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Honeymoon at Home Ch. 01

Post #1

The alarm went off and Lenny got up quickly and went to look in on little Carlos. He was still fast asleep for a change, so she ran downstairs to start the coffee.

Karl stirred, rolled over but found Lenny gone. Time to get up and get to work. He didn't mind working, the fun part at least. The fun part was the actual mining, finding new ways to extract materials from ore; visiting mines to see men working; the actual lab work involved, which he liked to do but was frowned on by others in management, particularly his father.

Lately though, something had been gnawing inside him. Environmentalists accused mining companies of despoiling the environment. The initial reaction was to deny it, and to point out the improvements that had been made over the years in mining practices. But could they do more? He wondered. Could they do more to take care of cleanup, to find new, better methods of extraction?

He lay thinking about these problems when he heard a squeal from the other room. He jumped up and walked quickly in to see his son, Carlos, who was just waking up. He loved this little blond two-year-old boy, and while there was some question as to whose baby he really was, Karl didn't care.

"Dada! Dada!" The little one laughed up at him. Karl gathered him up in his arms and hugging him close, walked downstairs to find Lenny in the kitchen.

"Where were you, I needed you." He told her.

"You always need me first thing in the morning. You've got to be quicker when the alarm goes off."

"Let's go back to bed and make another one to go with Carlos. A little girl."

"Fuck off!" Lenny told him. "One's enough for now"

"Buck off Dada! Buck off Dada!" The little one screamed, laughing.

"Oh dear, I'm going to have to be more careful." Lenny said, as Karl smiled. "And no laughing, that'll just encourage him."

Soon Karl had eaten breakfast and was off to the office.

Lenny was just going out to the car to do some shopping when the phone rang.

It was Karl. "You'll never guess who's coming to San Francisco! Chucker."

He told her excitedly.

She stopped and stood open mouthed for a couple of minutes.

"Are you there? Did you hear me?" Karl said.

"Yes, dear, I heard you. It just took me completely by surprise."

"Well isn't that wonderful? Aren't you excited?"

"Of course, of course I am. It's going to be wonderful to see him again. But I'm just going out the door, we'll talk about it when you get home."

They talked about Chucker's visit over dinner and Lenny tried to restrain her enthusiasm, until finally Karl asked her if he shouldn't ask him to stay with them.

"Of course he has to stay here." Lenny protested. "It's just that I'm sort of nervous about seeing him again, and I wonder what he'll expect."

"You know what he'll expect, my love. You must make up your own mind about what you'll do about it."

The day for Chucker's arrival drew close and Lenny personally saw that everything was ready for him. She looked forward to having sex with him after all this time, but serious doubts ran through her mind: had he changed? Would he want her? Would it be as good as before or a disappointment? How would Karl feel about this? And then the worst doubt of all, would the pleasure be so great that she'd want to leave Karl.

She'd talked to Karl and he'd said she didn't mind if she "slept " with Chucker, and, in fact he thought they might all relive the night in France, Nice, when they'd all shared the same bed. But those doubts and others still gnawed at her.

Lenny felt guilty. She shouldn't feel the need for another man, she shouldn't feel this excitement. What was the difference between this feeling and love, or was it just lust. She wondered if it was possible to be in love with two men at the same time, because this is what she felt for both Karl and Chucker.

As the time grew closer she prepared Carlos to meet his.....to meet Chucker. She wanted him to make a good impression, although she couldn't imagine why he wouldn't.

They had arranged a gathering of friends and relatives for the Sunday after Chucker's arrival. They'd also planned to take him out to one of the good restaurants one evening, and for that Lenny had arranged for one of her good friends who was single at the time, to make a fourth. Doris was English and a great sport with a good sense of humor. The fact that Lenny knew that she enjoyed good sex was an added incentive to ask her.

They drove out to the airport on Friday and had about a half hour to wait before Chucker appeared among a crowd of other travelers disgorging through a door. He didn't see them at first, but stood there looking around for a moment.

Lenny saw him, and bending over whispered something to Carlos, who ran forward and grabbing Chucker's trouser leg looked up at him and said:

"'Allo mite!"

Chucker looked down at the blond two year old beside him. Then dropped his carry-on bag and suit case and stooping over scooped the child up.

"Where did you learn gaziantep escortları to speak Aussie?" He laughed.

