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High Rise Exhibitionist Ch. 13

Post #1

I arrived home a little after ten and stepped out on my balcony to have a smoke. The air was cooling and I was sure the next morning would be crisp and clear. Glancing down and across at Kay's apartment a warm glow of lights shown through her drawn drapes.

I thought about calling her but decided not since it was after ten and I figured she'd be turning in shortly. I was just about to drop my cigarette in the coffee can I used as an ash tray when I noticed her drapes move a little.

Kay slipped through the material and stepped to the railing of her balcony. Her hands moved up to her lips and for an instant the glow of flame reflected off her face. She was having a cigarette before bed.

I decided to have another. Kay tilted her head to expel the smoke from her lungs and as she did I lit my smoke drawing her attention to my balcony.

She didn't acknowledge my presence but I was certain Kay knew I was watching. It appeared that she was wearing a two piece pajama set pants and a button up night shirt. A full moon provided enough light that I could see it was a delightful floral print.

Kay took a second drag on her cigarette and then placed her hand on the railing holding the smoke between two sexy fingers. Her free hand slid up across her belly and cupped one soft breast.

Kay knew I was watching and I knew she was about to give me something to watch. Kay took another drag on her cigarette then reached out over the edge of her balcony and flicked it toward the street. I watched as it tumbled down and landed with a splash of sparks in the gutter. I'd have to remind her about littering the next time we met.

While I was distracted for a moment by the fall of her smoke Kay had brought her other hand up and was now massaging both lovely breasts through the fabric of her night shirt. Her finger tips tweaking tight nipples between slow circular motions of her palms around the complete breast.

Kay never looked up toward me but she knew that until she slipped back through the drapes I wasn't going anywhere.

Very slowly Kay unbuttoned her night shirt starting at the top and working her way down. As the last button opened she drew the material out and around the sides of her lovely full breasts. Her delicate fingers circled each warm orb making smaller and smaller circles until she could use just one sexy digit to draw tiny circles around her taut nipples.

The soft moon light reflected off her creamy flesh as Kay moved both hands to one lovely full breast and lifted the hard nipple toward her extended tongue. The moist tip flicked seductively at the hard flesh and I thought I heard a soft moan from across the street.

The other soft full breast received the same treatment and after she moistened that nipple with her tongue she dropped her arms and used them to press the pair together. Her flesh glowed in the soft moonlight and I stared intently as her little bed time show continued.

I watched as she moved one hand back up to cup a soft breast and the other slipped under the waist band of her pants. I knew that my imagination would have to provide the images of where that hand moved and what it touched but I was okay with letting my imagination run wild.

Her head tilted back as delicate fingers found the hard nub of her clit while she softly massaged one breast. I imagined her sexy fingers slipping beyond her vulva and dipping deep into her moist honey pot.

My eyes were glued to what they could see and my mind filled in the details of what I couldn't.

Her soft hand continually moved from one full breast to the other rubbing the fullness of each then sexy fingers tweaked each erect nipple.

I could see her pants moving in front but the fabric kept the details hidden. Judging from the way Kay tossed her head back and forth I imagined that the hidden hand was bringing her closer and closer to orgasm.

She eventually gave in to her lust and moved the hand that had been caressing her breasts inside her pants joining the other to pleasure her hot pussy.

I definitely heard a louder moan just before Kay turned around and leaned hard against the iron railing throwing her head back she groaned deeply as her soft delicate fingers brought on her orgasm. Her body shook with pleasure and she tossed her head side to side rich red hair flying everywhere. Her movement slowed and I knew the self induced orgasm was subsiding. I saw one delicate hand slip from beneath her pants but the other was hidden from my view. Without ever looked toward me Kay slowly walked forward and disappeared between the fabric of her drapes.

I stood there for a few minutes hoping she'd return but eventually the dim glow of light from behind her drapes disappeared and I knew she had retired.

I went back inside and did the same covering the huge wet spot on my bed with a couple bath towels.

As I suspected Friday morning dawned crisp and clear a preview of the autumn season that was just around the corner. My morning coffee tasted especially good as I relaxed sipping from my favorite mug gaziantep escortları on my balcony.

