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Hot Spring Encounter

Post #1

Editing by Angel Love

She opened the gate and walked slowly across the wooden deck that extended from the warm pool out to the railing. I watched her put down her towel on one of the chairs. She placed her small knapsack next to her chair and turned to look out over the rail across the wide Sierra valley. She was slender, with long brown hair, and probably about my age . . . in her mid-fifties. I expected to see someone else join her momentarily, but after a few minutes it appeared she had come to this clothing optional hot spring alone.

The woman leaned on the rail for some minutes, just staring out over the vista. Sitting on the steps of the warm pool, I was relaxing, chest-deep in 100-degree water. "Hmm, she looks like she has a very nice figure," I mused to myself. "I wonder how she'll look when she decides to get into the pool?"

I closed my eyes for a few moments and luxuriated in the warmth of the pool and the sun. When I opened my eyes, the lady was in her chair. I observed as she removed her hiking boots and heavy socks. Next, she pulled off her loose top and shook her head to help her thick hair return to its place. She wore no bra. Her breasts hung flatly against her chest. They were average size, but deflated rather than firm. I must admit that I was a bit disappointed to see her sagging breasts. She did have large, dark nipples and they stood straight out, looking delicious.

She glanced around and our eyes met briefly. She caught me peeking, but my voyeurism didn't seem to bother her. The woman coyly smiled to herself as she unzipped her jeans and slid them down her legs. The sight of her bright red bikini panties captured my attention and I leaned on the edge of the pool to watch her final act. Turning her back to tuck her clothes into her knapsack, she slipped her red panties off and stuffed them into her bag. From the rear, she had a classic hourglass shape with a nicely formed ass and slim waist.

There still was no sign of a companion as she walked directly toward me at the pool steps. At first, I thought she was shaved smooth, but as she came nearer I could see a sparse patch of light brown curls covering her pubic mound. I slid to one side as she stepped into the pool, giving her room and myself a better view.

"Stay where you are," she said. "You're not in my way at all."

I smiled up at her. "Welcome to paradise," I replied as I stretched out again.

To my surprise and delight, the lady stepped into the shallow pool and moved along the edge of the pool about two feet from me.

"Ah, you're right. After a three-hour drive, this truly does feel like paradise," she responded with a broad smile.

I can't say that she was beautiful. The lady exhibited some of the wrinkles and blemishes that plague many women in their fifties. She wasn't unattractive either. Her manner intrigued me. I sensed some sadness . . . like a woman who was lonely and a bit tired of the life she'd been leading. It wasn't anything she said or did, just a feeling I had at the time.

"You'll soon unwind completely in this nice warm water," I assured her as I slowly moved my legs in the pool.

She chuckled. "Yeah, I love to come here once in a while just to unwind and enjoy being alive. Have you been here before?"

"Yes," I admitted, "several times and it's always fantastic. My name is Ken, by the way."

"Hello, Ken, I'm Linda," she replied and smiled. "I found this place a four months ago and I can't seem to stay away."

"I find it very relaxing here," I responded. "It's such a freeing environment," I added.

Linda sank down in the pool up to her neck and copied my action by slowly moving her legs under the water. "The sun feels good too," she whispered as her eyes closed.

I watched her soaking for a few minutes and almost dozed off myself. Linda opened her eyes and squinted up at the cloud that slowly moved across the sun. I decided to see where our conversation might go. "You look like you could use a face massage, Linda," I began. "Sound good to you?"

Her blue-specked hazel eyes met my blue ones and a little smile played over her full lips. "Mmm that sounds nice, Ken," she whispered. "You mean right here? Right now?"

"Sure," I said, "why not?"

"Okay, how do you want me?" she asked, accepting my offer.

"Just move over in front of me and I'll hold your head and shoulders up with my legs. You can stay submerged and relaxed for the most part."

Linda, to my utter delight, slid over between my legs and arched her neck as my legs trapped her body and held her in a floating position. Her body was just below the water's surface and her dark nipples broke above the waterline. I noticed that they were already erect from the contact of our two bodies. "This gal's very horny," I thought to myself as I gazed down on her.

