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Home Nudist

Post #1

"God, I love technology." Jill said as her shapely nude body reclined back into her office chair.

Jill was a computer geek's wet dream. She worked for an information security company and got to use all the cutting edge programs and tools to protect clients from security breaches. Jill's specialty was to investigate technology misuse using high-tech forensic tools for her company's clients. Usually, Jill would go into the office on Mondays and Fridays, working from home the rest of the week through an internet connection to her company's technology systems on her home computer.

In addition to being extremely intelligent, Jill was also very beautiful. She had an alluring, Eastern-European look. Jill's long, thick black hair fell just below her shoulders. Her pretty face highlighted by her engaging grey eyes always made men take a second glance. Those glances were usually met by her warm, inviting smile.

Even though she had just turned 33, Jill still had a gorgeous body. Frequently working from home gave Jill time to stay fit using the mini-gym she created in the basement of her modest little house. The ski machine shaped her round ass and toned her sexy long legs. Her belly was taught and firm from light weight work and the inclined sit-up board. Not to mention, her ample round breasts that were just the perfect handful.

In the eight months since Jill began working from home three days a week, she found that it gave her more time to work out and save money on gas. But she also found that it saved her time and money from having to launder a week's worth of work clothes. She had become a home nudist.

"Why wear clothes if you don't need to?" Jill deduced. Less laundry and it was just plain comfortable to go nude. Even a bit daringly sexy the few times there was an unexpected knock at her door. There was something undeniably exhilarating when the FedEx man delivered a package and she had to quickly try to hide her nudity behind the door while signing for the package. Gave the delivery man a thrill for the day and left Jill feeling unexpectedly excited.

The ring of the telephone pulled Jill away from her daydream. "Hello." She answered into the receiver.

"Jill, it's Robert." The voice on the other end said. "I know tomorrow is Wednesday, but can you come into the office?"

"Why, what's up?" Jill frowned.

"It's regarding that job for that big bank. They managed to get the missing USB device back, but there are files on there that are password protected. I need you to crack the passwords on it so they can view the protected files."

"Well, I can crack it from home. Do you want to just overnight mail it to me?" Jill suggested.

"Well, I wanted to get it cracked as soon as possible. Plus it's too late to get it to you tomorrow. I was hoping you'd be able to come in an extra day this week to start on it." Robert said.

"Well, I'm actually scheduled to have a workman stop by tomorrow, so I really need to be here." Jill lied, since she didn't feel like going in if she could avoid it. "Is it possible to have someone drop it off at my house for me?"

"I think so. Dan could probably swing by with it after work. I think your place is on his way home." Robert said.

"That would actually be perfect. I could get a jump start on it by connecting it to my computer and starting the password cracking programs on it overnight. Send Dan by with it tonight." Jill said.

"Thanks Jill. I'll see that Dan gets it to you tonight."

Jill grinned as she thought about Dan. She kind of missed seeing him everyday. It was one of the drawbacks about her work schedule. He started with the company a little over a year ago on a college internship. Jill always liked him, probably because he helped to boost her ego when she needed it.

When Dan started his internship, Jill's heart had just been broken. Her fiancée decided to end their relationship and leave her for another woman. At that time, Jill was still going to the office everyday which was actually a good thing. Seeing co-workers everyday helped lift her spirit.

Though he didn't know it, Dan was the one who lifted her spirits the most during that time. He was a 21 year old college senior on a work internship. Dan was quiet and a bit shy, but still a very friendly guy. Dan worked with Jill the most during his internship and they became friendly with each other. They'd eat lunch together regularly and discovered they had common tastes in music. They were both fans of bands like Gov't Mule, Derek Trucks, and Susan Tedeschi, which gave them a common ground to build their friendship. Frequently loaning each other CD's and trading music files.

During work and lunch, Jill would occasionally catch Dan checking her out. He would always quickly avert his gaze, thinking that he hadn't been caught. But Jill was aware of his little glances. In the past, Jill was never offended when guys would check her out. But during this time when she was still hurting over her breakup, she especially appreciated Dan's little gaziantep escortları glances.

It also helped that Jill found Dan quite cute. He was a little thin, but still athletic looking -- probably from his regular jogs so he was in shape to run in the local park's annual trail race. His closely-cropped brown hair was combed forward, and he had a baby face with soft brown eyes. Dan's friendly smile in the morning was always a nice welcome to start Jill's day.

