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Her First Ever Spanking

Post #1

Gwen Jenkins was nervous as she drove into the village where she had an appointment to meet a man that she had never met before. Sixty-year-old Gwen had driven the fifteen miles or so from her home to meet the slightly younger man with a view to going over his knee for a hard and long spanking.Gwen had had a fascination with spanking and corporal punishment since her late teen years but had never experienced getting what were now her rather large buttocks beaten in any way.Her fascination probably stemmed from her schooldays when, as a seventeen-year-old, she happened to be passing her headmistress' study when she heard the sound of a cane being applied to the bottom of a girl of a similar age to herself.Over the years, Gwen had read countless spanking stories and often visualised herself on the receiving end but had never experienced it or attempted to experience it, until now.As Gwen got close to the address where the man lived, she glanced at the cushion that she had on the passenger seat of her car, a cushion that the man had advised she might need for her return drive.Gwen was married and had been for more than forty years, but she had never spoken to her husband of her interest. She often wondered if she would have submitted to a spanking from him if he had ever suggested it but as he never did, she never had that decision to make.As Gwen turned into the driveway to the man's cottage, her heart was thumping. She thought back over the online contact that she had had with the man that had led to this moment.--------------The about-to-be meeting was the culmination of about four months of online contact with the man that she knew only as Charles. Whether Charles was his real name or just an online name she did not know and she did not care. Her name was Mary as far as 'Charles' knew because that was the name that she used online.Charles had contacted her after reading her online profile and her interest in spanking and, after a lot of initial doubts, Gwen (Mary) had opened up a little bit to him.They had online chats, mostly about her interest in spanking and about her bottom, and they led to some minor flirting.Without either of them divulging exactly where they lived, they established quite early on that they probably did not live far apart.Gwen and her husband, Michael, no longer had sex so the nearest that she was now getting to sex was this flirting with Charles and she had been finding it more and more arousing. Charles would sometimes describe online to her how he envisaged her going over a stranger's knee and getting her big bottom spanked and Gwen would find that her knickers were very damp at the end of these chats.It was more than two months ago that Charles said that if she really did want to get an actual spanking then he would very happily give her one. He said that he was single and lived alone and although Gwen was unsure if he was telling the truth she did fleetingly think of accepting.She remained reluctant and Charles did not press the point, something that made Gwen feel a little bit disappointed. She was unsure in her own mind whether she wanted to turn fantasy into fact, but her online chats with Charles continued and the chats usually resulted in Gwen having an online sore bottom and a real damp patch in her knickers.Gwen has had online chats with several people but none of them became as intense or as detailed as those that she has with Charles. There was actually a three-day gap when Charles was not online and Gwen was missing him and almost desperate for him to reappear and she was delighted when he did.She was never going to resurrect the possibility of her going to him for a spanking but she found herself almost willing Charles to do so.One day to Gwen's delight, Charles mentioned it again. 'That offer to come to me for a spanking still stands, you know, Mary,' typed Charles.Gwen found herself typing but the words she typed were not those that she was really thinking. 'I don't think so, Charles,' she typed and then thought that she had blown her chance. She was still unsure whether she did or did not want to be spanked but this might be her once in a lifetime chance.'Okay, just remember that the offer is always there,' typed Charles.That last line from Charles had made Gwen feel better because she had not blown her chance although going ahead, if she chose to, was still dependent on Charles suggesting it again because she was not likely to.Charles, it was actually his real name, got pleasure from his chats with 'Mary' and he was usually naked from the waist down when online with https://escortium.org her and he was usually stroking his quite impressive penis. He had been honest about not being married and living alone, his marriage having ended in divorce a few years previously. At fifty-six, he was slightly younger than 'Mary' who was honest about her age online if not her name.Charles was not going to push her into agreeing to something that she was doubtful about but he did intend to keep nudging her. There was a risk that if he kept mentioning he might destroy what they had and lose her but he lived in hope of one day having this woman over his lap, her big backside awaiting his slapping.He had spanked a few ladies over the years, his ex-wife among them, and he had a love and fascination for the female bottom.The online chat continued for a few more days with Gwen's bottom getting spanked online and her knickers wet in real life. Charles stroked his cock but he did not usually ejaculate until he furiously wanked after the chat had finished. Gwen had, by now, often locked herself in the bathroom after these chats and fingered herself to orgasm. Her husband Michael had no idea about her online activities or, for that matter, her post-chat bathroom activities.Gwen had now just about decided that when Charles next suggested she visit him for a spanking, which she was confident that he would do, she would probably accept.After several more days, with Gwen's mind still a little bit in turmoil, Charles again asked. 