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Nurse Jenny Experiences Midway Ch. 02

Post #1

This is a fictional account.


On June third, the head nurse informed them to be ready for some further air raid siren tests and procedures. They had previously been shown the shelter in the basement of their dorm and also a larger one below the hospital. They had learned what to do in the event of an air raid, but now these tests, the commander told them, would be more serious.

The night before, Jenny had been delighted to see that the doctors had redressed Jerry's wounds and reduced the size of the bandages. His nose was now visible. Jenny could see definite scar tissue on his nose from the flash-burn to his face. His eyes were still covered but more of his forehead was visible. It too had some scarring. His hand bandages were smaller but the doctors were worried about two fingers making it on his left hand. They were the worst of the damage to his hands. He could get out of bed now to use the bathroom with assistance.

That same night Viv had come to get her while she was doing her rounds.

"Come with me. I have something to show you," Viv said, with a half laugh.

Jenny followed her into the section May and Dorothy normally covered. They had started calling Dorothy, by Dorrie. Viv led her to a room where Dorrie and May stood by a bed. It was the room of a patient from Wisconsin named Greg. He had been hurt bad when a 55 gallon oil drum rolled off a truck unexpectedly and landed on his leg. It was broken badly in three places. He was constantly under sedation for the pain.

"Show, Jenny," Viv teased.

"Look at this, Jenny," Dorrie said, with a chuckle.

Jenny glanced quickly at May and she just gave an innocent shrug. She then looked down at the sedated patient with his leg in a huge bandage. She watched as Dorrie lifted the lower half of his gown. What came into view made Jenny gasp.

"Oh, my god!" Jenny exclaimed "What is that?"

"It's his dick, dummy," Viv said laughing.

"Isn't it huge?" Dorrie stated. "Biggest soft one I've ever seen."

Jenny stared in amazement at the huge appendage. It was lying between his good leg and the bandaged one like a third smaller leg. The ball sack beneath was also much larger than Jerry's. It was probably twice the size or more. Jenny could not see the cockhead. His foreskin came to a point over the head.

"Wow!" was all Jenny could say.

May said, "Dorrie and I were giving him a sponge bath when we noticed it. Isn't it big, Jenny?"

"It sure is. Why can't I see the head?"

"He's uncut," Viv said. "I've seen one once before. The foreskin pulls back as it gets excited and hard exposing the head. Most of the guys we see are circumcised at birth.

"We measured it too. He is ten inches soft. It must be enormous hard. I'd love to check that out," Dorrie claimed grinning.

"Amazing," Jenny stated. "That would never fit in me."

"You'd be surprised," Viv explained. "It might hurt a bit at first though."

"Geez," Jenny gasped, as Dorrie put the gown down again.

"How'd you like to give him a handjob?" Viv asked laughing.

"I'd have to use two hands," Jenny stated, going with the joke.

"I'd use more than just my hands," Dorrie confessed, pursing her lips for Jenny to see.

"It's a monster," May added.

The girls left the room laughing quietly to themselves. Jenny returned to her section and they finished out their shifts.

The activity on the base was at a high state. Long range search planes took off and landed every few hours. Rumors abound that the navy had several carriers in the area preparing to meet the attacking Japanese. The US aircraft carriers Enterprise and Hornet, with supporting ships, made up Task Force 16. Additionally few people were aware the Yorktown had survived her heavy damages at the Battle of the Coral Sea and was hastily being put back into service in Pearl. These three carriers and the land-based force at Midway were all that currently stood between the Japanese and access to Hawaii and the west coast of the United States. Saratoga was still being repaired on the west coast.

The admiralty believed that the Japanese were planning a large scale attack involving from four to six carriers and many battleships. They had successfully broken the Japanese codes and therefore knew many of their plans. At the last minute, they received good intelligence that Midway was the focus of the Japanese attack. Admiral Nimitz, in command of the US Pacific Fleet, had successful moved his forces around without the Japanese submarines or long range search planes locating them. They were waiting north of Midway for the attacking Japanese.

The night shift nurses were deep asleep on the third of June when the air raid sirens went off at 0800. It waked them all from a deep sleep and they scurried to get their robes on and head down to the shelter below the dorm. They were in the shelter about thirty minutes before the all clear sounded. It had been a test apparently. The nurses emerged from the shelter. They went back to bed for a few more hours to catch Gaziantep Escort İlanları up on their sleep. The superiors were warning them to take their rest while they could because it might get busy soon.

