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Holiday Loving Ch. 06

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Holiday Loving - Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure Ch. 06

Mandy goes undercover to help police break a drug ring


Author's notes:

1. This is a work of fiction. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily either condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.

2. All characters are fictional and any likeness to any living person is purely coincidental. The story is purely imaginary and, to the author's knowledge, bears no relationship to any factual occurrence.

3. This chapter 6 of this series. It makes more sense to read chapters 1 to 5 first, but this is not essential.


Tony sat across from me as we sipped our coffee.

"This is a very sensitive operation," he continued, "If anyone finds out that I'm an undercover cop it will not end well. The only reason I'm here is because I need a female assistant to accompany me and none of the female cops in the precinct are willing to do this work for personal reasons. The problem is that undoubtedly sexual acts will take place and all our female cops are married. So instead of finding a female cop willing to take part in sexual acts, I thought finding a sex worker willing to pose as the partner of an undercover cop may be easier. So, I guess it's up to you now. Mandy, are you willing to accompany me to a sex club in order that I may try to infiltrate the group of drug sellers we believe is working within this facility?"

I looked at Stan and Gloria, both of whom were looking expectantly at me.

"It's up to you, babe," said Stan, "It's possibly got some risks, more so for Tony than for you. I know you'll be able to handle the sex bits, but it could get a bit nasty if Tony's made as a cop. That's when he will cover for you by denying that you knew anything about his real work, and of course you also will deny that and express horror that he duped you. But it really is up to you."

I looked at Tony, not his real name of course; he was handsome, well-built, seemed sexy and if I'd been asked on a date by him I'd have had no hesitation in accepting, and expecting a pretty good performance in bed afterwards. Hell, I would probably have done it for free. The element of danger, while possibly slight, was nonetheless present. Did that encourage me or turn me off? Probably encourage, I thought. I realized I was usually pretty quick witted, was able to talk my way out of most sticky situations, was encouraged by the manner in which I'd handled the two blackmail situations, which had the potential to become nasty, so I made up my mind.

"Yes, I'll do it, but on one condition only," I replied.

"What is that condition?" asked Tony.

"You're making our relationship out to be a sham, something that can be seen by others to be real but which is actually not. Do you have a girlfriend or lover at present?"

"Ah, no, I really haven't got time for one."

"I thought as much. So, the condition is that we allow ourselves the opportunity to fall in love. We date, we fuck, we sleep together, we act as normal, sexy girl and boy friends do for a few weeks at least, then when we've finished thinking of one another as partners in some Keystone Cops movie and are thinking of each other as friends and lovers, we will have the instincts that will allow us to go unnoticed in a sex club. Until then our actions and reactions will be stiff and controlled. I'd actually prefer something else stiff and controlled when we're there."

"But what about Neil?" asked Gloria, "I thought you two were pretty tight."

"Yes, we are, and he's pestering me to marry him. But I haven't responded to that request yet. If I do agree it will only be when he realizes who the me is that he's marrying. I refuse to be tied down to one man; if he wants me then he takes me as I am: sexually promiscuous. So maybe this is the best thing that could happen because it will let him know that he's not the only man in my life and that even after we marry, if we marry, I'll still continue my normal work."

Gloria sat back in her seat, apparently by my revelation. I looked back at Tony expectantly as he thought about my offer and condition. Eventually he made up his mind.

"Ok, I'll accept that condition. How do you see it taking place?"

"Well, either you move in with me or I move in with you. Probably me moving in with you would be better as that would probably be what would be expected if we were just meeting and growing our relationship. Remember, as you should know, the streets have eyes and ears, so we have to make it seem as natural as possible."

"Well, there could be a problem there. I only have a one bedroom flat so you'd need to sleep on the sofa, or I would."

I burst out laughing. "A one bedroom flat is perfect, but make sure you have a queen or king size bed. Naturally we'll be sleeping together. Remember, we're making this real."

"Oh. That real." He paused, letting the new reality sink in. At last he smiled. "That's cool by me," he said, looking me up and down and unconsciously running his tongue over his lips. I gaziantep escortları wondered how far I should push him.

"What have you got planned for this afternoon?" I asked.

"I've set the whole day aside for this project; in fact, until the project is completed, this is my work. Why do you ask?"

