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Heavy Date

Post #1

I was at a campus party at the university I attended. My name is Eric and I was with some buddies there. In the course of getting liquored up, my friends began making fun of a girl who was attending the party. She was somewhat overweight and my friends began to taunt her. I could see that she was beginning to cry, so I walked over to where they were all standing.

"Maybe you guys should also discuss your tiny cocks," was what I said to them all.

The silence was deathly. Those guys, who were making fun of the girl, quickly dispersed. I went over to her and apologized.

"I'm sorry for what my friends said to you," I replied.

"My name is Teresa, and thank you," she told me.

I told her my name was Eric and she leaned in and gave me a kiss on the cheek. When I then turned my face to hers, she gave me a kiss on the mouth. I wasn't quite prepared for that and even less so, when she tried to slip her tongue into my mouth.

I opened my mouth and let her in. There we stood in the corner of the room, being ignored by most everyone there. Our tongues were touching as I reached up and touched one of her boobs.

Teresa pulled away and said, "Not here."

We both left the party together and walked to her campus apartment. Once inside we began to kiss passionately gaziantep escortları once more. After a few minutes of this, Teresa led me back to her bed. Once there, we stripped off our clothes. Teresa had a very cute face. She had long brown hair down the middle of her back, She was maybe sixty pounds overweight, to most people. Her tits were huge and hung down onto her chest. She also had a pretty hairy bush.

Teresa had me lie down on my back. She climbed on top and lifted my cock up. Then she took hold of her two melon tits and began to rub my cock with them. She reached for a bit of oil and spread it on my shaft. I then started to tittie fuck her. As my cock came up through, Teresa would take her tongue and lick the tip of my mushroom head. I can tell you it didn't take too long until the veins on my cock were popping out.

I didn't want to cum quite yet, so I managed to pull away. I told Teresa it was her turn. She got on her back and I took my hard shaft in my hand. I slowly started to rub the head up and down her slippery pussy lips. Teresa was panting like a dog and I let her feel the tip of my dick.

"God Eric, don't tease me with that thing!" She couldn't take much more. Slowly I nuzzled the tip of my dick between her folds and began to ease into her. I went really slow and Teresa was nearly mad with lust. After a few minutes of pushing in and out I sunk my hard pole all the way into her.

The air went out of Teresa. She placed her legs around me in a death grip. It was then I began to feed her every inch of my cock. I gave her long, deep strokes. I reached down and took each giant tit in the palm of each hand. I proceeded to squeeze and milk her huge cans. I could feel the nipples getting hard and erect as I rubbed them.

Each time I filled Teresa with my cock, it felt as if her ass was bouncing off the bed. I pistoned her with the hardest strokes I could manage. Her pussy was making squishing noises and my balls were bouncing off her big cheeks.

You would think a heavy woman would have a sloppy pussy but that wasn't the case here. Teresa's pussy muscles were gripped tightly around my thick rod. It was if she didn't want me to pull out. She didn't want to lose that sensation of me pummeling her wet hole. I took Teresa just like this for a long time. Our bodies were coated with sweat when Teresa let out this screeching noise.

"I'm Cumming!"

She nearly lifted me up from the bed. I had never had a woman do that to me before. I slid my cock in to the hilt and we both came together. I let loose with huge jets of my spunk. Teresa's pussy was like a vacuum cleaner, sucking up every drop of my love cream. I just kept giving it to her until she told me to stop. She couldn't catch her breath, so I pulled out.

Teresa's heavy body was shaking there on the bed. It must have taken nearly a half hour for her to calm down from her orgasms. After she got her composure back, we held each other and kissed and talked.

Teresa told me she had never experienced anything remotely close to what had just happened there in her bed.

"Thank you Eric, that was so intense," Teresa had said.

The pleasure was all mine, to be honest. I too had never had sex quite like that with anyone. Just lying there afterwards, I was kissing Teresa and touching her nipples again. I just loved those tits of hers. It didn't take too long before she was ready to have me once more.

This time Teresa got on all fours and I took her pussy from behind. My cock was rock hard, as I placed my hands on her hips and gave her my thick erection. We fucked each other all that night into morning. when I woke up I was totally exhausted. I think Teresa could have gone some more, but my cock chafed and sore.

That was the start of Teresa and I becoming a couple. She could do thing with her pussy that no thin woman could have imagined. I insist that men try out the loving of a heavy woman. You may never go back.
09 Aralık 2023, at 12:39

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