"'Allo mite!" Carlos repeated.

"You're coming back to Oz with me." Chucker told him, laughing, but with a tear in his eye. "We can't have you in among these foreign savages."

Lenny and Karl came forward and both hugged him.

"You shouldn't have done that." He said. "Who put him up to that?"

"He's been talking like that since he was born." Lenny told him, laughing. Then kissed him, first on the cheek and the on the mouth.

Karl gave him a hug, then "Let's go find the car."

"How was the flight? You must be tired."

They walked through to the parking lot chatting, and in spite of the usual dismal traffic they were soon home. Karl showed Chucker his room and Chucker unpacked then looked around the room as he changed and showered. He glanced in the drawer of the bedside table, no Gideon bible, but a tube of lubricant and a package of condoms.

"Ah Lenny." He thought. "Is this a message from you? " He felt his penis start to harden, and the longing for her brought a smile to his lips. But condoms? Really? They hadn't used them before, and he was sure she was on the pill. Perhaps this was message: she didn't want to get pregnant again. He was sure Carlos was his child. What a beautiful little boy! And that attempt to make him speak Aussie, he laughed out loud.

Karl and Chucker had a drink in the living room while Lenny was putting Carlos to bed. The men talked shop and Karl even brought up his doubts about the way they both made their living, from mining. There was a little tension over this so Karl dropped it.

Lenny brought Carlos down to say good night to his fathers then she went to dress for dinner. As she dressed she prepared herself for her lover. She remembered he liked her shaved, then, in spite of the fact that she knew it would hurt, she made sure she was clean because she wanted him to give her anal sex.

Then, stockings, garter belt, short skirt and she was ready, ready for dinner - and more.

They had dinner in the breakfast room which was more intimate than the dining room. Caprice, the Latina maid, had prepared a delicious meal and had opened a nice bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir, which suited their mood perfectly.

Lenny had dressed for Chucker, short skirt, everything. Between the main course and dessert he put his hand on her knee, then slipped it under her short skirt, and felt the garter belt at the top of her stockings. She didn't resist him, and soon they were both getting very worked up.

After dinner they all sat in the living room and talked for a little while, and while it was still quite early Karl said he was going upstairs to the office to clear up some work and then would go to bed. The other two sat opposite each other in silence for a few minutes. Then Lenny turned toward Chucker and smiled shyly.

He eyed her lovely legs; her still slender body; the perfect mouth that had melded with his in France; the eyes that searched his eyes for what was to come next.

"Lenny, I almost didn't come to visit you and Karl because I was afraid you might have changed, or that your attitude to me might have changed. Has it?"

Her smile broadened, "That was exactly what I felt about you. I haven't changed, I still feel the same way about everything as I did in France."

He got up and sat beside her on the couch, then kissed her. Lenny reacted immediately, returning the kiss hard, and their lips, their mouths, locked together. Chucker soon had her breast out and was kissing her hard nipple. Then his hand was under her skirt, finding the soft flesh above her stockings as she moved her legs apart to help him.

"Take off your knickers."

Chucker told her gruffly, and she complied immediately. As his fingers to touched her labia there was a knock at the door.

In the kitchen Caprice had finished cleaning up. She really enjoyed working for Karl and Lenny. They were so generous, and paid her well to stay when they had guests. She had expected Karl to make some moves on her as other male employers had done. They had always paid her extra and practiced safe sex. Her husband never asked about it, and was glad of the money.

She couldn't miss the fact that Lenny and the Australian were pretty close, and saw his hand on her thigh during dinner. When she went to the living room to say she was leaving, she noticed that they were both flustered, and saw what looked like Lenny's panties on the floor by the couch.

As soon as Caprice left Lenny and Chucker kissed again, but after a few minutes Lenny pulled away.

"We should go upstairs."

"Okay," Chucker took her hand and they went upstairs together.

As they passed the office door Lenny stopped and went in to see Karl who was at the computer.

"Goodnight my love, we're going to bed."

"I know. If you want to come back later I'll be waiting. But it's up to you."

"Okay. I love you, Karl, You know that, but I can't help this. I need it."

They kissed and Lenny went down the hall to Chucker's bedroom. Immediately she was in the door he had her in his arms again, kissing, kissing. He took off her blouse and bra, and stood back for a moment looking at her breasts.

"They're bigger." He told her, smiling.