'Have you thought any more about coming to see me, Mary?' typed Charles, after he had just vividly described the lady on the other end of the conversation getting a bare arsed spanking.This description had actually made Gwen not only get wet but actually cum in her knickers. 'I do think about it,' Gwen typed back and this first-ever encouragement had Charles wanking and cumming before the chat finished.Trying not to get his keyboard sticky, Charles typed a response. He almost told her that he had just ejaculated but as they very rarely touched on anything directly sexual, he decided not to. 'I would very much like to have you over my knee and satisfy your long-held curiosity,' Charles typed back.'I am sure that you would,' typed Gwen, who with her knickers coated in her cum was now flirting with him.'You would not believe how much,' continued Charles.'Oh, I think I would,' replied Gwen, who could not remember when she felt this turned on.'So are you saying that you will come here for a spanking, Mary?' Charles typed hopefully.'I am saying that I might,' Gwen (Mary) typed back.'Looking forward to it,' typed Charles, delighted with the progress that he seemed to be making.'Maybe, bye, for now, x,' typed Gwen, with the 'x' being something that she hardly ever added to a message.Gwen went off to wash her sticky vagina and change her knickers. Charles cleaned himself up from his wank and felt thrilled that there now seemed to be a real prospect of spanking this woman's arse.The next time that they chatted, Charles did not press the point and 'Mary' did not mention the previous chat so Charles thought that maybe her interest had cooled. It had not cooled, she had thought of little else other than going over the knee of a man that she had never met to get her large arse spanked.Over the next few days, they were just sort of circling each other. Charles wanted a definite commitment from the woman that she would visit him for a spanking but was reluctant to press her in case he frightened her away. Although now almost certain that she wanted it, Gwen was still reluctant to say 'yes' to getting herself a very sore bottom.Gwen got closer still to making her mind up when she got so turned on during an online spanking from Charles that she hurriedly typed, 'Got to go,' and she rushed to the bathroom to complete her orgasm with her fingers as she imagined herself getting her bare arse spanked hard over the man's knee.She did not explain her disappearance from the chat when they next had contact but, at the moment, online contact with Charles was the highlight of Gwen's day and she was close to taking it further.The couple had no idea what the other looked like, except Charles knew that 'Mary' had a large bottom, but neither would have been disappointed because Charles was rather handsome and Gwen, whilst not a beauty, was quite attractive.Although he was not going to keep asking, for fear of frightening her off, Charles thought that it was about time that he again reminded 'Mary' that the offer of a bare arsed spanking still stood. Charles had not dared to think what might happen beyond the spanking if the spanking happened, because it was very much one step at a time.They had a long online chat discussing 'Mary's' backside and the backside becoming red and sore and they both got very aroused. As the chat seemed to be winding down, Charles typed a question. 'How about it then?' typed Charles.'How about what?' Gwen typed, faking innocence but feeling her cunt tingle.'You know what. You coming here to get your lovely bottom spanked,' typed Charles.Charles waited for a response, any response, but it seemed a long time coming.At last, a reply was typed and it was just one word. 'Okay,' typed Gwen.Charles could hardly believe what he was reading. 'Really? When?' typed Charles.'Soon, not sure when,' replied Gwen.'Looking forward to it,' typed Charles.'Me too, bye,' replied Gwen, feeling elated and nervous.Having now said that she would do it, Gwen initially had some doubts but the next particularly enjoyable online spanking from Charles removed most of those doubts. With her now saying that she would visit him, the question was when?Charles worked during the week and evenings were not really possible to it looked like having to be a weekend. Although Gwen and her husband did little together they were not often apart but suddenly the next Saturday became possible with Michael saying that he would be out dawn to dusk fishing with his friend Robert.Gwen knew that opportunities to visit Charles might be few and far between so she decided to go for it. 'What are you doing Saturday?' she typed in an online message to Charles.'I wish that it was spanking you,' replied Charles.'It could be,' responded Gwen.'Are you saying that you can come here Saturday?' replied Charles.'Yes, my husband is out all day. Can you do Saturday?' typed Gwen.'Mary, if I had plans I would change them for you. Yes, I can do Saturday," replied a thrilled Charles.'Better give me your address then,' typed Gwen.Charles gave his address, it was actually about fifteen miles from where Gwen lived but she did not divulge her home village. They agreed that 'Mary' would be at Charles's home at ten in the morning although with it currently being Tuesday, they both knew that there was still time for a change of mind.As it got closer and closer to Saturday, the excitement and the nervousness increased for Gwen with Charles just hoping that she did not call the meeting off. Charles barely mentioned it in their chats although the chats themselves, whilst frequently referencing 'Mary's' bottom, did not include online spankings as the real thing was imminent and Charles was wanting his upcoming guest to concentrate on that.Their Friday evening chat ended with Charles wanting to refer to the next morning's meeting but he did not want to type anything that might jeopardise it. As it happened, he need not have worried it seemed. 