I began to massage her temples and to play with the edges of her ears first. She emitted a low groan as my fingers touched her. Linda licked her lips as I repeated my light touches several more times, allowing her to grow accustomed to me. After gaziantep escortları a brief silent period, I began to trace the hairline above her forehead and then lightly touched her eyebrows to outline the top of her face. She seemed to enjoy that, so I continued for a bit longer.

Waiting again quietly, I moved to her chin and outlined her jaw and caressed her temples and ears again. This time she moaned low in her throat and her legs seemed to move involuntarily, rubbing her thighs together. "I'm getting to her," I mused as I worked my hands back up to her prominent cheekbones and let them linger along her nose and upper lip.

Finally, I used one fingertip to trace over her pretty lips and I was rewarded when she opened her mouth partway and licked my finger. I felt my cock swell under her and I traced over her lips several more times. On my final touch, she gently sucked my finger as if it was a tiny prick. "Whoa," I thought, "she's getting turned on by a face massage! This is a woman in need."

I repeated my facial cycle several more times and watched Linda become more aroused each cycle. As I completed my last round of movements, I marveled at how much she seemed to enjoy my touch. Leaning over, I kissed her on the forehead and whispered to her, "I hope you enjoyed your face massage."

Linda used her hands and arms to turn over. She looked up at me, then down my body to my semi-rigid cock floating just under the water. "You have magic hands," she murmured. "I loved the way you touched me."

"I also do backrubs," I offered bravely, "but I don't believe this is the place for that."

Linda looked disappointed, but her smile quickly reappeared. "Perhaps later . . . somewhere else," she hinted.

"Perhaps," I agreed.

Having spent quite a bit of time in the warm pool, I decided to use the rest room and get a cold drink of water. I stepped out of the pool and walked through the gate, back to the community dressing room, rest room, and showers. The cold water tasted good. I looked back to the pool through the window and noticed that Linda had moved down to the deep end. She was chatting with another woman. I was ready for a change of scenery, so I slipped back into my clothes and walked back down the hill to my car. It was a short drive from the warm pool area, back past the lodge to the rustic medicine bath.

The medicine bath was a small pool, surrounded by large rocks, having a sand bottom. Flowering bushes and tall pine trees surrounded the pool. Chipmunks scurried around on the rocks and the nearby birds were singing merrily.

I quickly undressed and left my gear in the small gazebo near the medicine pool. A young couple greeted me quietly as I stepped into the pool and sank into the warm water at the far end. The couple sat close to each other and I could tell that they were caressing each other under the water. It occurred to me that I must have interrupted something more intimate as I tromped up the path to the pool.

"Don't mind me," I told them softly, "I'll mind my own business."

The fellow smiled and nodded. "No problem," he replied. We've been here too long already. I think we'll continue our hike after a while."

When they saw that I was in my own world, they became bolder. She straddled her husband's legs and sat facing him. They kissed like newlyweds and the ripples in the quiet water gave away their underwater antics. The ripples were small and infrequent at first, but it was obvious to me that she had let him slip his cock inside. Through half-closed lids, I observed how the ripples increased for a few moments, then stopped again. "She's teasing his cock so good," I thought as I tried my best to hide my voyeurism.

Minutes and several long kisses later, the ripples got stronger and her arms encircled his neck. Her body was sliding faster along his legs and, as her mouth opened, a low moan escaped her lips. "Orgasm number one," I mused.

The fellow glanced my way, but I pretended to doze.

A bit later, I watched as they stood and moved to the steps. The girl couldn't have been more than twenty and he looked to be about the same age. Her streaked blonde hair was from a bottle. Her natural bush was dark brown and curly. "Nice firm young breasts, too," I mused as she stepped onto the deck. She stood, unashamedly nude, while her young husband went over to retrieve their towels. Her small, rosy nipples stood erect on her firm globes as we smiled at one another.

"Have a nice hike," I offered as he handed her a towel and she covered her sweet nakedness.

The next half-hour passed quietly. I was alone with my thoughts in the medicine pool. A chipmunk bravely approached, looking for a handout. When he saw there was no food, the chipmunk sassed me, then scurried off in search of better pickings. I looked up at the treetops and watched them sway gently in the breeze. "It doesn't get much more peaceful than this," I thought.

I heard footsteps approaching along the path and lazily opened my eyes. They opened wider when I saw that the newcomer was my new friend, Linda! "Hello again," I greeted as she walked to the edge of the pool.

