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Happy Mother's Day

Post #1

Steam fogs up the mirror as she steps onto the royal purple bathroom rug. Her flush pink skin dripping only to be caught by the white terry cloth. Ropes of darkened wet hair falling down her back, the droplets leaking to her reddened buttocks.

Gathering the fluffy purple robe from the door hanger and the container of body butter, she opens the door amidst the cloud of steam. Amused blue eyes fall upon him as she takes in his reclined, relaxed position. Sliding onto the gray bedspread, the folds of the robe part and her long tan legs emerge. Slowly rubbing and spreading the cream on her skin she jokingly teases him about his distracted demeanor.

Conversing about the day, falling into that old routine, the stresses of the day meld into the night like the formula on her skin. The aroma of their bond permeates the room and reassures and comforts both their weary souls. She reaches for him and pets his lightly furred chest.

The lights go dark. Candles flicker their shadows on the wall. Embracing, their mouths meet. A comforting, familiar rhythm. No words need to be spoken. As her hands grasp him, he shudders. Kneeling up upon his knees he looks down at her. An unfamiliar look crosses his usually tender face. bingöl escort Fierce possession contorts his features, and his voice breaks the silence.

"Who's pussy is this?" Demanding he presses himself against her moist center.

Chuckling, she looks amusedly at him.

"Hmm. Last I checked it was attached to me." A glint sparks in her eyes as she challenges his assertion.

"Yeah, but who do you belong to?" A feral smile spreads broken by the flickering light making him appear foreboding and demonic.

Wiggling, she purses her lips and considers her response carefully. Tensing her thigh muscles, baring her teeth she responds.

"ME. Whatya gonna do about it?"

Leaning down, attempting to force open her thighs, he presses against her resistance and grunts out

"While you may share that body with others and let others play with this pussy you are MINE." Growling he forces himself to break her stronghold against him.

Breathing hard, he succeeds to press his throbbing member tight to her. Getting into a push-up position he begins to penetrate her heat.

With deft fingers, she scrapes her nails down his back. Just ever so light bodrum escort pressing. The sensation makes him shiver, and he goes limp. With wild jubilation, she uses her hands to turn him into a quivering puddle.

The strength has gone out of him. He looks up in her eyes. Raising an eyebrow and lifting her hips, she doesn't even have to say what she wants. Quivering, he slowly makes his way down her body. Spreading her thighs, he adjusts and prepares to worship at her temple.

Stretching and enjoying the feeling of her lover's tongue teeth and lips her eyes flutter against the assault. A hand settles into his thick curly hair, and she encourages his talented ministrations for her pleasure. Gasping and squirming, fisting his hair, he lifts and takes a breath.

"You know how I like it. Now stick that tongue out."

She lifts her hips and guides her clitoris to rub against the toughness of his tongue. The scruff on his cheek abrades the skin on her thighs which heightens her to the edge of her orgasm. She holds off as long as she can. Feeling the quaking of her body, he burrows deeper into her moist folds, and she releases a torrent into his mouth. Moaning he gulps bolu escort down her fluids, and she gifts him until her body collapses.

Moaning and laughing he comes up her body and nuzzles her breasts.

"Oh, who is a good boy?"

Whimpering, taking her nipple into his mouth he moans agreement. She enjoys the post orgasm shivering and lets him nurture her through the aftershocks. Feeling his hardness between her thighs she shifts to grant him access.

Sliding easily into her wet slit, he groans and his eyes closed with rapture. Arching into him, they begin the climb together. Her hands start to caress his body again. Fingernails, and feet were pressing into his back. Thrusting her hips into his. Their rhythm escalated, and he looks at her begging.

"Not yet." She rasps and gasps.

"Harder baby you can do it."

He speeds up.

"Come on baby you know what I need."

The slapping of their bodies echoes in the darkness until they can't keep up the demanding pace. Feeling the explosion, she grabs his hips pulling him as deep as he'll go. Sucking in a deep breath of air, her insides start to squeeze his shaft.

He lets out a guttural, throaty moan and she feels his flex.

"Yes now!" As she cums, he cums and it's a battle for her is cumming into or around who. Her squeezing muscles force more spasms out of him and back and forth until neither have anything left.

He collapses atop her and her shaking arms gather him to her chest.

"So... who's your mommy?"
09 Aralık 2023, at 02:52

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