'See you tomorrow x,' typed 'Mary.''Yes Mary, see you tomorrow,' replied Charles, who refrained from wanking at the prospect.In the morning, with Michael long gone on his day's fishing, Gwen was looking at her large bare bottom in the wardrobe mirror and imagining how it would look after a hard spanking. She also imagined how it would feel and she was aware that her studying of her bottom and her thoughts had made her vagina damp.Although she was as good as certain that she would go to Charles's home she still thought that she might back out from getting the spanking when she got there but she put some thought into what to wear. She knew that the inference was that the spanking if it happened, would be on the bare bottom but she gave considerable thought to which pair of knickers to wear. She decided on a pale green pair and she also put a spare pair of knickers in her handbag because chances were that the green ones would get a bit sticky.She put on a black bra and a white blouse and then a black skirt. The time was just after nine o'clock so she would have to leave home soon. At nine-thirty she was seated in her car and she took a deep breath before switching on the ignition. At some point since Tuesday Charles had advised her to bring a cushion to sit on for her return journey because her bottom would likely be very sore.------------------Gwen switched off the ignition of her car and looked up to see a good-looking smiling man come out of the cottage."Mary, good to see you," said the smiling man as he held the car door open."Actually my name is Gwen, I just use Mary online," confessed Gwen, shyly thinking that the man was very handsome."I should spank you for telling fibs," laughed Charles, then thought from the look on 'Mary's' face that he might have said the wrong thing."Maybe you should, Charles; if your name is Charles," said Gwen, making Charles feel better."Yes, my name is Charles: Come into my cottage, my dear," smiled Charles, thinking that this woman was rather attractive as his cock stiffened at the thought of what the next few hours might bring."Um, I brought a cushion for the return journey," said Gwen, proudly."Yes, you may well need it," smiled Charles over his shoulder as he entered his cottage.For a moment, Gwen stood still, fleetingly thinking of getting back in her car and driving off again. Sensing her doubts, Charles reassured her. "I know that this has been a big decision for you; let's go inside and chat about it and make sure that you really want to do this," said Charles, kindly."Yes thank you, Charles, that would be nice; sometimes I am not sure what I want," said Gwen, blushing a bit.They went in and Charles got Gwen seated on his settee before going to make some coffee. He returned and sat in an armchair opposite her rather than next to her on the settee.Although they had been through it all before online, Charles had Gwen telling him about her forty-odd year interest in spanking. He was not going to force her into taking a spanking that she did not want but he hoped that her talking about her almost obsession might have her agreeing to, at last, taking the spanking.Gwen was now quite relaxed, as relaxed as a mature and very private woman could be at the prospect of baring her bottom for a man that she had not seen face to face until a few minutes earlier. Not only baring her bottom but going over his knee to have it spanked. She continued to feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness.They had finished their coffee and Charles thought that he should move things on, still very wary of rushing things and having the woman leave in a panic. "You understand that anything and everything that happens will be because you want it to, don't you Gwen?" said Charles, seriously.Although wondering what the 'anything and everything' meant, because she had not thought beyond the possible spanking, Gwen acknowledged that she understood. "Yes Charles, I understand," replied Gwen, squirming her bottom slightly on the settee."Just so that there are no surprises for you, if you go ahead with the spanking I intend to start with your skirt still on but then you will bare your bottom, understand?" continued Charles.Gwen gulped but she knew that nearly all the online spankings that she had received had been bare arsed so it was no surprise. She was still very dubious about a man other than her husband seeing her bare bottom, more concerned about the shame that she would feel at that rather than the spanking itself. "I understand," Gwen said, in a quiet voice.Actually, her husband had not seen her bottom bare for quite some time and even if he had, he had had no interest in it or any other part of Gwen from a sexual point of view.Charles then decided to make what could be a make or break gamble. "In a moment, I am going into my kitchen through there and I am going to sit on a kitchen chair. When you are ready, I would like you to come through there and place yourself over my knee for the start of your spanking," said Charles, in a quite stern voice but still letting Gwen decide the immediate future of her bottom.Gwen's lips moved but she did not speak. Charles waited about thirty seconds then got up and went into his kitchen. Gwen's arse squirmed on the settee as she had now reached the point where a final decision had to be made. She could pick up her handbag, leave the cottage and drive home or she could put herself over the man's knee for a spanking. It really had to be one or the other.As Gwen's mind was in turmoil, Charles sat patiently in the kitchen. Although Gwen had not yet spread herself over his lap, she had not gone out the front door of his cottage either so he saw that as a good sign.Gwen stood up and, almost involuntarily, ran a hand over her buttocks. She thought that if she went into the kitchen, the next time that she ran her hand over her buttocks they would very likely be extremely sore. She glanced at her handbag, took a deep breath, and walked, a little unsteadily, into the kitchen.Charles looked up but did not speak. Gwen moved to Charles's side and looked at his lap. She noticed a sizeable bulge in his trousers, she had not thought about Charles getting sexually aroused. He had never mentioned his masturbating whilst they chatted but, on reflection, it should have been a reasonable supposition that he did.
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