The events of the previous day ran through my mind. Francine had turned out to be an awesome lover sandwiched between an incredible morning blow job and the bed time exhibitionist show that Kay provided. I was certain I wanted to have these two lovely vixens at the same time.

Friday is casual day in our office and I slipped on a pair of jeans and a cream colored sport shirt before heading into work.

Francine's car was already in its assigned space when I pulled into the lot. I flicked my morning commute cigarette out the window and pushed the transmission into park. Not only is Friday casual day but it's also the one day of the week that I can guarantee not a single outside salesman would appear. Only the inside staff of six women and the other sales manager would be in the office today. I'd have ample opportunity to talk discretely with Francine about a possible menage a trios.

"Morning." I said as I stepped out of the elevator and walked by our receptionist's desk. "Good Morning Mr. Goodman." She replied.

There were seven phone messages on my desk the result of me taking the previous afternoon off. It took me a good hour and fifteen minutes to return the calls. Once I'd taken care of that I grabbed my coffee mug and headed for the small kitchenette where the coffee pot was usually at least half full. But this was Friday and with the small number of workers in the office no one had bothered to brew a second pot.

I had time to make a pot so I rinsed out the pot and dumped the old grounds in the trash can. While I waited for the brewer to finish I leaned against the counter watching the few folks there trying to keep themselves busy move past the door. Just as the coffee maker started making that funny gurgling sound it does when it's almost finished Francine appeared in the doorway.

"Did you make fresh coffee?" She asked with a broad smile on her glistening pink lips.

"Yep" I replied.

Francine was also dressed casual but her casual was still very sexy. She wore a pair of tight jeans with a perfect crease ironed into the front of the legs. A pair of black heels and a pale blue cowl neck sweater. Her hair just touched the pale blue knit covering her shoulders.

"Great I'm ready for a second cup." Francine remarked as she stepped into the kitchenette.

"Should be done in a couple seconds." I answered.

Francine stepped past me and leaned against the counter as I turned to face her. Her sexy smile reminded me of the incredible time we'd shared yesterday not that I needed a reminder.

I saw her look past me before she whispered. "You were incredible yesterday."

I grinned and replied. "We were incredible."

Just then Janice our receptionist stepped in. "Do I smell fresh coffee?" She asked.

I turned and leaned against the counter. "You sure do." I answered.

As Janice fixed her coffee I decided the kitchenette was going to be too busy a place for me to have a discrete conversation with Francine.

After Janice was finished I poured myself a cup then held the pot out toward Francine. She extended her empty mug and I filled it about three quarters full. "You like cream with your coffee right?" I asked.

Francine grinned at me then replied. "Yes do you have any left?"

I laughed knowing she was making a joke about the copious amount of cream I'd provided last night.

"Sorry this will have to do." I said smiling widely and holding out the jar of instant creamer.

"Thanks I suppose a substitute will have to do." Francine replied.

Marge was next to interrupt us. "Oh here you are Fran." She said extending her hand holding an envelope. "I didn't want to leave your pay check on your desk."

"By the way..." Marge started then paused when I interrupted her.

"Gotta go excuse me Marge." I said slipping past Marge and out of the kitchenette.

I didn't hear what the by the way was about but I assumed it would have to do with some report Francine was asked to write for Marge's department.

I returned to my cubicle and dove into some paperwork that I wanted to get cleaned up before the weekend. A minute later Francine walked past and whispered. "Later?"

I pushed my chair back and leaned into the walkway watching Francine walk to her work space. Her sexy ass moved seductively as each step seemed to be for my enjoyment.

From behind Marge's voice said. "I've got to talk to that woman about how tight her casual jeans fit."

What Marge meant was that she caught me watching Francine's ass as she walked away and that she wouldn't allow such things to happen in her office.

Marge walked past me without saying another word and for a moment I watched her walk away. Her spandex covered ass giggled as she walked and the baggy top she wore rode up over the storage shelves that used to be her hips. Talk about both ends of the sexual spectrum.