The rest of that day was extremely busy. The orderlies and some sailors helped move more beds and equipment into the hospital. The nurses were told to stock every cabinet and drawer with extra supplies and medicine. The activity was good because it kept their minds off the possibility of danger.

The next morning, on the fourth of June, the night shift nurses were just getting ready to go off duty, when the air raid sirens sounded again. They had heard planes taking off from the airstrip all morning and now they rushed to get all the patients into the basement shelter. The dayshift nurses had joined them at 0600 hours and helped them. They just barely had the last patient in and the door closed when they felt the ground shake and heard a series of blasts. The lights dimmed but came back on. It was 0630.

When the all clear finally sounded, several of the nurses emerged from the shelter and ran first to the windows. From several windows they could see plumes of black smoke rising from the direction of the airstrip. Next they ran outside to check on the outside of the hospital and the surrounding buildings. They were happy to see neither the hospital nor any of the dorms had sustained a direct hit. It appeared at least several of the oil tanks on Sand Island were ablaze. The seaplane hanger was also heavily damaged as were other buildings. The airfield on Eastern Island had been hit several times but was not knocked out of commission.

They got all the patients back into their beds and got ready for the rush of wounded. Within ten minutes, a steady flow of wounded began arriving. The hospital had been operating at about a third capacity before but the rooms began to fill up. The operating rooms were all working constantly with the worst cases. Fortunately a lot of the injures were broken bones, shrapnel, burns, and concussions. These were normally not life threatening and the two interns and the nurses handled many of the less severe cases.

The nurses were being told that many fighter pilots had died in air battles with the Japanese Zeros over Midway. The gun batteries and the fighter planes together had managed to successfully defend the island. Other than the significant loss of planes and pilots, the islands and airfield were spared major damage. They also learned that most of the strike force planes had already departed the island so they were not caught on the ground. The wounded they were getting were from a strafed and then sunk PT boat in the harbor and from air defenses at the base. Several were from the seaplane hanger on Sand Island. Some more from the areas of the oil tankers had burns or suffered from smoke inhalation.

The rooms that had been used as singles now became doubles and several more beds were brought in. Jenny wheeled a sailor into Jerry's room on a gurney and along with an orderly got him into the other bed. He had shrapnel wounds to his chest and thigh. The doctors had patched him up and given him sedatives to sleep.

"Jenny, is that you?" Jerry asked.

"Yes, Jerry, I'm here," Jenny said, as the orderly left to attend others.

"I thought so," Jerry said.

"You okay?" Jenny asked.

"Yes, thanks for getting me in a wheelchair and down to the shelter before the raid. Is everything okay?

"Looks like the landing strip took only minor hits. The oil tanks are burning. We have many wounded coming in but not that many dead or very serious, so that's good," Jenny stated. "I heard we lost many fighter pilots though."

"That is good. I mean except for the fighter pilots," Jerry agreed.

"Jerry, I have to go now. You stay put in bed, okay."

"I will. See you, Jenny."

"Bye," Jenny said, as she ran out to help.

The night nurses worked for several extra hours along side the day nurses until they could be relieved by the evening nurses. They were totally exhausted by the time they got to crash in their beds. They barely had time to get some sleep, eat a meal, shower, don their clean white nurse's uniforms, and then they had to go right back to work.

As they worked, twice they had to rush down to the basement because of air raid sirens. The sirens had sounded after they had already heard booms from explosions. They learned later that the fire was from Japanese ships not from planes. First a Japanese submarine had fired a few salvos at the islands and later several heavy cruisers had started to shell Midway. They had been driven off by a US submarine.

Rumors were flying around Midway and the hospital on the evening of the fifth of June of a great naval battle. The rumors said the United States had won a tremendous victory. Reports that kept coming into Midway Headquarters and filtering down to the enlisted men and nurses were stating that four Japanese carriers had been left severely damaged and ablaze. The United States had not lost any ships but many aircraft had been shot down including a lot from Midway. They were also told the Yorktown had been attacked and damaged. They might see some of the wounded transferred into them.

The battle was not over and fears still existed that the remainder of the large Japanese armada would continue on. The seven Japanese battleships that made up the strike force had been mistakenly held back by the Japanese supreme commander Admiral Yamamoto. However they were still at his disposal and a huge threat.