"How do you know? You couldn't remember what they looked like. Besides, they aren't firm any more and have stretch marks."

"Your tits are mature now and I love them." And he bent over and kissed one, then taking the nipple in his moth started sucking.

"Oh yes, so sweet. Suck me my baby, suck my tits." The feeling made her light headed and made her vagina tingle. And she remembered how it had felt when little Carlos had sucked on her, and wondered if she had any milk left in her breasts, just a little milk for his father.

Chucker soon moved on, slipping his hand under her skirt and finding her vagina. She sighed as he started to manipulate her, particularly her clitoris. She wanted him to fuck her badly.

It was just moments before she was lying spreadeagled on the bed, Chucker naked, and Lenny in just stockings and garter belt. She'd have taken those off too, but he wouldn't let her. He loved the way the garter belt, garters and stockings framed her vulva.

"You shaved yourself." He said softly. "For me?"

"Of course, for you." She answered smiling.

He lowered his face between her legs, and after kissing her labia opened them and started licking, licking her pink crevasse. Then while she groaned with pleasure he licked her clitoris, finally taking the little knob into his mouth and sucking, gently at first, then hard until she shook all over as she had an orgasm.

Then he was on top of her, fucking her while she spread her legs wide as if to swallow his whole body with her vagina.

Chucker paused. "You are so good, Lenny. I want to fuck you forever."

"It's not me that's good Chucker, it's us." She replied.

"Have you fucked anyone else ? besides Karl, I mean."

Lenny was silent.

"Well?" he said, afraid of what she'd answer.

"You know how Karl is, he likes to see me with other men."

"Men? There's been more than one?"

"No, just one. We meet every two or three months."

"Do you enjoy it?"

She was again silent for several minutes, and Chucker slipped in and out a few times, then stopped.

"You shouldn't ask me things if you don't want to hear the answer." She told him. "Yes, I enjoy it. You know how I like to fuck."

"Kneel" He told her.

She hesitated. She knew it would hurt her, and in a way she wanted it, but was afraid of the pain. Finally as he got off her and stood by the bed with his hard penis standing erect, she got up, stood facing him for a moment. They kissed again and Lenny felt his hardnes pushing against her belly. Then she turned around and knelt on the edge of the bed, her buttocks facing Chucker and her head down.

He swiftly inserted his penis into her wet vagina, so wet it was dripping down her thighs, and started to fuck her from behind. She groaned and murmured how good it felt. Then he banged her hard with deep thrusts and she squealed with pleasure. He stopped and reached into the drawer beside the bed, took out the lubricant and after squeezing a glob on her anus started to fuck her slowly while he worked his fingers into her hole.

He slipped first one, then two and finally three fingers into her.

"Ouch, that hurts." She said.

"I have to stretch you, my love, you remember that?"

He continued stretching her for a few minutes, then pulled his hand away, and put another big blob of lubricant on her open hole. Then he pulled out of her vagina and slid his penis into her anus. It slipped in readily with all the lube he'd put on her, then came to a stop.

"Ooo, Oh, oh, oh, that hurts." She said.

"Relax, relax your arsehole or it will hurt more."

"I'm trying." She said. "Wait."

But he couldn't wait any longer, and shoved hard, causing her severe pain, but he wanted to punish her, to punish her for having another man, and while she screamed with pain he shoved his penis deep inside her until it would go no further.

"God,oh God! You bastard Chucker. You're killing me." She was in tears.

"Don't you like that?" He said. "Isn't that why you put the lube there for me to find?"

"Yes, I did" She sobbed, "But I didn't think you'd be so cruel. I....I didn't think you'd hurt me so much."

"Was your other lover more gentle when he fucked your arse? Did you like it when he did that to you?"

"No. No! No-one else has ever done that to me. You're the only one."

Chucker paused, looking down at where his big penis was deep inside her, then slowly pulled back. This hurt Lenny but she didn't want him to stop.

"Please...please be more gentle." She implored him.

Slowly Chucker pulled and pushed his penis in and out of Lenny's anus, and while it still hurt her a lot the pain was less. Soon a sort of numbness set in and it started to feel good.

"Ow, that hurts. A little faster. There that's nice."

"Shall I stop? Is it hurting too much?" As he bent over and whispered in her ear.

"No, don't stop. It hurts, but I want it. My love, my love........So good. Don't stop."

