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Her Mom's Hot Friend Ch. 04

Post #1

Although Robert and Julie had a certain curiosity about each other sexually, they never explored it once during the years of their friendship.

There were several chances, even during their "paper only" brief marriage, but it seemed Robert was in a relationship while Julie was free or vice versa. In addition, she'd had the additional task of raising a child.

Many of her girlfriends often teased her about "her and Rob being in mutual denial for years."

It was even at the point where both her daughter Cara and his cousin Marcus began picking up Robert and Julie's not-so-subtle signals, so the mutual curiosity wasn't well hidden as they'd thought.

"I don't know why you and Jules haven't fucked each other's brains out and gotten it over with," Marcus said one evening. "You have to admit she's still pretty hot for an older chick. Hell, if I was you, I'd boned her a long time ago without a second thought."

Robert gave his cousin a playful smack on the head. "Of course you would've. But we aren't a couple of horny kids who need to go at it all of the time like you and Cara."

"Could've fooled me, dude."

"I thought you and Cara were going out."

"We are, but I need to borrow the car."

Robert tossed him the keys. "Make sure the gas tank's filled before you come home."

"Yeah, yeah. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear you wanted to get rid of me so you and Jules can be alone when she comes over."

"Maybe I do. Now shove your ass out of here and go get laid. It's rude to keep a lady waiting."

Watching Marcus leave, Robert reflected on his friendship with Julie There were many times they had long talks that often ended up with them discussing each other's sex lives.

They'd discussed sexual fantasies their secrets were gaziantep escortları safe, and of course, she was one of very few women in his life who never had an issue with him being bisexual.

Julie still wasn't aware he'd taken her daughter's virginity or continued to have sex with Cara several times before the girl started seeing Marcus.

Had Julie known, Robert was sure their friendship would end, and he was relieved when Cara began focusing her attentions on his young cousin.

After a particularly erotic phone conversation, Julie came to visit that evening while Marcus and Cara were out on a date. She walked in the door and their eyes met, sending shock waves through my body. I knew what was on his mind just by the look on his face.

Without saying a word, he took her hand, tilted her chin until she was gazing into his eyes and kissed her. The kiss was soft and tentative, and they explored each other's mouths before she broke it and stood back.

"Did the kids take off?" she asked before they sat on the couch.

"Yeah. I had to practically throw Marcus out of the house" He stole a peek of her cleavage, reached out, and playfully squeezed one of her breasts "Damn, woman, you do have a nice set of tits."

Julie smacked away his hand. "Hey!"

"You have no idea how sexy you look, do you?"

"You're moving a bit fast, big guy."

"I don't hear you saying no." Robert said before he kissed her again.

Knowing it would be a moot point to avert the underlying sexual tension they had for years, and melted into his embrace.

After several minutes, Julie broke the kiss and panted, "Let's go in your bedroom."

He got up and grasped her hand, practically dragging her toward the bedroom. They engaged in a passionate kiss while stripping off each other's clothes until both were completely naked.

She dropped to her knees, gripped his manhood, placed her tongue on the tip, and began doing a slow circling dance around it. She licked her way up and down Robert's shaft several times before.she removed one hand, slowly stroked his cock, and grasped his balls with her free hand while her mouth slid up and down his erection.

"Fuck, Julie...your mouth really knows its way around a guy's dick!"

She stopped for a moment and looked up at him. "It would be funny if the kids came home early and saw us doing this," she said with a laugh.

"Probably give them ideas of their own," he replied and guided his cock back into her mouth.

Robert placed his hands on each side of her head and started fucking her face.She massaged his balls, feeling him pulsating in her mouth, and then sucked all way down to his balls and back several times, her head bobbing in time with his hips grounding into her face.

He enjoyed the sensations of her orally pleasuring him, but also feared if he let her continue any longer, he would definitely come before they got around to actually fucking.

Robert pulled out of Julie's mouth and helped her to her feet. "Lay on the bed and spread your legs for me."

She lay on her back as he'd requested. He positioned his face in her crotch and began sucking and licking her pussy. He teased her clit before burying his entire face in it as he slid two fingers inside her.

The combination of his mouth and tongue while his fingers slid in and out of her wet opening caused Julie's body to jerk violently in orgasm.

After she'd come, he flicked his tongue over her clit a few more times before he stood up and mounted her.

"Sure you want to go through with this?" he asked with a grin.

She glanced at his erection. "I think it's a little late for you to be asking such a question."

"You're right." He ground his hips into hers until his entire cock was buried in her pussy. Julie gasped at how his long and thick cock filled her to the hilt.

Her inner muscles gripped his shaft like a vise.They passionately kissed, their tongues exploring each other's mouths while the rhythm of his thrusts in and out of her increased.

"You've always wanted this, haven't you, baby?" he grunted between thrusts.

"Yes...yes," she managed to answer between moans. Her orgasm was approaching with a vengeance.

"Come for me.. I want to watch you come while I'm fucking you."

Julie raised her hips and stared at him with total lust in her eyes while her body quaked from her climax. He pummeled into her at a steady, hard pace while they moaned in unison.

Robert put his arms under her knees and pulled her legs back toward her head. Each of his strokes became faster and much more intense. The sensation of her pussy muscles clamping his throbbing shaft was incredible, and it made him lose all control.

When he felt cock began to twitch, he slammed in and out of her with as much force as he could muster. Animal grunts escaped from his lips before he quickly pulled out.

Robert jerked his shaft several more times before he climaxed, his sperm landing on Julie's breasts and stomach.

His cock softened and he collapsed beside her, their bodies covered with layers of perspiration. They kissed again for several minutes before he spoke.

"Jesus, Marcus was right. We should've done this a long time ago."

She smiled. "Funny, Cara's been telling me the same thing."

"I could use a shower. Want to join me and have some more fun?"

"Hmmm...I think I do. We have a lot of time to make up for."
09 Aralık 2023, at 12:46

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