Having been caught gawking at Francine's ass I wondered if I should wait for the company picnic to have that discrete conversation with Francine. I'd play it by ear this afternoon and if the chance presented it's self I'd talk to her. If not tomorrow would work too.

As I was finishing up my paperwork right before lunch my phone rang. "Hello Allen speaking." I said into the receiver.

"Mr. Goodman it's Francine." She said.

I thought that was quite formal she usually calls me Allen. "What can I do for you Francine?" I asked.

"I was wondering if I could take a few minutes of your time this afternoon. Marge has given me a new format for our monthly reports and I wanted to run it past you."

I didn't have the authority to over rule Marge's decisions about this kind of stuff but I agreed saying. "Sure I'd be happy to take a look at it."

"That would be wonderful thanks Allen." Francine replied.

"I'm gonna run out for some lunch now so how about one thirty." I suggested.

"That'll be perfect. Give me a ring when you get back." She said. "Okay I will. Bye Francine." I said then hung up the phone.

"Going to lunch Janice." I said as I walked past her receptionist desk.

"See ya later?" Janice replied.

"Yep" I said as the elevator doors closed.

I grabbed a hot dog and coke from the sidewalk vendor at the corner of our complex and took a seat on one of the park benches that are positioned around the building. From my vantage point I could watch everyone who came and went from the building.

Marge and three other girls who work in our office all came out together and since they all got in separate cars I assumed some if not all of them were taking a half day. Could be a very quiet afternoon in the office I thought. Perhaps that discrete conversation with Francine would happen today after all.

The noon time sun was rather warm but a slight breeze kept it quite comfortable while I sat there thinking about having Kay and Francine at the same time. After about forty five minutes of fantasizing I figured I'd head back inside.

"Your back early." Janice said as I entered the reception area.

"Back early leave early." I replied with a grin on my lips.

"I put two phone messages on your desk Mr. Goodman." Janice said as I walked past.

"Oh thanks." I replied

I made short work of the two calls and then dialed Francine's extension.

"Francine speaking how may I help you?" She answered.

I looked around making sure no one was within ear shot before I answered. "How about a quick blow job?"

Francine giggled then replied. "Oh Mr. Goodman you're back from lunch already?"

I laughed figuring she didn't have the same luxury of being out of everyone's ear shot then said. "You ready to look over this new format that Marge came up with?"

"Surely Mr. Goodman." Francine replied.

"Okay meet me in the conference room in ten minutes." I suggested.

That'll be fine." Francine said before hanging up.

I waited eleven minutes then headed to our impromptu meeting. Francine was already there sitting at one corner of the long table and had a stack of papers sitting in front of her.

"Geez Fran is Marge trying to reinvent the wheel?" I said as I sat at the end of the table.

"You have no idea." She answered then added. "Marge can be a read ball buster."

"Yeah I'm finding that out." I said.

"She came down on me this morning for wearing these jeans. Told me they are far to tight for even casual Fridays." Francine explained.

"That could be partly my fault. She caught me leaning out of my cubicle this morning watching you walk down the isle." I remarked. "Sorry about that hun." I added.

"She just wishes she could get her fat ass into jeans this tight." Francine said.

"Not in this lifetime Fran." I replied.

"So she dumped this mess on you this morning because you have such a nice ass?" I asked.

Francine smiled then said. "Oh no she dumped this on me two weeks ago. Before she left for the weekend she said she wanted them prepared for her review by Monday."

"What a bitch." I said.

"She's just doing her job Allen. Besides I can always come in tomorrow and finish up if I need to." Francine said.

"Well let's have a look at them." I suggested.

Francine opened the top folder and spread out several versions. Some had bar graphs others pie graphs and another had a combination of both.

"Marge thinks a visual report like this would get the sales reps attention better." Francine said.

I had to agree the graphs did show a quick summary of the ups and downs of sales over the past six months. "I like these." I said.

Francine smiled knowing I was giving initial approval of her design. "We can explain to the reps that we wanna get away from a roller coaster looking graph to one that looks more like a flight of stairs." I suggested.

"So you like the bar graph best?" She asked.

"Yes." I replied.