"Hi," she responded sweetly. "Do you mind a little company?" she asked.

"I'd love some company. Come on in, the water's perfect."

She continued on by me and dropped her knapsack on the gazebo seat, next to my clothes. A couple of minutes later, she reappeared at the top of the pool steps in all her naked splendor. Linda took her time picking her place in the pool. She coyly sank into the water about mid-way down the side. Not too close to me . . . but not too far either. Since we were alone in the pool, we could talk in a normal tone of voice.

"Thanks again for the facial massage," she said. "It was very nice and relaxing."

"You're welcome," I replied. "I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'd be glad to treat you to a foot massage if you like."

Linda grinned. "Oh, I would like, for sure," she gushed. "I love to have my feet massaged, and I already know you have nice soft hands."

"Come on over to the edge and sit on the bottom step. I can reach your feet easily then."

Linda moved to the steps and settled back into the water, offering her left foot to me. I held her slim foot in my hands and began to massage her instep and up along each toe's joints. Her eyes closed and a little smile skipped across her lips.

"Mmm, that's very nice, Ken," she murmured. "I love your touch."

I must have spent a half-hour on Linda's feet and she seemed to melt into my hands. I enjoyed giving her pleasure as my hands explored her slim ankles and dainty feet. Finally, I couldn't think of anything more to do, so I gave each foot a final overall massage. "There, how was that?" I asked.

"Incredible," she replied, looking deep into my eyes. "That's the best foot massage I've ever had."

She stayed on the step, near to me as I sank back into the water and relaxed. It was quiet and I could actually hear her breathing. We sat silently for quite a while, enjoying the serenity of the pool and the breeze sighing through the tall trees. Finally, she spoke.

"How about that backrub you promised me?"

I slowly opened my eyes and returned to planet Earth. "Well, nobody's around to complain, so how about right now?" I replied.

"Sounds good to me," Linda said. "How will you do it?"

Quickly looking about, I spied one of the large rocks with a flat area just above the water line. "Why don't you move over here. You can rest your arms and head on this flat rock and I'll be able to reach your whole back if you're resting on your knees."

Without a word, Linda moved to the rock and knelt down, her back and the top of her ass above the water. She folded her arms and put her head on them, closing her eyes. "I'm ready when you are," she whispered.

I took up my position behind her and stretched my arms out. I was too far away to reach her neck and shoulders, so I moved in closer. "I'll need to get my legs between yours in order to reach your upper back," I said.

She spread her legs apart and I moved between them. I placed my hands on the back of her neck and my belly touched her bottom. "Perfect," I announced and began to stroke her shoulders lightly. I began to run my hands along her ribs and back up her spine in a slow rhythm, ending with medium pressure along her shoulders and neck.

"Ahh, that's nice," she purred as I caressed her smooth back. "Your hands feel so good."

Linda isn't the shy, modest type," I mused. "She doesn't seem to mind the contact between my body and her nice rump." Each time I moved to her upper back, my belly and floating prick made contact with her in various ways. I noticed that when it happened, she seemed to move slightly deeper in the water in a sly effort to prolong the contact.

My hands roamed down her sides and occasionally contacted the sides of her pendulous breasts as they floated freely in the warm water. "I like that too," she cooed as my fingers slid along her soft tits. Becoming bolder, I moved my hands to the front and cupped both of her breasts in my hands momentarily.

"That's really nice," she purred, assuring me she was not upset with my bold move.

Her breasts were soft and flat, but her rosy nipples became erect as my fingers rolled each of them. I pulled gently. In response, she groaned deep in her throat. As I fondled her breasts, she slowly moved her body against mine in a gentle rhythm under the water.

After some time had passed, I don't know how long exactly, I finished Linda's backrub and sat on a submerged rock to cool off a bit. Rather than return to her spot, she slid onto my lap and rested her head on my left shoulder. "That was great," she murmured. "It's been a long time since anyone has been so nice to me."

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," I responded quietly as my right hand rested on her upper right thigh. I began to slowly squeeze her leg, then caress it as my hand moved from her knee upward.

