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Indecent Esposure

Post #1

Laurel was busily reshelving books when she first saw him. Alesandr had his head buried in a book and did not see Laurel as she moved her cart into his path, causing him to run into it. Alesandr apologized for his lack of attention to where he was going. Laurel smiled at him and gracefully accepted his apology, then watched him as he continued his stroll, his head again buried in his book, towards the reading room. Laurel was attracted to this quiet man and after finishing her work; she went to the reading room to watch him. She bit her lip with each page turn as he continued reading his book and wondered if he had noticed her watching him. As it neared closing time, Laurel began collecting the books that had been left in the reading room. Alesandr finished his book and brought it over to her just a few minutes before the chimes were sounded, and then left the room. Laurel examined the book. He had been reading a romantic novel; she opened the book to a page that he had marked with a strip of paper.

"Cedric approached the lady with great trepidation. He had never been so close to one so fair and feared that he might cause her affright. Elaine had never before seen such a handsome man within her kingdom. She allowed his approach, but she averted her eyes so that she did not seem forward. He extended his hand and begged of her 'Milady, if it pleases you.' He took her hand and kissed it gently. 'It pleases me greatly, Sir.' She blushed and he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. 'I am your prince, Milady.' Cedric boldly declared, 'and you shall be my princess. Our fathers were wise to arrange this marriage for us.' Elaine nodded her head in agreement." Laurel placed it on the cart with the rest of the books from the reading room and went about her work reshelving them.


Laurel hovered around the library's entrance, looking for her "quiet romantic". She was straightening magazines when he came in. She watched him as he started up the stairs to the far stacks where the Fiction books were shelved. She quickly finished the stack of magazines that she was working on and followed him up the stairs. Laurel pretended to be searching the stack for a book while she spied on him. She followed him to the reading room and watched him take a seat. She hurried back downstairs and finished working on the magazines. She then went back upstairs to the reading room to check on him. After every task she would repeat her check on him to see how he was and if he was still there. She was relieved when her final task was the reading room and couldn't get there fast enough. Laurel began her task of straightening the room immediately and was very prompt at retrieving abandoned books as soon as people left them. Some people were even considerate enough to bring the books to her when they were done with them. She politely thanked them for their effort and soon found herself alone with her romantic reader. Laurel straightened all the chairs at the tables and rearranged the newspapers and magazines. She organized all the books on her cart so that the reshelving would go quickly. Laurel began to feel nervous and did not want this man to see her become anxious in his presence. She left the room with the cart and began to reshelf the books on it.

Alesandr smiled as the librarian left the room. He had been trying to get her attention for days and knew that he had succeeded when she deliberately ran her cart into him. He waited until he was certain she was finished shelving and then walked downstairs. He met her as she came off the elevator and then handed her the book, smiling as he did, and then headed out the exit. Laurel held on to the book for a while feeling its warmth. She held it up to her nose hoping to catch his scent. She left the cart at the bottom of the elevator and stepped back into the car. Riding it back to the second floor, she felt a wave of passion overtake her. Laurel sat for a while reading the book before she reshelved it because he had marked a passage with a piece of paper. It was a modern collection of erotic short stories and he had chosen a rather passionate moment.

"John tore off Marsha's blouse revealing her milky white bosom. He kissed each silky mound enveloping its pinnacle with a passionate kiss. Marsha moaned otele gelen escort softly as John massaged each mound. She reached downwards and clasping his face, she drew him upward into a deep passionate kiss. John's passion rose revealing itself to the now writhing Marsha. "Take me", she begged of her impassioned lover. John stripped her of every last shred of her clothing and drove his passion stick deep within her well of desire. Grand explosions of pleasure accompanied their passion dance until John and Marsha finally collapsed from exhaustion." Reading the passage only served to wet Laurel's appetite, and she began to fantasize about seducing Alesandr in the library. Alesandr sat in his car wondering if the librarian had read the passage he had marked or merely reshelved the book. He thought of her sitting in the library reading the passage, her nipples becoming erect and the space between her legs soaked with her desire for him. He smiled at the thought of the librarian sitting there in the stacks giving pleasure to her self, because of something he had done.


Alesandr chose his next work of fiction carefully. He was looking for a more exotic tale of lust than he had chosen the day before. He presented the book to her earlier while she was still reshelving books and pretended to be looking for another book. He watched her carefully place the book on the bottom shelf of the cart while she went about her work. He followed her as she worked her way through the stacks and smiled when she sat down in a secluded corner of the library to read his selection. Laurel began to read the marked passage.