As she gathered up the examples I looked at her eyes. While they still sparkled there was a business like appearance I'd not noticed before.

Francine started to open the second file but I placed my hand over her's. She looked into my eyes as I asked. "You really like your work don't you?" "Yes I do." Francine replied.

"I have total confidence in you Francine. You've done an excellent job redesigning the format of our reports. I'll let you decided what will look best and if Marge questions that tell her to check with me." I suggested.

"So you don't need to review the rest of these changes?" She asked.

"Nope they'll be perfect as long as its your work Fran." I said.

Francine smiled widely knowing that I was confident her redesign of the reports would be perfect.

"Now I have something I'd like to talk to you about." I said.

Francine got a worried expression on her face and asked. "Your gonna dump me aren't you."

"No way!" I exclaimed.

Her expression instantly changed and she relaxed completely. "I've been worrying all day that because I told you about the other men in my life that you wouldn't want to see me again." Francine explained.

"Not to worry babe I'm seeing other women also." I said.

"Good cause last night was just about the most incredible experience I've ever had with a man Allen." Fran admitted.

"That good?" I questioned her.

"Oh yea and better." Francine answered.

"I hope I can live up to your expectations the next time." I said.

Francine slipped her hand under the table and lightly placed it on my leg. "I'm absolutely certain you will."

Remembering how Marge caught me watching Francine walk I moved my hand to her's and lifted it back to the table top. "We need to be very careful in the office."

"I agree Allen but there's only two other people plus Janice out front in the office this afternoon." Francine commented.

"I understand but if we're going to keep our affair discrete it's best that we don't touch each other while we're in the office. The last thing I want babe is to have a bunch of office gossips talking about us it would certainly get back to your husband and cause you all kind of problems." I explained.

Francine smiled and said. "I'll do my best to keep the my urges under control but look out when I get you alone. There's gonna be a lot of pent up frustration if I can only look and not touch when we're in the office.

I smiled knowing we both would enjoy having all that anticipation build.

"You wanted to ask me something earlier Allen and I interrupted you with my question about dumping me." Francine reminded me.

"Yes I did. This goes against everything I just said about keeping our affair out of the office but since we're here alone and as you said there's only three other people in the whole office this afternoon I suppose it's okay to talk." I said.

Francine turned her chair a little toward me and crossed her denim covered legs. Her hand slid up to play with the neck line of her cowl neck sweater.

"Do you remember yesterday at lunch when we were talking about taboos?" I asked.

"Yes." Francine answered tentatively then asked. "You don't want to give me a golden shower do you?"

"No no nothing like that." I replied.

"Okay go on." She replied knowing she wouldn't have to endure being urinated upon.

I continued. "I've always had this fantasy about a menage a trios. There's this really wonderful woman I've been seeing who shares the same fantasy and she's asked me to try and find someone to join us."

"And you just assumed that I'd be the perfect third for your little menage a trios?" Francine said with a kind of unpleasant tone of voice.

Her tone made me think she wasn't interested and I immediately apologized saying. "I'm sorry Francine forget I even brought it up. It's just that yesterday you seemed to be telling me that threesomes or more interested you."

A smile came across her lips as she leaded forward letting the cowl neck line of her sweater fall away from her chest. She whispered. Why are you apologizing baby I'd love to be part of your menage a trios fantasy."

"That would be great." I instantly replied.

Francine straightened up and held a finger up as she said. "But first I want to meet this other women to see if she and I find each other hot. No sense putting two women together if they can't enjoy themselves too."

"I never thought of that." I admitted.

"Is this other woman married?" She asked.

"Widowed." I answered.

"Really she's not some old wrinkled grand mother type is she?" Francine asked.

"Oh no she is a little older than me but believe me when I say she's probably the most passionate women I've ever met. I remarked.

Francine smiled and said. "Until yesterday."

"Trust me Francine you two are equals when it comes to passion." I said.

"Well set up a meeting babe and lets see what happens." Francine suggested.

I thought for a moment then suggested. "I could bring her to the picnic tomorrow and since we won't be able to do much anyway you and she could get to know each other."
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