After hanging up the phone, Jill thought about Dan. She remembered how happy he was to be hired as a full-time employee to start is first real job. Jill also remembered sensing his disappointment after telling him she was going to be coming into the office less often. She realized that they had not eaten lunch together in at least two months and that she missed him.

There was a part of Jill that was intrigued by Dan. But her interest was never quite strong enough for her to break one of her rules -- never date a person you work with. Not to mention he was 11 years younger than her. She felt he was too young for her. But, there was just that little something about him that always made her feel nice when she was just talking to him. Plus, was she really interested in him or just feeling flattered by his little glances? She could never quite figure out what it was that she felt for him. Friendship? Simple physical attraction? Could it have been something more?

It also occurred to Jill that she should probably put on some clothes since Dan would be stopping by with the USB device. Or did she? She basically answered the door nude once for the FedEx guy, why not for Dan? He'd never tell anyone and could handle it, she mused. "Screw it, I don't feel like getting out some clean clothes just to wear them for a minute." She thought to herself. "It'll be cool."

The day passed and evening rolled in. Jill was relaxing on the couch, watching the news when Dan knocked on the door. She hesitated for a moment, wondering if she would regret this. Her heart started to pound as she nervously went to the door. She peeked out the window to make sure it was Dan and he was alone. Then, Jill cracked the door open.

"Come on in." Jill said as she quickly backed away from the open door. As Dan walked through the open doorway, his eyes widened with surprise.

"Uh. Oh jeez. Did I catch you at a bad time?" Dan stammered.

"No, no. Just close the door."

Dan flipped the door closed with his fingertips and leaned his back against it. His face began to turn bright red, but couldn't take his eyes off of Jill's nude body.

"D-do you want to get some clothes or something?" Dan managed, still not sure what to make of the situation.

"Sorry Dan, are you ok?"

"Um yea. Sure. No problem here. What's going on?"

"Dan, I'm really sorry. I should have thought about this a little better. I kinda have the habit of not getting dressed when I work from home. I've been doing it for so long, I just never bothered to throw something on even though I knew you were coming. Just, don't tell the people at work. Ok?" Jill said.

"No, no. It's totally cool. You can trust me. I, I......So, what are you, like a nudist or something?" Dan asked, still gawking at Jill.

"Well, sort of. I guess." Jill giggled.

"So, you mean you don't bother to get dressed at all during the day?" Dan asked.

"Well, yea. If I'm just here by myself, I just roll out of bed, do my workout, shower off, and start working. Saves on laundry, and it's actually really comfortable." Jill smiled.

"No shit?! What do you do when you go out to get the mail?" Dan asked

"Well, I'm the last house on this road. The bend in the road before my house shields me from most of the neighbors. Plus, no one is around during the day. I take a quick peek out the window to see..."

"...and you run out in the nude during the day?" Dan finished.

"Well, sometimes. Sometimes I'll just let it wait until a day I'm dressed. I usually get dressed and go out on Monday, Friday, and on the weekends." Jill said.

"Jill, that is something else." Dan said as he grinned and shook his head. "Has anyone caught you?"

"Well, the FedEx guy caught me once. You think I've gone nutty, don't you?" Jill asked.

"Nah, it's kind of adventurous. I've had days where I didn't bother to get dressed when I alone in the house." Dan said as he was processing the situation. "What the hell did the FedEx guy do when he saw you?" Dan said, almost laughing.

"He just grinned and I shut the door on him real quick. Those guys probably see it all. But, that's the advantage of living by myself. I've got that freedom. I don't have to worry about whoever walking in on me." Jill said.

"Yea, I definitely need to move out of my parents' place. Need a roommate?" Dan grinned.

"But I wouldn't be alone to walk around naked anymore, now would I?" Jill grinned.

"Hey, I wouldn't bother you about it. Not one bit." Dan replied as he started to become comfortable with Jill's nudity.

"I'm sure you wouldn't. Dan, I know this all seems a little weird, but do you want to hang out for a little bit? The bad thing about being working from home is that I'm always by myself. A little company can be nice and I have kinda missed our lunches together and just chatting."

"Are you going to keep your clothes off?" Dan asked, unable to hide his eagerness.

"Sure. Are you going to join me?" Jill asked.