"Anton bent down over the sleeping Priscilla and gently kissed her neck. Her scent tempted him, but he resisted. Startled by the coolness of his touch she attempted to cry out but was silenced by his kiss. Priscilla relaxed and gave herself over to the moment. Anton kissed her cheeks and her neck, gently pulling the gathered nightshirt down from her shoulders and kissing them as they became exposed. Priscilla moaned and held Anton's head as he gently suckled each breast. She felt a growing dampness between her legs. She moaned again and Anton raised the skirt of her nightshirt. He placed his mouth between her legs and began to feed off the dampness. His suckling of her mound only caused her moans to become more audible and fearing detection Anton gagged the now writhing Priscilla, who offered no resistance to Anton's actions as he bound her hands to the bedposts. Anton watched Priscilla's hungry eyes as he revealed his throbbing manhood and rubbed it between her milky globes. She watched it as he slid it down her partially nude body and took residence between her hungry thighs. She spread her legs to welcome it and Anton obliged by thrusting it deep within her soaking womanhood. She moaned with each thrust as he allowed his passion to overcome them both. He kissed her cheeks and neck as things progressed and at the moment of greatest satisfaction, Anton claimed her soul as well. He drew her blood as thirstily as she had drawn him into her. She grew limp under him as he continued to thrust and drink. His lust satisfied, Anton looked upon his pale victim, and smiled wickedly."

Laurel gasped and quickly closed the book. She was both mortified and aroused by the tale of the amorous vampire. Alesandr smiled and continued to watch Laurel as she attempted to hide her arousal. He was amused at the moment she finally gave in to it and found himself feeling jealous of her hand. He listened to her moans as she brought herself over the edge and found himself in need of release.


Laurel waited for Alesandr to arrive in the stacks where the adult literature was shelved. She had deliberately unbuttoned her dress revealing her bra and her ample bosom to her unsuspecting paramour. She smiled as she brushed past him, blushing slightly, she noticed his eyes affixed to her breasts. She began to button her dress when she was certain that she was safely past him and in view of no one else. Alesandr had a hard time choosing his third book. He found himself wondering what other delights the librarian had in store for him. After searching the shelves carefully, he found what he was looking for mecidiyeköy escort and went to the reading room to choose and mark the correct passage. Laurel hurried through her work and waited breathlessly for her suitor to arrive with his most recent selection. She could not imagine what he would have selected for her reading pleasure this evening but her anticipation only served to arouse her. Laurel was shaking with excitement when he finally arrived to deliver his passionate gift to her, so much so that she almost dropped the book as he was handing it to her. She impatiently turned the book open to the pages he had marked and began to peruse the pages. She headed for a comfortable chair in the reading room and sat down. Alesandr watched her through the glass as she hungrily turned the pages devouring the novel and stopping to reread some of the more graphic passages. Laurel kept returning to the same passage, fantasizing about being the book's damsel in distress.

"Audrey tried to scream through the gag as she was gently flogged on her breasts. The candlelight in the room made it so dimly lit that she could not see her tormentor's face clearly. She felt overwhelmed by her helplessness and would have begged for release if she had been able to speak. Scott took his time pausing occasionally to admire her shapely orbs. He would gently caress them and then stop to pinch the nipple hard causing her to wince in pain. Then he would return to his gentle flogging. Audrey had not noticed the increase in intensity as he resumed his torture of her breasts. She did notice the dampness between her legs growing into a steady stream of fluid as he continued to fondle her and flog her. She began to lose herself in the rhythm of his flogging and the wonderful touch of his hand caressing her breast. Scott has slowly worked his hands down her body and had begun to finger her clit. She moaned softly through the gag and began to writhe. Scott punished her movements with a sharp strike from the flogger. Audrey stiffened and tried to remain still while he continued his digital stimulation of her pussy." Laurel was hooked on this particular tale of erotic torture and decided to take it home with her.


Laurel arrived early for work and promptly reshelved her borrowed book. She spent the day wondering if her handsome suitor would choose a more risqué volume from the library shelves. Laurel ended the day disappointed when he failed to show. She had taken for granted that he would be there and she was deeply disappointed when he did not come. She sat in the reading room sulking for a while before she finally left work and headed for home. As she approached her car she noticed a package on top of it, wrapped in plain brown paper tied with string, with the message "for the librarian" hand-written on it. She grabbed it off the roof and quickly entered her car. She ripped the paper off the package and looked at the book. The cover showed a woman bound and gagged and promised stories of sexual adventures from the edge. Laurel found the marked passage and began to read.