Linda let her left leg hang off my lap, a silent invitation to explore even higher. As my hand moved upward, I let my finger lightly brush across her swollen pussy lips. She shuddered in response, then kissed my neck. "Hmm, she must like that," I thought. A few more strokes provided reinforcement as she allowed her legs to spread wider. My finger traced up and down her slit and I could now feel a wetness that didn't come from the warm pool.

Soon, my finger slid between her puffy labia and explored Linda's soft wet cunt. She put her right arm around me and held me closer as I probed, lingering on her G spot just inside the pubic opening. "Oh yes," she purred softly, "feels so good."

Her acceptance encouraged me to go even further. I urged her off my lap and told her to sit on the flat rock she had so recently used as a headrest. She complied immediately and perched her slender form on the edge of the rock, facing me. I pressed on her knees and she grinned. Leaning back on her hands, Linda let her legs fall open, exposing her very wet, very pink, very swollen pussy.

I wasted no time moving between her legs. Using my hands to spread her outer lips, I employed my tongue to split her inner labia and lick up and down, tasting her womanly nectar for the first time. Linda was panting as I tapped the tip of my tongue on her small, erect clitoris.

"Oh my God . . . oh yes, don't stop," she gasped as I continued to lick, tap, and thrust my tongue into her love pit.

I felt Linda shake as her orgasm overtook her. She closed her legs around my head and raised her ass off the rock, craving more contact. She must have had her eyes closed as she climaxed because, as she began to come back down to Earth and her eyes opened, she jumped.

"Oh no, we're busted," she whined. "People are watching us!"

I quickly pulled up and looked around. Sure enough, the young couple had returned and stood about forty feet away. They must have been very quiet coming up the path, or perhaps we were both too involved to hear. We looked at them. They looked back at us in amazement. I don't know who was more surprised, but our mood was broken for the time being.

The young couple turned around and walked back down the path. The fellow did glance back over his shoulder as Linda slipped back off her rock seat. I saw his young lady jab him on the arm. We both heard him laugh. At least they were nice enough to leave us alone!

Linda moved back on my lap and I fingered her to another nice long climax. Not long after that we were again interrupted as a middle-age couple wandered up the path. Linda was fondling my cock under the water and I was slowly massaging her mound when they arrived and began to undress.

She was a rather tall lady with salt and pepper hair pulled back in a long ponytail. Her small tits were still quite firm. Topped by dark tan nipples that protruded a half-inch or so, she struck rather sexy pose. Her thick, dark bush was likewise sprinkled with gray hairs. Some longer hairs near the middle of her slit pointed upward in a cute curl. She placed her towel on a nearby rock and smiled at us as she stepped into the pool and moved to the far end.

Her companion was tall and well built. He was mostly bald and the gray hair he did have was clipped very short. I would classify him as a 'grower' because his cock was short and thick, and mostly hidden in a thick patch of dark hair. He would likely grow to at least six inches when aroused. The man tossed his towel on his wife's and nodded to us as he entered the water. They seemed content to cuddle and whisper softly to each other, leaving us free to continue our caresses.

After another quarter hour of soaking and touching, Linda moved close to my ear. "Let's go back to the warm pool for a while, okay?"

Of course, I agreed. We made our way to the steps and got out of the medicine pool as quietly as we could. The other couple were involved in a deep kiss and paid no attention to us. Through the clear water, I could see her riding her companion's left leg as his hand massaged her breast.

"I'll bet they're glad we decided to leave," I whispered to Linda as we dressed.

Smiling up at me, she nodded her agreement. "I don't think they could wait much longer," she chuckled.

We strolled back down the narrow path. "I need to pee and get my jacket before we go back to the warm pool," she said as we reached the lodge.

We went inside and up the stairway to her small room. She grabbed her jacket, then started down the hall to the community bathroom. "I might as well take a leak too," I said as she opened the door.

"Sure, come on in," she agreed as she entered the bathroom.

I closed the door behind me and, like a gentleman, watched while she slipped her jeans and red panties down her legs and sat on the toilet.

"I was about to pop," she laughed as a steady stream splashed into the bowl.

I laughed with her. As she pulled off some toilet paper, I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. She got up and raised the seat for me, and I produced a stream as she stood to one side and watched me. It was highly erotic for some strange reason. I flipped the handle and we each washed our hands. She turned to me and slipped her arms around me. I looked into her eyes and kissed her softly.
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