Jill was feeling comfortable about being nude in front of Dan. It was liberating and more than a little exciting. And those feelings that she was never quite sure that she had for Dan were beginning to bubble up in her mind.

"Join you?" Dan asked.

"Why should you be the only one to get an eyeful? Jill said as she shifted her weight to one foot and put her hands on her hips.

"You want me to get nude too?" Dan asked as he pointed his hand at his chest.

"Seems fair, doesn't it?" Jill dared.

"Umm." Dan managed.

"Or don't you have it in you?" Jill teased.

"Is this a dare?" Dan asked.

"Interpret it as you like." Jill smiled coyly.

"Well, I'm not one to back down from a challenge. Especially from you." Dan replied, still not quite sure what to make of what he walked into.

Dan hesitated for a moment, but soon realized Jill was serious about her dare by the way she stood there watching him. He started to loosen his red tie, while continuing to gawk at Jill's nude body. Her pink little nipples at the tips of her beautiful, round breasts held his gaze.

"Nice tie there, sport." Jill complimented.

"Thanks, here you go." Dan said. As he freed the silk tie from around his neck, he tossed it to Jill.

"Nice." Jill said as she caught the tie and draped it around her neck.

Dan continued his strip show for Jill. Unbuttoning his white dress shirt and dropping it to the floor. Kicking off his shoes and pulling off his socks, then unbuckling his belt and dropping his black dress slacks to the floor and stepping out of them.

"Down to your last two pieces of clothing. Nice to see you are a boxers man." Jill cooed.

"Enjoying this?" Dan shyly smiled.

"Oh, most certainly." Jill said, grinning from ear to ear.

Dan pulled the white undershirt over his head and off. Tossing it aside to reveal his thin, but nicely defined body with thin patches of hair on his chest and taught belly. It was the right amount of man fuzz, not too much but not bare either.

"Ohh, here it comes. Come on, Danny." Jill continued to tease. She could see the bulge starting to grow in Dan's boxer shorts.

Dan slid his thumbs under the waistband of his cotton boxers, pulling them down his sinewy thighs and past his knees. As they fell to his ankles, he kicked them aside to finally reveal his nude body. Jill gave a soft gasp as his semi-hard cock was revealed to her.

"Very nice." Jill said softly as she admired Dan's body. Dan's penis was slowly growing to its full length as Jill stared at him. He was large -- porn star large. His thin frame accentuated the size of his manhood.

Dan walked to Jill, gently placing his hands on her bare hips. Her skin felt smooth, warm, perfect as he leaned close to her.

"This is what you want, isn't it?" Dan asked as his lips softly met hers for their first kiss

Jill's lips parted to accept his kiss. Their warm mouths locked together as their tongues passionately circled and entwined. Dan's strong hands slid from Jill's hips to the round flesh of her perfect little ass, pulling her close. He could feel the hairs of her thick little bush tickle his hard cock.

"You know I've wanted to kiss you for so long" Dan gasped.

"I know." Jill managed. Her head was spinning with desire. "Come with me." Jill said as she took his hand, leading him down the hallway to her bedroom at the back of her single level home.

When they reached Jill's bed, she pulled the covers down to reveal the soft, white cotton sheets. Dan's tie was still around Jill's neck as she sat down, kicked her legs up and pivoted her body so she could slide her nude body across the queen-sized bed. Dan followed her lead and lay down next to her. As soon as he was flat on his back, Jill rolled over so that she was on top of him, straddling his waist with her shapely thighs.

As she slid her body down, Jill could feel Dan's hard shaft between the cheeks of her apple-shaped butt. Teasing him, she swung her hips back and forth, rubbing his hardness with her ass. She could feel his penis jump with small, excited spasms of pleasure.

"Oooooooh, you like that Danny?" She whispered right before she moved her lips to his, aggressively kissing his wanton mouth. It was a long, passionate kiss. Their tongues lustfully sloshing around in each others mouths as their bodies writhed against each other. Jill could feel her excitement burning down below as she gently nibbled on Dan's lower lip. At that moment, Jill's rules regarding a co-worker were gone. She desperately wanted to fuck him right there on her bed.

Taking control, Dan rolled their bodies over so that he was on top. Grabbing his tie off of the bed, he wrapped it around Jill's wrists.

"Oh fuck yes! Tie me up with your tie." Jill exclaimed.