"Elizabeth arrived at Nathan's house dressed as he had instructed. She wore only her stockings and garter belt under her coat and her collar around her neck. She stood outside the door anxious and almost ready to back out. She hoped that her new Master would not notice her hesitation to ring the doorbell and fearing punishment if he did she rang it. She heard Nathan's voice instructing her to enter. She dared not look around for the source of the voice, but she now knew that he was aware of her hesitation and feared for the worst. She entered the foyer and again heard Nathan's voice commanding her to remove her coat. She did not hesitate out of fear of worsening her punishment. Elizabeth placed her coat on one of the pegs attached to the wall and waited for further instructions. They soon came, 'On your knees!' he commanded. She quickly obeyed. Nathan was pleased by how quickly Elizabeth fell to her knees and decided to forgive her for her hesitation at the door. 'Crawl to me', he commanded, 'I am upstairs in the master bedroom.' Elizabeth placed her hands on the floor and began to crawl up the steps. She found the climb to be very difficult, as she had never climbed stairs that türkmen escort way before." Laurel closed the book, placed it on the seat beside her and drove off. Laurel spent the night reading Alesandr's present.


Laurel wore a v-neck blouse and a short button-front skirt to work. She waited anxiously for his arrival. Laurel smiled at Alesandr as he followed her around the library. She waited for the stacks to thin out before making her move. She began to slowly unbutton first her blouse and then her skirt as she went about the library. When she arrived at the reading room, it was empty and she went inside and began to close the blinds, forcing Alesandr to enter the room. She collected all the books and placed them into her cart, while Alesandr took a seat in the room. She cleared off the tables in the reading room and put away the magazines and newspapers. She passed the door several times while performing her final chores and on one of those occasions; she locked it without Alesandr noticing what she had done. Laurel finished unbuttoning her skirt, letting it fall to the floor and then undid the last few buttons on her blouse. She sat on the table facing Alesandr's chair and spread her legs, revealing her smooth mound to him. She began to massage her clit and then to finger herself. Alesandr watched for a while before removing his own clothing as the closing chime sounded. Laurel slowly let her blouse drop to the table revealing her naked breasts. She began to fondle them and suck on the nipples. While she played with her breasts, Alesandr began to play with her clit rubbing it at first and them licking it and finally sucking on it while she moaned softly. He pulled her naked body to the edge of the table and began to tongue her hole and suck strongly on her clit. Laurel was forced to place her hands behind her on the table for support and began to moan loudly. Alesandr raised his hands to her breasts and began to fondle them and gently pull on the nipples while he continued to suck on her womanhood. She came violently, shaking every part of her body, surprising him with the force of it.

Alesandr felt his cock throbbing hard and he stood up as she slipped off the table onto the floor. She took his stiff cock into her mouth and deep into her throat. She began to move her lips over it, massaging it with her tongue. Laurel hastened her pace and soon brought Alesandr to release, swallowing every once of his semen. She looked up at him and said, "thank you, Sir!" He helped her off the floor and back onto the table. He kissed her passionately on the lips before moving his mouth down to her breasts and suckling them. She moaned in response to each gentle bite of the nipple and his cock soon hardened again. He lay her down on the table and pulled her hips close to his own. He teased her clit with his hard cock listening to her beg, "please, Sir, take me now, fuck me, Sir, hard please, I want to feel you inside me, Sir, fuck me please!" Alesandr smiled as he continued to tease the librarian's clit. "Call, me Sir Alex, and I will consider it," he taunted.

Laurel's body shuddered at the taunt; it was almost enough to make her come. She moaned again and then resumed her begging. "Please, Sir Alex, fuck me hard with that wonderfully big cock of yours, take me and make me come for you, this little slut wants it so bad." Alesandr plunged his hard cock deep within her, Laurel cried out in surprise as he began to thrust it harder and faster. She soon lost herself in the passion of the moment; barely aware of the hard table beneath her as her amorous bookworm drove his cock in and out of her sloppy hole. She cried out again as he pinched her nipples hard, spewing his first cum all over her naked body. He reentered her and began to thrust with the same earnestness as before. Laurel felt herself floating, lost in the passion. His lips and teeth were on her nipples as she neared orgasm. Alesandr lifted her off the table and kissed her hard on the lips. He held Laurel while her body shook from the intense release. He felt her juices gush just before his own spewed inside her.

Alesandr and Laurel got dressed while smiling silently at each other. Laurel unlocked the door to the reading room and opened the blinds. Alesandr kissed Laurel and held her close to him. "Perhaps we can do this again sometime?" he asked with a sly grin on his face. Laurel blushed and responded, "I certainly hope so!" "Perhaps we could use another part of the library?" Alesandr mused. Laurel wondered what part he had in mind.


The library was closed.
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