy off them and refuse to relase your hold, you love the taste of your own pussy the sights nearly makes me cum instantly. i spread your pussy and start rubbing your clit but still you crave more i whisper in your ear " are you ready" and you reply oh god yes im ready,. i lick my finger and begin to tease your ass hole again but it needs no help its ready its waiting its wanting attention it wants to be entered, i oblige and slide my finger into your tight asshole . i cant believe im playing with your clit fucking your pussy and now fingering your tight backdoor!can this get any better!"I'm cuming" you cry for the sivas escort second time and you begin to shake and your knees wobble. you run your nails along the wall with pleasure and let out a deep moan. i need to taste your juices so i bend down again and bury my tongue deep into your pussy and lap it all up , the sweet taste of a women cant be beaten but now i need help before i explode.i stand up again and position my cock ready to pound your pussy , but you stop me , whats wrong i think to myself?? ... nothing... you reach back and grab my cock and position it at your asshole. is this happening to me will she let me , im suddenly filled with a new feeling like a c***d in a sweet shop i nealy shed a tear with delight. " fuck my ass" i want you to fuck my ass!! i nod and slowly inch towards the prize i inch it in a bit slowly ,slowly letting your vigin ass get used to the feeling of a cock. my precum acts as a great lube as i push in further. i look down and see this beautiful girl bent over with my cock in her ass!! im in heaven . I slowly start pumping your ass while spreading your cheeks to get in deeper. i reach around again to find your hard swollen clit and your begging me to massage it again its almost to much for you as you fall back onto my cock . I pump on, getting close to paradise. i feel the pressure building in my balls im close to coming and you can sence it. im gonna cum i shout , not in my ass on my tits so i can see you come!!you spin around and begin to suck on my cock i nearly shoot down your throat but i hold off and spray a huge load all over your tits i lose balance almost but regain it just in time for you to take me in your mouth again and suck me dry. After a few minutes you rise and we start to kiss again,this time more like lovers, slowly and intensely.we laugh and giggle together and start to re-dress our selves. We both agree to meet back at the bar but when i return your gone!! never to be seen again.i never forget that nighti never forget you but the one thing i never got was your name!!
06 Eylül 2021, at 17:59

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