"Well, I figure that the sooner we become lovers the better, so how about a romp in the hay before lunch?"

I laughed out loud again at the expressions that passed across Tony's face. He turned beet red, looked towards Stan and Gloria, noticed they were grinning, looked back at me, still chuckling from his reaction and realized the reality of what he'd agreed to. We were partners in all senses of the word, or we were nothing and he'd have to devise another plan.

"Ok, darling, you're on. Just one final time, you are sure about this, aren't you?"

"Yes, honey, very sure. Now come and show me what you've got, big boy."

I stood and walked to him, offering him my hand and together we walked hand in hand to my bedroom. Once inside I closed the door and took him in my arms. He awkwardly wrapped his arms around me and we hugged for a few minutes, acquainting ourselves with how the other smelt and felt as we pressed our bodies together. I recognized a stirring in my crotch as I felt his cock beginning to harden and determined to investigate further very soon. I turned my face up to him and pursed my lips, inviting him to kiss me, which he did, tentatively at first then with more commitment and sexual energy after I pulled his head downward with my hand cupped behind it. After a very short time we were tongue wrestling and exploring the insides of each other's mouths.

I lowered my hands and gripped his ass cheeks, then pulled his shirt up and slid my hands inside his trousers and shorts and cupped his ass. He took his cue from me and I felt him reciprocating, gripping my cheeks before he pulled my short skirt upwards until he could insert his hands inside my brief panties. His bare hands felt so good against my bare ass and I felt my pussy flushing with my feminine juices. I wanted him, soon; I just hoped he wanted me equally.

We broke the kiss and stepped away a small distance, looking at each other as we regained our breaths.

"No regrets about your decision?" he asked.

"Oh no, none at all. Any regrets about asking me?"

He smiled and I saw his tongue lick his lips again. "None," he grinned.

"Then for god's sake, strip me, darling, before I burst from frustration."

He quickly undid my shirt, then I unclipped my bra but let him remove it. Once he saw my naked breasts he leaned forward and kissed them, then took each nipple in his mouth and sucked gently, marvelling at their rapid engorgement. It was my turn, so I removed his tee shirt over his head then caressed his naked hairy chest, kissing his nipples and feeling a shudder passing through his body from the unfamiliar sensations. Then he reached behind me and unfastened my skirt, sliding the zipper downwards and allowing it to fall to the floor. He stepped back to take in the view of me standing there, wearing only my very brief G string panties. I noticed that there was a large swelling behind his pants zipper so unbuckled his belt then undid the button and zipper, allowing his trousers to fall around his thighs. His cock appeared huge in his shorts, so I pushed them down until his beautiful cock sprang free. I then knelt down and took him in my mouth, running my tongue around his helmet, tasting his precum while one hand pushed his trousers and shorts all the way down and the other cupped his balls.

Once his clothing was on the floor, he stepped out of it and backed away from me, then he lifted me to standing position once again and it was his turn to kneel in front of me as he slowly lowered my G string to the floor, holding it as I stepped out. I spread my legs further apart to allow him access to my private zone, and he leant forward and kissed my pussy, sliding his tongue between my lips and along my trench, tasting my juices, then moving it back to spend a few seconds licking my clit, which sent tumultuous sensations pouring through me. He then stood again and we embraced, both naked, his cock fitting between my thighs and pressing against my pussy. I wrapped my arms around his muscular neck, took my weight on them and wrapped my legs around his hips.

"Take me to bed, darling," I commanded.

He did and placed me on my back, leaning forwards over me as I refused to release my legs from where they were locked around him.

"Please fuck me, darling," I whispered into his ear.

I felt him wriggle to reposition his cock until it was lined up, then I felt it slide gently into my sopping vagina. In one thrust he was fully embedded in me, his pubic bone pressing against my clit, causing amazing sensations to course through my body. I released his neck so that he could use his hands on my breasts and felt his soft touch on my sensitive nubs which sent more thrills through me.

I only lasted a few minutes before I came. I felt my orgasm starting at my toes and running up my legs to my pussy, meeting the next wave that ran down from my lips, where he was kissing them, through my breasts to my pussy. When they met I screamed as my body convulsed beneath Tony, my vaginal muscles pulsing around his cock, seeking his fluids which this time he withheld. After a short while I relaxed and he smiled down at me.