The flawed Japanese plan had the carrier force leading the attack on Midway and trying to flush out the American carriers. Admiral Yamamoto wanted to use Admiral Nagamo's carrier force of four carriers to attack Midway but also draw the American carriers into a sea battle. He believed his four carriers with their excellent pilots could take on the American carriers and Midway. He did not however know about the existence of Yorktown. It was believed sunk at the Battle of the Coral Sea. Yamamoto had held his battleships back with the attack forces to reinforce the carriers later after the initial battle with the American carriers and Midway was won and he had total air superiority. It had proven a disastrous mistake.

Everything at Midway was still operating non-stop. Crews worked to fix the partially damaged airstrip. The oil tanker fires were being maintained. Wounded were being attended to.

For the nurses, the rest of that day was extremely busy taking care of all the wounded. They had only learned of four reported non-pilot deaths, but about forty sailors and marines were wounded and in the hospital. The night shift nurses had the worst of it working all day and then staying up for their late shift. Jenny was exhausted as she made her last series of rounds. Most of the newly wounded were sedated now and sleeping. Jenny went in to check on the new guy in with Jerry.

The new guy's name was Ben. He was from Washington state. He would recover fine the doctors said. The wounds in his leg and side were deep from the shrapnel but not life threatening. He was asleep and Jenny pulled the curtain closed between him and Jerry.

"Jenny, you there?" Jerry asked.

"Yes, it's me. Go to sleep, Jerry."

"I'm not tired. How is my new roommate?"

"He's fine. His name is Ben. He's from Washington, near Seattle. He's sleeping now. His wounds are nasty but not too severe. He'll be okay in a few weeks. You'll have company for a while now."

"That's good but I prefer your company," Jerry said smiling.

"You do, huh! I like talking with you too. Unfortunately all of us nurses are going to be a lot busier for the near future."

"Can I trouble you for some water?" Jerry asked.

"Oh, sure, no problem."

Jenny poured a glass and put it to his lips to drink. When he was done she set the glass aside.

"Anything else you need?" Jenny asked.

"Well, I do need to go to the bathroom," Jerry stated.

"Okay. Let's get you up."

Jenny helped Jerry get out of bed and stand. She then helped him walk to the bathroom.


"Yes, Jerry."

"How tall are you? I mean judging from the way you're walking with me. I would say you're around 5'5". Is that right?"

"I'm closer to 5'6" but you're very close," Jenny said.

"You feel very slender from the feel of your shoulder."

"I'm about average, I guess. Maybe a little smaller than average. Why all the questions?"

"Just curious is all," Jerry replied.

"Here we are," Jenny said. "The seat is right in front of you. Can you feel it with your leg?"


"I'll hold your gown up while you sit down," Jenny said.

"Do I have to sit down? I only want to pee," Jerry said.

"You want to stand? Then I would have to hold you," Jenny stated.

"Yeah, I know," Jerry said, not doing well to hide a smile.

"Oh, I see your game, Jerry. Just go ahead and sit down big fella."

"Oh, come on, Jenny, please."

"Well, okay. I guess guys like to go standing anyway."

"Yes, thanks," Jerry agreed.

Jenny pulled up Jerry's gown with one hand around his back and with the other took hold of his soft penis. She aimed it at the bowl.

"Okay, you can go now," Jenny said.

Jerry started to take a piss. At first Jenny's aim was almost off, nearly missing the bowl. She corrected more to the middle and let him finish. When he was done, she shook it a little to get out the last drops. She knew from her brother and babysitting to do that.

"Oh, keep that up," Jerry said, with a big smile.

Jenny dropped his dick and his gown. "Not his time, mister."

"Oh, come on, please."

"Let's get you back to bed," and she turned him around.

"Oh, shoot," Jerry said. "I was hoping for more."

"You're a naughty boy," Jenny scolded him.

"Just a poor boy that can't do what normal guys his age do all the time," Jerry announced, looking for sympathy with his bandaged hands.

"I guess that's true."

"Then you'll help me?"

"Not tonight, Jerry. I'm exhausted and my shift is practically over."

"Tomorrow then," Jerry pressed for an affirmative.

"We'll see," was all Jenny would offer as a reply.