Her wrists securely bound together, Dan took the loose ends of his tie and lashed them around one of the horizontal posts of the bed. Jill was lying on her back, her arms stretched up above her head and secured to the post of her own bed with her lover straddling her. Now Dan was on top and in total control.

Dan was breathing hard with excitement as he deeply kissed Jill's hot mouth. As he leaned forward, Jill could feel his hard cock against her skin. It made her tingle even more and her body was throbbing with anticipation of what was to come.

Sliding back, Dan brought his mouth to Jill's heaving breasts, his wet tongue flicking over the pink flesh of her hard little nipples. Jill wriggled her body as Dan's tongue relentlessly teased and played the erect little nubs at the tips her breasts. Dan alternated from one breast and then to the other while gently grasping the free breast with his strong palm. All the while, his hard cock was tickling against her thick pubic patch, ever so often rocking his hips as if he was fucking her tuft of black hair.

He could feel the pounding of Jill's heart and she was gasping deeply with pleasure. Dan's licking turned into sucking. Gentle, at first but growing more intense as he alternately worked each tit with his mouth and tongue. Circling and flicking her nipple as he sucked. Little rivulets of sweat and saliva streamed down Jill's quivering body as she was pushed to the edge of what she could withstand.

"Oh Gawd! This is incredible." Jill loudly moaned. Her pussy was throbbing with want. "Please Dan; I'm begging you to fuck me."

Dan pulled his body back so that he was on his knees between her thighs. Her hands still tied to the bed, Jill's legs were free and she spread them wide, inviting Dan to go inside. Her pussy was slick as her excitement streamed from the lips of her pink opening.

"How badly do you want it?" Dan said as he teased Jill's soaked clit and lips with the tip of his raging hardon.

"Badly!" Jill gasped.

"Do you want it, or need it?" Dan gasped as he slid the length of his shaft against her hot opening. Jill's pussy felt like a volcano ready to erupt. Her juices were leaking like lava from a gaping crater. Jill's drooling pussy was soaking the shaft of his thick cock as he slid it up and down against her throbbing clit and pink pussy lips.

"Please, go inside me. Please!" Jill exclaimed.

Rearing back, Dan then pushed his hips forward, driving the thick mushroom head between her soft lips and filling her with a slow, deliberate thrust. Jill's body shuddered as he entered her. His size caught her by surprise, but she loved every inch of it. Slowly sliding all the way inside he filled her slick tunnel, until his balls were against her soaked lips. Their bodies quivered as they became one.

Slowly, Dan was thrusting in and out. Filling her with each push forward, and then all but exiting her. His hard cock was churning the walls of her hot pussy. Jill's juices soaked his shaft, matting his manly little patch of fur and dripping down his balls. With each thrust forward, Dan would give a little extra motion upward, tickling her swollen clit with his pubic patch.

Jill wrapped her legs around Dan's ass, her calves pushing him closer and driving him further inside with each thrust. Her breasts and body shook with each strong thrust. He was fucking her slow and deliberate. The knuckles on Jill's bound hands turned white as she grasped the knotted silk fabric of the red tie. Her low, guttural moans were in time with each of Dan's powerful thrusts.

"Faster, Dan! I'm getting close!" Jill gasped

Dan's fucking grew more intense as Jill spread her legs as wide as she could, giving her lover easy access and freedom to thrust as fast as he could. Faster, harder, he pumped between her thighs. The frame of the bed replied to each thrust with a squeak of approval and was matched by Jill's low groans. He stirred their cauldron of passion and pleasure, bringing them closer to orgasm.

Dan gripped Jill's ankles tightly as he made his final frenzied pushes. With one final, deep thrust he gasped loudly. He came like an explosion, releasing the white hot passion he had held so long for Jill. His orgasm filled Jill's pussy, which pushed her over the edge.

Jill squealed as her body shook. The orgasm that had been building from Dan's relentless assault finally climaxed. Her hips bucked as Dan gave a few final thrusts and her orgasm rocked through her body like a fast moving thunderstorm. It was the most intense orgasm she had experienced in quite a long time.

Exhausted, they collapsed together on the bed. Jill managed to fight her wrists free from the constraints of the red tie and their bodies were locked in a sweaty embrace. While basking in the afterglow, they drifted into a short nap. After a few minutes they awoke.
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