"You really are a sexy girl, eh darling?"

"Yes, I am. I hope that doesn't put you off. In any session I usually cum about four times, so don't be alarmed."

"Alarmed? I'm flattered that I'm able to arouse you so much."

"Great, now don't just talk, please fuck me."

Tony did for the next half hour or so, bringing me to another four screaming orgasms before finally depositing a huge load of his hot cum in the end of my love tunnel. We lay together for a while, recovering, our breathing slowing to normal, kissing, cuddling.

"Must be lunch time," said Tony at last, "All this love making brings on an appetite. Thank you, sweetheart, that was undoubtedly the best session I've ever had. You're a wonderful lover."

"Yeah, most men appreciate most women just after they've fucked them. Wait till I'm tired and grumpy, then tell me how wonderful I am."

Tony chuckled. "Even when you're tired and grumpy I think I'll still love you, but time will tell."

We stood, wiped ourselves down with a towel and Tony was about to dress himself again. I stopped him.

"You're part of the family and family usually stay naked here on warm days like this, but only if you wish. I won't be dressing and you'll possibly find Gloria and Stan are also naked."

"Oh, Ok, if you're sure . . ."

"I'm sure," I replied as I opened the door, "Besides, it'll begin to prepare you to walk around naked amidst others like we'll probably be doing at the sex club." I took his hand and led him into the dining room, where Gloria and Stan were sitting, naked, eating lunch. We ate together, discussing the work as well as discussing our current situation as lovers. Everyone agreed that we'd be able to pull it off.

"There's just a certain rapport between lovers that would be missing completely between work colleagues. That's why it's so important that you two are actual lovers," opined Gloria.

"Oh, we are that, for real," replied Tony, reaching over to kiss me, "I've fallen in love with this little lady."


Saturday night two weeks later, our passes, printed out after booking online, were checked against a list at the door by a massively strong looking guy wearing only a loin cloth. He seemed satisfied with us, looked us up and down, then indicated we should enter.

Inside it was warm, dimly lit and noisy both from people talking and from a sound system. We quickly cast our eyes over the scene of partially clad men and women engaged in chatting in groups, embracing amorously or dancing on the small dance floor. It seemed very similar to any other adult night club except for the partial nudity. We walked to the bar and ordered drinks before looking for a quiet location to sit and size people up.

We only spent a very few minutes alone at the table we found before another couple arrived and introduced themselves as Pam and Leon. We used our assumed names of Tony, I knew him by no other name, and Lori, my assumed name for the project. We swapped some details, ours fictitious, theirs probably real, then within a very short time we began discussing the club and the activities we could expect tonight.

"Are you both new here?" said Pam, looking us over, "This your first night?"

"Yes," I replied, "Is it that obvious?"

Pam chuckled. "Well, if you check out the people here you'll find most are wearing very little while you're still in street clothes."

Tony and I looked at each other then around the room and noticed the comparison. We had been so focused on what was happening we had overlooked the obvious, even though we knew that we must blend in as much as possible. For the first time I noticed that Pam was wearing only a tiny shelf-type bra and G string panties, while Leon wore only a loin cloth.

"Guess we should change that," said Tony, "Where do we put our street clothing?"

"There're lockers behind that false wall," said Leon, indicating a wall behind us, "And a pile of loin cloths if you want one. Help yourself. Just choose an open locker, place what you want in it and then set a combination which you need to remember. Officially there is a policy that genitals must be covered except on stage, hence the loin cloths and G strings, but doesn't prevent people having sex if they want to. Bare breasts are fine. We'll hold your seats here if you like."

"Thanks," replied Tony as we both headed behind the wall.

We discussed how far to strip and decided that it was a sex club so when in Rome, etc. We both stripped then Tony tied a loin cloth around his waist while I wore my G string panties, leaving my breasts bare. We placed our clothing in a locker, set a code of Tony's birthdate, then headed back to Leon and Pam, who now had another couple at the table as well. We were introduced to Olive and Ken, apparently old friends of Leon and Pam who, they told us, had swapped partners on many previous occasions.