He was thrusting into her faster and deeper now and his balls were slapping against her wet labia. The slap ? slap ? slap excited them both. For Chucker the tightness of her was bringing him close to ejaculation so he had to avoid pulling out so far so that the delicate head of his penis would be gripped by her tight anus.

The pleasure of his penis reaming her rectum was bringing Lenny close to orgasm. Her whole body seemed like a hot numb tube, although the pain was still evident. Then she felt it coming on, the heat rising throughout her body, and she jerked spasmodically, her back arching and flexing.

At the same time, with each jerk, her anal sphincter grabbed Chucker's penis and he started to squirt deep inside her.

"Shit..Oh shit. Hurt me, fuck me. Please...please don't stop....never stop."

But Chucker was already starting to slow down, spent. He wrapped his arms around her waist.

"My love, my sweet, cruel love." She murmured. "I can't tell you how that felt. It was heaven. Ecstasy. Stay in me. Don't pull out yet."

They stayed locked together while his erection slowly went down. Chucker spoke to Lenny in a low voice.

"I'm sorry baby. I hope I didn't hurt you too much, but when you mentioned that there had been another man I sort of got angry. Am I forgiven?"

"Well, it was pretty bad at first." She said softly. "But the hurt is part of the pleasure. I've never felt anything so intense. I've never had such an earth shaking orgasm that seemed to possess my whole body, from other types of sex."

"Then you don't hate me for causing you pain? That's good, I couldn't stand for you to hate me, but I have to say I felt some pleasure in causing you pain."

"Good. You caused me intense pain and intense pleasure. And deep inside me I have something of yours, and when I lose it tomorrow morning I'll remember the pain with pleasure."

"What, what do you mean?"

"I mean that when I go to the bathroom tomorrow it'll hurt like hell." She chuckled.

The both cleaned up quickly, and back in bed, fell asleep in each others arms. A short time later Lenny woke up and went to take a pee. When she came back Chucker was still sleeping soundly, so gathering her clothes in her arms she went back to her own bedroom.

She got into bed beside Karl, who took her naked body in his arms drowsily and murmured something incomprehensible. Then he realized that Lenny was there with him, and he opened his eyes, looked at her in the dim light, then kissed her.

"You're back." He kissed her again. And again, and his penis was rising and getting hard at the thought of her and Chucker fucking.

"Was it good?"

"Yes." She replied tersely. She was half hoping that he'd go back to sleep, but she knew that once he was aroused he'd want to fuck. The heat of what Chucker had done to her still filled her, and she thought she could feel what he'd squirted into her deep inside her belly.

Karl hand had found her slit, still half open and wet, and he was fondling her. She opened her legs for him as the warmth started to rise in her again. She was tired and wanted to sleep, but she wanted to fuck too.

She felt Karl's mouth on her breasts ? that was so good. Now his mouth was on her belly, and he moved still farther down and kissed her shaved mound.

"You shaved for Chucker, didn't you?"

"Yes, should I shave for you too? I didn't know you cared."

"I don't know. I'll let you know some time."

He kissed her pink lips, then opened them and his tongue penetrated her as she gasped. He loved the odor of sex and sweat in her crotch, but something was missing.

"Didn't he fuck you?" He asked Lenny as he raised his head.

"Not exactly." She said.

"What then?"

"My bottom. He fucked my bottom." Lenny answered him. She was blushing if he could have seen it in the dark.

"Then I shall kiss your sweet bottom." He smiled. And pressing her cheeks apart he kissed her anus and noticed it was covered in slippery lubricant and oozing ejaculate.

His tongue flicked out and Lenny gasped, her hole was very tender.

"That's it, that's what I missed." He said.

"Please be careful." Lenny implored him. "I'm very sensitive down there."

Karl raised himself, and lying between Lenny's legs kissed her. She was taken aback at the thought was where his mouth had just been and fought back the urge to gag, but soon they were kissing deeply and he slipped his penis into her vagina. Lenny gave a long deep sigh of satisfaction. She realized that in spite of the fire of the other sex she'd just had, this is what she needed.

Soon they were both enjoying what true lovers enjoy: gentle, tender sex building up to a wonderful, heated climax, a climax they both shared. Then they drifted off to sleep, still locked together, until they slipped apart, tired and satisfied.
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