She got Jerry back in bed, said goodnight and put the lights out.

The night shift crew of nurses slept soundly that night. Unfortunately the next day they were asked to work ten hours on, starting two hours earlier. All nurses were putting in the same hours to cover the added patients.

Jenny was just starting her rounds when an uninjured sailor came up to her in the hall.

"Are you Jenny?" he asked.


"Well, I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Roger, a friend of Jerry's. I appreciate you taking such good care of Jerry."

"Oh, that's quite alright," Jenny said, and then wondered exact what had Jerry told Roger.

"He seems happy even though the doctors are not sure if his eyesight will ever be a hundred percent again. I just wanted to say thanks because he raves about the care here and the other nurses tell me you're his main nurse."

"Well, thanks, Roger," Jenny said.

"I know you need to get back to work, so I'll let you go. Thanks again."

Jenny went about the rest of her first series of rounds. She thought about the conversation with Roger and hoped Jerry had not told him about the handjobs. She feared she could get in big trouble for that.

By the time she got to Jerry and Ben on her rounds, they were both asleep. Jenny came back around at the end of her shift. Ben was still asleep as he was still receiving heavy painkillers. Jerry was awake however.

"Hi, Jenny," Jerry said, recognizing her perfume now.

"Hi, Jerry. How are you this morning?"

"Just fine. I understand you met Roger," Jerry said.

"Yes, he seemed really nice. A friend of yours?"

"Yeah, since basic. He's a nice guy. He told me you're really cute, too."

"He did, huh."

"Yeah, he said you were adorable as a matter of fact," Jerry said, with a huge smile.

"Well, that was nice of him to say," Jenny replied.

"Blonde and blue eyed, huh," Jerry said.

"Yeah, blonde just like you."

"I have blue eyes too," Jerry said. "That is if there's anything left of them now."

"You'll be able to see again. I know you will," Jenny said, trying to lift his spirits about his eyes.

"I hope you're right but the doctors are not as sure."

"Can I get you anything, Jerry?"

"Some water would be nice."

"Okay, here you go."

After taking several drinks, "Thanks, but I could also use the head, too."

"Alright then. Here let me help you up," Jenny offered.

She walked Jerry to the bathroom. She positioned him in front of the toilet again.

"Can we do the same thing as last night?" Jerry asked.

"I suppose," Jenny answered.

She took hold of his gown with one hand, raised it, then grabbed his dick like the night before and they repeated the procedure. She even shook his dick again at the end.

"Jenny, you were maybe going to do something more for me again, remember?" Jerry asked.

"Yes, I remember you asking. Tell me, Jerry. You didn't tell Roger about me doing that, did you?"


"Okay. It was just something he said that worried me," Jenny commented.

"What was that?"

"Oh, I can't remember exactly. I think it was something about taking good care of you," Jenny offered.

"Oh, well, I didn't," Jerry said.

"Okay, good, thanks. You might get me in trouble," Jenny stated.

"Would you, though, now?"

Jenny thought for a moment. Oddly enough, she had not let go of his dick yet.

"Right here?" Jenny asked.

"Won't be as messy if you can aim me at the toilet," Jerry said, with a big grin.

"Alright. I'll do it for you but this must be our secret. Okay?"

"Definitely," Jerry stated.

"Okay, wait her a second while I get the gel."

Jenny returned quickly with a lubed up hand. She grabbed his dick again.

Jerry's dick was already growing from Jenny handling it and the fact that she had agreed to jerk him off again. She had one arm around his back holding up his gown and her right hand fondling his cock. He got stiff right away. Jenny marveled as his cock grew in her hand. It was her first experience of one hardening in her hand. With the aid of the lube, she stroked his cock back and forth. She watched closely as the head expanded and grew deeper red as the blood flowed in.

Jenny did not want to mention it to Jerry but she found jerking off his cock to be fun and exciting. His head rolled to the side and rested on top of hers as she stroked him. Jenny could already see a drop of pre-cum forming at the tip. She liked it better on the bed where she could use both hands.

"You smell wonderful, Jenny," Jerry said.

"You feel wonderful," she said, before she could catch herself.

"You think so?" he said, with a big grin and a moan.

"I shouldn't have said that," Jenny said, feeling herself blush.

"It's okay. I wouldn't tell," Jerry said, with a little laugh.
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