"Once we even swapped partners for a month," giggled Olive, "Our kids seemed to be quite confused for a while but they coped just fine."

"I really enjoyed the time we shared a large house while on holiday," added Leon, "We had great fun each night, but that was before we had kids. They do limit our freedom a bit, but not too much really."

Tony and I exchanged a knowing look, wondering where tonight was going to be heading. Then Ken stood up and headed back to the bar where he talked to the bar manager for a few moments, before returning.

"Just arranging a proper welcome for you two," he said as he sat down, "Usually first timers get a welcome."

My heart sank. So much for fitting in; now everyone would know we were newbies. I wondered what would happen. Tony was obviously wondering as well and voiced his concerns.

"So what happens during a welcome?" he asked.

"That depends, but usually it's great fun for everyone concerned," replied Pam with a grin.

Our conversation ranged over many topics but mainly seemed to be about sexually related aspects of life. Pam and Ken arranged to meet in a private room for an intimate session later but no such reciprocal arrangement was made by Olive and Leon. I suspected that they may find other partners during the evening, as, undoubtedly, would we. After a short time the music and conversation stopped and the bar manager walked onto the stage and began welcoming everyone there and then called our names and asked us to go onto the stage with him. We stood and hesitantly made our way between the tables, feeling several stray hands stroke my nearly naked body.

"Ladies and gentlemen," began the bar manager, "I'd like you to join in welcoming Tony and Lori to the club. This is their first night so give them a big hand."

We stood there, near-naked, on stage, the center of attention as everyone clapped and cheered. Finally the noise subsided and the bar manager continued.

"As you know it is customary to offer first timers to everyone to sample, but also as you well know, everything that happens here is consensual and voluntary, so I would like to ask Tony and Lori if they would be willing to be shared by the group for a short time?"

Tony and I looked at each other. For me there was no problem sexually; I'd been shared in my last assignment so there seemed to be little difference. While we didn't want to draw attention to ourselves, that was now totally blown, so the best thing to do would be to blend in and accept the norms of the club rather than drawing additional attention to ourselves by refusing. I looked to Tony and nodded to signify it was Ok by me.

"Yes, we'll accept that," replied Tony.

Everyone cheered and clapped again as the bar manager signalled his assistants who went off stage. A few moment later they wheeled in a bed and a suspended sling. I suspected I knew their purpose, and this was confirmed when I was taken by the assistants to the sling, asked to remove my panties, which I did, and helped to sit on it, then was fastened into it, my legs being spread widely apart, feet and hands velcroed into place, leaving me totally exposed with my ass at the edge of the supporting fabric. I looked towards the bed and noted that Tony was strapped to it, his wrists and ankles attached to the corners, his loin cloth on the floor beside the bed and his ass propped up so his cock was hard and waving in the air. As I watched one of the female attendants was fitting a ring to his cock to help it remain hard. Then the bar manager set a clock for 30 minutes and announced that we were available for our introduction.

Within seconds I had a line of men with hard cocks waiting to use me, but first the bar manager approached between my legs and without any preliminary preparation, he pushed his long, thin cock into my tunnel. Fortunately I was dripping with fluids from the anticipation of being fucked by so many men, and he slid in easily and fully, then moved in and out a few times as he gripped my breasts, then withdrew and stood aside to allow the next man to enter me. This occurred many times, no man wanting to cum this early in the evening. Each simply sampled me, as the bar manager had offered and done.

I felt myself slowly becoming aroused, each cock pushing me a little closer before being withdrawn. Eventually I managed to cum on a very large cock which fucked into me for longer than most. As the cock's owner realized I was cumming, he twisted my nipples and thrust into me harder as I writhed on the sling, helpless in the grip of my orgasm. At least he remained in me long enough for me to fully experience the sensations, but then he pulled out, leaving me for the next person in line. I looked over to Tony lying on the bed as a blonde woman with pierced nipples rode him for about half a minute, seemingly enjoying the sensations of his large cock implanted inside her. I could see that Tony was resisting the urge to cum and when she climbed off he seemed to relax as though an ordeal had ended. The blonde was replaced by a smaller woman who closed her eyes as she lowered herself onto Tony's cock, then just sat there without moving for a short time before climbing off again.
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